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I get moments like that where all my energy just disappers. I wonder where it went. So, I just go with the flow, have a laid back couple of days and then I'm good to go.
Enjoy your evening of relaxing. I'm chilling in my PJ's here in FL getting ready to play a little in my scrap space!


Totally wishing I was a local girl this weekend! I have no idea how you stand the heat down there....I'm a total baby when it comes to being hot.
Hope you get the chance to scrap soon! Can't wait to see what you do!


sounds good to me
it is always way more fun to play than work

Colleen aka Pea-ticular and Chi-girl

Hmmm....energy while pregnant? Comes and goes. Energy as you get older...mostly just goes - LOL.

I can't wait til basketball season is over - then I can have my DH back (but I'll think of you everytime the Lakers play the Suns!)


Chinese Food. Sounds Yummy! That's coming from someone who's been on a diet for over 5 weeks! lol...

susan keuter

Heidi - you're coming - you're coming - you're coming!! WOO HOO!! We are going to have so much fun - and I'm so stoked that I get to share such a fun day with such awesome ladies...my bunch of girlfriends PLUS Cathy, Ali, Denise, Melanie AND you!!! Be prepared though - we're a wild and crazy bunch!! Gilbert girls, dontcha know!!! See ya Saturday...

Ashley Beth

WOW!! Cathy, Ali, and Heidi all in one place, at the same time!?!?!? How exciting...so wishing I lived in AZ right about now! (I don't think I've ever said that before!!!)


PPPPPPPlease tell us exactly where Scrap Therapy is...I just happen to be down here this weekend and can't find the address..and I MUST be there! Thanks!


You are prenant my dear. .... that is why you are tired! You are doing a BIG job making another little one, so don't be so hard on yourself. Have fun scrappin!


hey, you're coming to my neighborhood! scrap therapy is in the best buy shopping center just north of the i-10 and litchfield road.

maybe i can sneak away and come say hi. have fun!


I used to live in Litchfield! That's so not fair that you didn't come when I lived there! :)

Here's the addy...
1400 N Litchfield Rd Suite G-1
Goodyear, Arizona 85340
(623) 935-6433


OH man, it would be a hoot to come & hang with you for NSBD! Hope you have a great turnout and a fun time. I will be at the ballfield, baseball season isn't quite over for us yet, and then plan to come home & scrap while checking out a few scrap sites online. Have fun!!

Shannon Stamp

Man, I am with the other girl that posted, WISH I LIVED in AZ this weekend. Take lots of pictures for us. That prize package would be a dream to win. Good Luck to all you luckyducks that get a chance at it!
Are you bringing lots of yummy goodies to CKU Provo? I can't wait, I will be there with bells on...



baseball season ending??! i guess that's what happens when you live in such different areas of the world! LOL
our season is just starting this week and then practices have both been cancelled due to rain and then .... SNOW!
maybe you need some good ole Goji juice {giggle}

knit and purl grrl

Didn't know your son was a Suns fan -- my cousin played for them last season! Paul Shirley... Or I should say, he sat on the bench... not much playing time, but it was still cool to see him on TV!


See you soon!!!!


My first time to comment on your darling blog-- love it! Oh my! I have been so sad about missing NSBD and the Expo up in Sandy, so I was excited to read about the celebration at the Litchfield store! I just moved here with my hubby on Monday (to Gilbert from Provo). I am homesick and know NOBODY, but maybe if I could find a good SB party this weekend I'd feel a little better!! Thanks for the info!


you do have lots of fun planned. NSD should be really fun. Whoever wins the layout by you is really lucky. Have fun at the scrapworks party. They should be a hoot with Cathy, Ali and you there. That is one lucky girl who won that. I would feel like i died and was in heaven. I would have found my glory crown.


Wish I lived over right about now!! But Im all the way over the other side of the world!! Have a great day!!!

Alanna/Aussie gal


I am so bummed. I am local but will be in Rocky Point for NSBD!! Wish I could be there-have a great time!! Can't wait until Creative Escape.


Too bad I didn't read this sooner. I would have map quested to find the new store. Road trip! Would have loved to see you work some of my pics. Just love your style. I read Susan's blog and told her I was envious AND very happy for her. She deserved it. She is an amazing person--always treats everyone with respect and kindness. Hope you had a good day. I did the scrappin' sampler at Scrapbooks, Etc. and then had a good cry. Hormones, build-up, and an emotional time of the year. Happy NSD!

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