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betsy sammarco

Spur of the moment trips are the best, aren't they?!!! You were very smart to do this because, yes, Disney will be a whole different experience with a little one in tow!

Renee Ascasibar

Glad you had a great time Heidi. You are so right about timing. Great you could get a way before the baby and have fun!

Can't wait to go back to Disneyland myself.


Looks like you all had a great time!

Kathleen P

How fun! Can't wait to take my hubby and boys to Disney...have such great memories from when I was a kid! Hope Eric did well in the marathon...I live right on the course and was asked to spray water for the runners, so if he got sprayed at mile 21, it was most likely me spraying!

Amber (awendybird)

It looks like you guys had a blast! We had a 7 yr gap between our youngest and middle child. It was like being first time parents all over again!


I am visiting AZ for the 1st time ever and I just gotta say...I am so so sorry that you have to be pregnant right now-the thermometer in my van read 122 degrees the other day...God bless you in all of your hotness


Heidi these pictures are pricless! So cute! Glad you guys had fun :)


Kudos to your spontaneous whim! Your family took away some great memories and you guys looked like you had lots of fun! I LOVE Disney. Made my first trip to Disney World at the age of 30 and I'm hooked. We went in February this year (during Mardi Gras) and the weather was cool and the lines were short...and the food was awesome! But then, when you don't have to cook for a week, most food is awesome. *chuckle* We, however, are still dealing with diapers and naps and strollers...but all in all, it wasn't so bad.


Picture Perfect Family! and just think, the newest one will be all ready to hit the pavement running when born (rollercoaster speed pre-training)--he/she will have to be fast to keep up with you! So happy for you. Great age for your kids to go. Oh, when I get my film developed I just add a CD onto the order and you can use that for digi prints. Osco/Wal-Mart does these. It's also safe backup(extras)just in case. I sent a Disney brochure to hubby months ago but he never got the message. You're blessed to have a husband that listens. Predictable is sometimes sooooo boring. Good for you for being spontaneous.


Your face on the log ride is PRICELESS!


so awesome with the spur-0f-moment trip...love it...makes life exciting....the pixs crack me up i so want to go to D-land and take the neices & nephews....you look fabulous girlfriend.....looking foward to creative escape....that is my vacation
even though it is in town...i will PAMPER myself
hugs and blessings


j'adorae vous photos!!! bien sur que fond vous page aussi jolie !!!!! vous avez un tres jolie style!!! on attend votre prochain libre

Jenny U

Hi Heidi,
Just want to say what an inspiration you are to me. I love what you do and how you do it. Coming from Australia unfortunately trying to do the Disney thing is a bit impossible I will just have to settle for Dreamworld lol.Thanks again for being you

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