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Ana Magloire

What a great way to start the day! I have always loved getting up really really early and going out. Enjoy it.
I will be sending my pics later today hoping that for once in my life I will win something and you'll pick my adorable pictures...here's hoping...


Glad you got stuff done. Have a good day.

Kim Bolyard

I wish I had the engery to do all that in the morning. If I can't sleep I force myself to go back to sleep...I may have to try that getting up and getting things done.




Hey Heidi...just stopped by and had to leave a comment. First off, I was up all night taking a ferry boat across Lake Michigan with my nanny and 4 kids...then road-tripping to Minnesota. Whew! I'm just down the street from our friend Cathy Z!
Anyway, have to tell you how proud I am of myself that I have scrapped 20 (yes, 20!) layouts since May 3rd, and have them all prepared in an album to submit to the CK Scrapbooker of the year contest. I feel like I "won"- just by doing the pages! It's been the best thing I've done for myself since booking a flight and going to Scrap Etc event. =) ANyway, just wanted to share that with you as you should be proud of YOU, for inspiring me and encouraging me to start scrapping. It's been amazing. I even found after I flipped through my completed album yet another time, that I have my own "look" or "style". I am so happy to officially be a scrapper. So, sorry this is long, but just had to say, big thanks for being the real deal in this industry and making me believe I should and could scrap pages. I owe you! Now, I hope we both get to sneak in a much-needed nap today! As usual...sweetly~


what a great way to start the day!!
have a wonderful nap

Jolene George

It's 10:30 and you should be napping right about now. 3:30 is a crazy time to get up, but as long as you were up it was good to be so accomplished. Those kinds of days feel great! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Hillary Marie

This isn't really related to your post, but I am curious to see if you will be at any of the SB stores in AZ during July 8-21, Keepsake Trends in Suprise AZ, Scrap Therapy in Goodyear AZ, The Creative Quest in Glendale AZ, Scrap Happy Sisters in Glendale AZ, or Scrapbook Attic in Peoria AZ. I will be in AZ for those two weeks and I know you visit SB stores in AZ sometimes, and was hoping maybe I'd catch you while I'm out there!

sue treiber

I love when I can get a bunch of stuff done in the morning! But then I usually crash hard. But it's good while it lasts!


Gosh, Heidi,
I wish I was like you. You do so much and you're so awesome and cute! I'm not as talented as you and I don't have much in my life to talk about. I wish I was as creative as you. You do so much and everytime I read your blog I wonder what is wrong with me that I can't do as much as you do..and I'm not even preggers! Sure wish I had a perfect life like you do.


wow thats a lot of energy you had!!!! Glad you had a good day and hope you got that nap in ;)


well they are off.. my photo's that is... i sent them last night LOL.. remembered that i didn't resize them apologize.. re sent them this morning... thanks for looking heidi..
oh and btw you look beautiful simply glowing.. i bet that baby is a boy.. just my first thought.


only 3 miles?? i'm preggo right now and i'm happy if i make it to the mailbox!! just kidding... i'm from az and I remember those early morning sun rises.... so awesome!!

Barb Catron

lol I can totally relate to the getting up super early thing! I am due Aug. 22nd & have somehow become a super early riser! It is so annoying because you want to cherish the time you have to sleep before the baby comes and you cant! lol oh well great job on the walking 3 miles thing. I too like Jen can hardly get up to get the mail!

Linda A. (elendae)

My littlest one has been consistently getting up at 5 am - - - not so good after working the closing shift at the store until quarter of 12. Eek! I envy you your pep and enthusiasm!! :)

Sarah Pandolfo


Yes a nap is always good any time of the day. I was just wondering if you are due in two months, then that means you will have a new born at the Creative Escape? How exciting we will get to see your new baby!!!
I can't wait to come to AZ. All the way from Canada and up North to hot sunny AZ. Love it.....

Hope you enjoyed your nap, I know I did. lol



Heidi, there must be something to the weather here. I am not a morning person either but I can use the computer at this time completely undisturbed! I haven't been able to shut my brain down lately either--is it a full moon? Wish we lived closer I could really use a walking partner. We have no dog and I'm not sure it's safe for a woman to go alone at this time of day... I can sympathize with your dog. I'm overweight too...and I hate it. Bought an eliptical machine and I'm having trouble putting it together. It must be defective--I looked at all the pics and followed the directions! Grrr. Cheers for the gal that did the 20 pgs! Rah!


I just have to know where Emily got her too cute white shirt with all the colors on it!!! so if she reads these comments... let me know :) Oh - and on topic of your post... I was wide awake at 3am this morning... funny woke up just as Say Anything was coming on on some random channel... watched the whole thing!

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