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very cool. i got my email ... yay!


Sounds awesome! Wish I could come!

Got my newsletter and was so excited! It looks cool!

laura t

ok, heidi...
are you getting any sleep??
LOVED the newsletter...
so chockfull of cute ideas and fun los...
and can i tell ya how THRILLED i am
that me and patty are CE bound!!!
i LOVE surprises but these little sneak peeks are just the best - thanks for sharin'!
ps-off to buy my dh a pink tie, lol!

Catherine Scanlon

I haven't gotten the newsletter, I guess I will sign up again! This retreat you are planning looks like so MUCH fun - I wish I could come. Do you think if I put on some cool glittery red shoes and click my heals together 3 times it'll get me there?? LOL.

I just love reading your blog and seeing the cool things you come out with. I just wish I could find your products in my area!!


OMG!!!!! What cute "sneak peaks" thanks for sharing. The newsletter was fun and cute also. Can't wait for more "peaks" and for September to come around. PS...love the Bazill Bling T-shirt..we need Heidi Bling!! LOL!


Oh, yeah! I got the newsletter last night, and the first thing that popped into my head was, "Where DO you get the time to do everything?" You must be awesome at multi-tasking! I really did enjoy the newsletter. It got my creative juices flowing again ~ I've been in such a rut! Thanks!

Wish I was going to the CE! Sounds like so much fun! Maybe another time, as I really can't get away this summer ~ way too much going on!


I am SO EXCITED about CE...and this makes me jump for joy!!! loved the newsletter yesterday and can't wait to play in az in september! YIPEE!!!


A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E is the word for the long awaited newsletter!
so so SO excited for the creative escape-i still can't believe it!
i love when you blog!


Got my newsletter. It is the cuteset newsletter I have seen in a long time. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for being so awesome.


Thanks for the sneak peaks...it gets me excited for CE! I can't wait. And I was so excited when I got your newsletter! So fun!


Just signed up for your news letter, loved the sneak peek and can't wait for CE it is going to be a blast!


WOW! aren't you the tease. i am so excited to be CE bound also. i can't wait to see what is on your blog next. thanks for putting this all together with your team. i know it is going to rock! i couldn't get your link to hit.

Gabrielle Pollacco

I really enjoyed the newsletter, lots of fun ideas. I love all things Heidi Swapp, I was first introduced to them when I entered a 20K contest at scrapbook.com and Heidi Swapp was one of the sponsers. My problem is that I'm in Canada and not many retailers carry your products, I have sent emails to Michaels Craft store asking if they'd consider carrying your products, and slowly a few scrapbook stores around here are getting in some of your stuff. If you know of a store around me that carries a good supply I'd love to know, I'm in Cambridge, Ontario. Up till now I've mainly been ordering you stuff online, but I'd love to be able to just pick it up and start playing!! :D

Jolene George

Love seeing Marty, Amy and Carol doing their thing! I'm so bummed that I had to drop out of being one of the volunteers. I could have been there with all of you in the secret location getting the best sneak peak ever!...big sigh! It will be wonderful for all who attend.
Heading to the website to see why I didn't get the cool new newsletter. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


so excited to see your newletter in my inbox! it came out just so beautifully! thanks for your hard work. wishin' I was CE bound too!



I didn't get the newsletter and the link is just taking me to "page not found". More anticipation for me! Love the sneak peeks though and everyone trying out their projects!

sue treiber

awesome! And I love Amy Totty. Met her at CHA last year and she cracked me up during class!


if you can't get in through the link, you can go to www.heidiswapp.com

ps. LOVE the Bazzill shirt!!!

deb munn

I got my newsletter yesterday...
what a nice surprise!!!
You did a great job on it.
CE sounds amazing...
really wish I could go.


got my newsletter--wonderful!! Can't wait for CE!! I used to live 10 minutes away from Scrapbooks, etc. and have had almost all of those amazing women as teachers--they are awesome!


Hey Heidi, 11 weeks and 6 days until I get in the big plane and fly over the ocean to the US!! Thank you for the sneak peek - so excited about CE and loved the newsletter, I am so going to have a pink toes party!!! Can't wait!!!
Narelle (Aust)

Lara Cousins

Love the newsletter Heidi - worth waiting for! CE sounds a-ma-zing!


Oh...now you're just teasing us! : ) I'm so glad that you are not doing any real 'sneak peeks'--I prefer to be surprised!!!

And I have to say I LOVE Amy Totty and Tena Sprenger--such great people.



Wow, the classes sound so neat. I got my newsletter too and it is very well done.


Wow, those sneak previews look awesome. I wish I was going. I got your newsletter. Fantastic. New, different, and lots of great info and projects. As always you blow me away with all your innovative ideas. I hope you are resting enough and taking care of yourself. Have a great day!

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