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Im so thrilled! I cant wait three months left. It is sound like it is lots of fun and amazing projects. Im looking forward to it.


What a thrill..... I haven't had time to pop in as of late, and boy am I glad that i did today!!! What a thrill to catch glimpses of the sneaks for CE. It's about all I can think about (not really, but the half of my brain that isnt preoccupied with my allergies can only focus on CE). Looking foreward to seeing you again!! Please take a moment to breathe or this baby will be running by the time it comes....


thanks for the sneak peaks! didn't get the newsletter but it sounds amazing...always LoVe your ideas and inspiration...if anyone has the the newsletter i'd love it if you could forward it to me. :) thanks!!


okay. im seriously going to have to sell my soul to come to this event because i REALLY want to go!!!!


I got your newsletter--you did an awesome job!! Thanks for all the great ideas and the calendar...now I can stalk you (ha, joking!). Tena's my age but I don't look like her :( love her style and she's so kind. Amy is just plain fun--her books are fantastic. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...Question: How does one get into that secret volunteer group?? Do we have to be at your church or be one of your relatives? Own our own company?? Be 20-something? I am sooo ready to move from the student side of the table to the servant/helper side and I would sweep your floors and empty your garbage for a year or more if that's what it takes to move forward in this industry. I know you're full for this year...wondering how to get considered in the future?

ngaire Bartlam

I got the newsletter too! YAY.. LOVE the photos of my sweet Carol.. the thought of the two fo you there together.. makes me wanna jump on the next plane...

HOW fun does this convention sound????????



Sounds like great fun - you so remind me of a girl I once met, from the US..lol...there's so many of you there I know (haha :P), but you really do remind me of her...you ever happened to play a MUD in the past? :P

Btw, your own link in that post is missing www., my browser wasn't able to enter the HS website until I added the www's myself :P


loved the newsletter! wish you would come down to florida to scrap!

Mary Ellen

heidi---YOU are a ROCKIN' MAMA! HOW do you get all this done? Plus being PG? I'd be just passed out on the couch asleep--
LOVE the newsletter (and your pink pedicure!my favorite polish is OPI Strawberry Margarita!)I just would SO love to go to the Creative Retreat...it will be the blast of a lifetime!
Have a great day heidi...get some REST! :)
Mary Ellen


heidi... saw this on ebay and thought of you. didn't have your email.
have a great day!


Morning, sun's comin' up...it's going to be a glorious day. Can't you feel it? I cannot believe your Phx Convention class "in the box" already has "no seats available". Will you let us know when and if you add seats? Please. Thx. It's nice of you to let Emily teach.


sounds like TONS of fun!! :) i'd love to go to creative escape but its just a bad time of year for me (DD's birthday, etc). maybe next year! its going to be gorgeous and SOOO fun!


would you happen to have a blog url for amy totty or becky higgins

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