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Heidi...a little off the subject, but who do i contact regarding Creative Escape important questions? thanks j


Can't wait to see new photos of the fam, Heidi.


LOVE the silver shoes and the outfits! And the girls look great ~

So, Quincy got bangs. I bet she looks absolutely adorable. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time at the beach ~ just hanging out and spending quality time with the family. How nice and relaxing!

I think I'm going to take a day trip to the beach on Sunday just for a photo op! Need to get some pics of the baby on the beach (have a project I'm working on for the girls' bathroom and I'm doing a collage with beach photos).

Anyways, you take care of you, girl! Thanks for giving us a "sneak peek" of CHA!!


had to laugh, i just bought silver shoes two days ago when I had a huge shopping spree ... gotta love silver!


i love how you guys are always coordinated...so fun and very professional!!

Kelly Rodgers

The girls look fab.
Can't wait to see the beach pics!
I am shivering here!!

Elizabeth Munro

Oh they look so cute!!!!


they look so cute
i miss seeing you there in the pics
but it is for an awesome cause
great of em to send you pics


Ok, fess up, where did you find those shoes? Must have some!

Can't wait to see all the new goodies you debuted at CHA.

vicki fogarty

the girls look marvelous. relax! they are doing a wonderful job. Em would not steer you wrong. you two have a powerful chemistry. your inspiration and creativity is amazing. can't wait until sept. i hope you sell lots at cha.


just back from CHA and i will say this your girls were the cutest!!!

where did they get there silver shoes... a must have!!!

love the new stuff!


You gals could start your own rock band/dance group or something! Great outfits. Wish I could be there too--finally found a way in but couldn't go this year because of other obligations...bummer...next year. I'm feelin' your pain, Heidi.

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