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oh .... we don't have cosco in australia! :-( looks fab tho - wish I could have one!


what an awesome coincidence! i went to costco today (haven't been in ages) and saw this peeking out at me as i passed. of course i had to have it. and yes, the pink boxes are absolute sweetness. this was a great secret!


Oh My Goodness Miss Heidi you are absolutely fantabulous!You more than rock you rule.I totally LOVE Costco I wish while I was still at work I would have seen this and would have run home and bought some!So I called some fellow groopies (Hi Sara and Elizabeth) and we will hit every Costco in NY and VA till we find them!LOL! I am having a bad 2 months and all this fun stuff is so exciting. Thanks for keeping yourself and your products so real! Can't wait for CE in Arizona.Grace
PS: too bad Australia you do not have this HUGE warehouse store.I think we should all fill the "sugestion box" up with "we need a Costco".

sarah green

How cool is that, pity we don't have a cosco in NZ... loving the big boxes too!!

Emily Murray

LOVE the pink boxes!!

kage (cousin kristy glass)

It is a fun feeling to see your "work" live. Kind of surreal too. My sis just called the other day and said: I was at the Baby Depot picking up some supplies, and there you were life-size and pregnant. Which is also weird because my baby is now 15 months old....congrats, can't wait to snap my photo and pick up me box!


MY box, I am not a pirate!


Oh my gosh! I just bought this at Costco today! I love it! I haven't opened it yet though. You know how it is, you get something so wonderful you just can't bring yourself to open it yet?!
It's an awesome deal and everyone in my line was looking at it.
You rock! Keep up the wonderful creations!

Sarah Vrolyk

Oooooohhhh, Heidi! That kit ROCKS! I wonder if our Sam's has it in stock (the Illinois version of Costco). Gotta make a run this week for some chicken ... will definitely scour the store to see if they have this!


I know where I am going tomorrow!

Elyss Jennings

Do you know if these are coming to Costco's in Canada??!!! Please say yes! LOL I want one so bad!


L Brewer

I HAVE to have one of these. Does Alabama have Costco's? If so, where?


Oh my Goodness I was just IN Costco. Payday...not till next week so very VERY good I didn't see it or else I might not have forgotten those pics AGAIN!

Cool beans!

Linda A. (elendae)

LOVE that display!!! I'll have to have a friend with a Costco card check and see if they have arrived up here in NH yet!


dang it.... get thee to New Zealand! Very awesome Mrs Swapp!

Diane McVey

Why oh why can't Nebraska have a Costco??? I have written them several times and asked them to put one in Lincoln...the perfect place for one!! This kit looks FABULOUS, I may just have to drive to Kansas City to get one!! That is so awesome that the testing went well...why shouldn't it, your stuff ROCKS!!! Congratulations!!!


I cannot wait to get it! I just called my local costco and THEY have it! I cannot wait! **NOTE** If you go to costoc.com you can find your local costco and get their phone number. When youc call give them product #95450.. they will let you know if they have it in stock or not..GOOD LUCK!
TOO CUTE! Like I mention... I cannot wait!


I just found out that the Costco 30 minutes away (via the interstate) has these babies. I told my Hubby that I was going there after I dropped him off to the gym and he said I wouldn't make it. HAH! I was back with 10 minutes to spare! I ran in, grabbed those babies, paid and left! BUT I ended up giving them to my Mom for her birthday (by the way, she absolutely loved them--they're her first Heidi Swapp stuff). So tomorrow, I am sneaking off of to that Costco again and this time, I'm grabbing more! Can I just say THANK YOU?!!! Your stuff are the best! If I had a revolving supply of your chipboard letters in every color, I'd be happy! LOL


How fun it must be for you to see your stuff @ Costco, congrats! I love the pink boxes. I would love to have storage boxes like that in my garage. Not so sure my dh would feel the same-lol!



Got mine yesterday...can NOT wait to use it! Susan


UUUGGGGHHH! We don't have Costco. Where else will it be?!


Just picked up mine this weekend ... love it!! :)


I just have say that these kits rock! I was lucky enough to have a Costco in my area get these back in March. I was shocked with how much fun stuff you get inside. It's incredible!

andrea clark

Oh my god I love it... It is shipping to canada??? Cause I just happen to work for Costco and I would love to get my ink-stained fingers on that puppy... Wow that is soo coool Congrats... Costco is a huge way to let your products be known... Great job --- Andrea


No fair - I so wish we could get them down here in Australia. How cool!!! I'd love some of those boxes for storage too :)

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