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I'm in southern california and I got mine last week! I was so excited to see your stuff there. Congrats!

Cathy Pascual

I picked TWO up from the Costco in Issaquah, WA. Hope to see more of your product at Costco!!!!

kim archer

Hi Heidi
What cute packs!! They look great!!


Our store in Victorville, CA just got them in 2 weeks ago. It's a fab, fab, fabulous kit. I already had all that stuff, but I had to buy the kit. I'm so addicted to HS stuff. Gotta love ya!!!

The kit is an amazing deal, that's for certain. Thanks for all the cools products. Can't wait to see the new stuff.


gosh- we are before the usa for once! We got these in the UK about a month ago- although we paid almost double your dollar price, but still so worth it- they are scrumptiousness in a box! You get sooo much in there! My only gripe is the packaging- be careful you don't cut yourself on it ladies! Fab fab kit- and I love the big pink crates they are stored in!


This is awesome! Congratulations on passing the test...was there any doubt? I'm out of state right now so I'll have to see if there is a Cosco in ID. I'm in your Saturday class hope I can make the 18-hr non-stop drive back home before then. Do you think I'd look stupid asking Cosco for the boxes too? :)


That is so cool! I also love those boxes.. VERY COOL!


Oh my, this looks great!!!!!! Do you happen to know if these are sold in Canada? And in what store perhaps, I would love one of those......


Got mine yesterday !!! Got it all opened and ready to use....SO EXCITED !!!!!


I was one of the lucky ones who got the test ones...love it and it's a GREAT value! Love the box too...could be a nice addition to my scrapbook room! :)


That is SO freakin' cool! Been waiting for that HS kit 4-ever in ATL.

Miss hearing all your CHA reports and can't wait for the arrival of the new Swapp (and layouts).

Prayers and hugs to you.


Michelle Sanders

DAMN IT - Louisiana doesn't have COSTCO! Man, we get left out of everything but hurricanes!



VERY - VERY COOL. I think I may need to take a trip to my local Costco this afternoon to buy this gorgeous box of goodies.


Ooooh, gotta get me one of those! Called around last night, found out my sister's boyfriend has a Costco membership so now she's counting down the minutes until they open today so she can go buy up a bunch of them for the family! I hope she can snag a pink box too!

Mary Ellen

Hey Heidi---LOVE IT that the "test market" was right here in your own back yard! Did you know they were here in Phoenix? I got mine a few months back and have USED almost EVERYTHING---ESP love all the "ghost"! Yummy!
And just had to say, I was thinking--"This must be SO exciting for her--I mean, when you get to COSTCO, you could say you've pretty much "Made IT"!!!" (NOT that you'de be thinking that--but I was thinking it for you! :)
Mary Ellen


seriously???? you can't beat getting 567 pieces of embellishment STUFF for 29.99!!!! how exciting!!!


Already got my kit (proud to say). Had to have a girlfriend get me one and ship it because no costco near me :( Oh well at least I have it now!! THANKS!


I am running right NOW. Wasn't on the agenda today...but I am going! Really hope it will be there...loving that pink box!


Oh, we don't have a Costco anywhere near. :( Any chance we'll get those from Sam's Club, I wonder?

Kathleen P

Yay! I have to go to Costco today...will be making an extra purchase for myself! So excited! Congrats!


I got mine a few days ago here in San Diego Costco. I LOVE IT!! I actually first heard about them on the Creating Keepsakes Message Board. I immediately told my husband that we NEED to go to Costco for "soap". I spotted your kit right away and practically ran to it. My husband knew right away my scheme. He just laughed at me :-) Thanks for putting such a great kit together!!!


Lynn H.

OMG! I can't believe you have product in COSTCO!! One of my favorite stores and one of my favorite blogs!! Who knew? Well, I'm off to check out my COSTCO, I just know I'll need something from there if I think about it hard enough! Oh yeah, we need another case of water....there you go! I'll just grab up one of those cutie pink boxes while I'm there! YIPEEEEEE!


ROFL Heidi! Congratulations on yet another success, girl :D YAY!


I just got them here in PA and LOVE this kit!!!!!!

Thanks for your inspiration!!!!


How cool! Must make a trip over to Costco to see if they have them.

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