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Kris Cline

LOVE IT! Grabbed it right up...called several friends too! Can't believe ALL the product...this is rockin! (have to agree that the packaging is tricky...my husband opened it with a razor knife...photo corners flying everywhere!LOL)
Kepp all your cool inspiration coming chica!
Kris in WA


Wow - we actually got something in the UK before it hit in the US for once. There was quite a stir on UKScrappers site a while back over these kits. Anyone who had a costco card had to go and get loads for everyone else. I bought ten and yes, I did get grab a big pink box. With this much stuff inside I don't worry about running out of HS stash as I used to as it's usualy so hard to get hold of here.

Jane M Tikkuri

Oh Crap,no Costco by us! Would Sams Club be getting any of these? Then more people would have a chance to buy them. The kit looks awesome! : )

Amber C

Oh So Cool. I totally gotta grab my mom's costco card and make a run.... I look enough like her ;)


oh heidi.... that is awesome.
this makes it more available to a lot of people- we have Sam's here though. darn!
i just wish Advantus would be a better company for you. they take waaaaaaay tooo long to get the product to us. i think a different manufacturer would do business so much nicer to us. but i know you have heard it probably more than you care too. :)

Kathleen Joseph

Holy Scrap!! Gottat get this. I'll renew my Costco Membership just so I can get it. I hope they don't sell out before I can make it there.

Patti Hutchinson

Girl....that is SO cool!! I also love the boxes. There is a Costco about 2 minutes from my house. Guess I need an excuse to head over this week....and maybe even get some ribs!! CONGRATS!!


do you know if these will be at the Costco's in Canada?? I want one!!!


Made a special trip today...just had to have the kit...even though I have most of the stuff already!Is that a sign of a problem??!!


I may have to buy a CostCo membership for this! Just called my local store in the North Texas area and they have 130 in stock!!! Wohoo!

melanie swanson

I must say my local Costco was one of the test Costco's. I bought this in March or April. I LOVE IT!! and I already need another one. Good to know that it will be there when i make my next trip!


OK I am going to Costco today and buying it, I hope my Costco has it. That is such a great idea.


I totally want one of these. I live no-where near a Costco, so I've emailed my friend in ATL and asked her to go pick me up one and send it to me. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and have to have one! Your stuff is sooo cute!


wow!!! it's so cool for you *and for us :) * congratulation!!!

i cant wait to have it here in Canada!


wow! so cool for you and for us :-)
congratulations! I cant wait to have it here in Canada!

Nadine Fenchak

I had to run to my Costco today for it - and they didn't have it, but one about 25 minutes away did (I'm in MD). Anyway I drove down & got it & just finished opening it. I felt the way I'm sure kids do - you know when they get a cool new toy with a ton of pieces that are held together with all those gazillion hard to get ties. The plastic is so hard to cut & each time I got a compartment opened I was like - WHOO HOOO!!! Thinking the whole time - grrrrr It was a scrapbooker's husband who designed this packaging, laughing the whole time imagining his wife using every tool possible to get the d*Mn thing open!!! LOL - but it was well worth it & I am LOVING the little album - way too cool!!

Thanks so much HS


Mary H

I was one of the lucky stores to get it back in March. I love the little album and all the goodies from it!



I called my sister this morning as soon as I saw your blog. She and my other sister hit the costco by their house and got us each one. They even got me a pink Heidi box. I can't wait to get my hands on it.


My friend told me about this this AM and I burned rubber to our local Costco. You'll be happy to know there were only 5 left. Not 5 boxes--5 KITS! And one measly box. I'd say it sold rather well! (and now there are 3, cuz i bought 2 :-)

Jolene George

I have one of these from the "test sale" they did at the costco way up in north Phoenix several months back. I made the long drive from Mesa to get me and 4 of my friends one of these cute kits! They loved me for it! :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Any hints on opening this darn thing??
Terrible packaging!


Saw the blog and happened to go shopping with my friend at Costco today for a doggy bed. We found the 'heidi' kits. After looking at them, decided there wasn't that much in them that we would use. Also were concerned about how to store all the things after opening the kit...guess you would have to use scissors. We were actually more taken with the pink boxes.


love it, love it, love it, bought four of them. may have to go get a few more... great gifts for my scrapper friends. only "bad" thing.... the packaging... nearly impossible to get all the goodies out.

love ya girl you ROCK!!!!!

Judy in Carefree

Hi...snaged a kit for myself and my daughter. One can always use more "stuff" can't they? Storage not a problem with little plastic bags, but I must say getting to the goodies was...two plastic cuts later. Leave it to Costco to make everything impossible to open!


.... saw the kits... don't see what all the hype is about.... just more stuff 'stuffed' into an imposible plastic setup...

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