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Amber C

What a sweet guy you have :) Not too much longer and you will be cuddling that new babe and all the other stuff will just fade into the background. Kudos for getting so much sorting and cleaning done. That is such a project!

DebbieP -  NZ

Good luck honey...hearing you talking about your big moves reminds me of the same time in January when we were gettiung ready for our little one to arrive...I am looking down at him now in his bouncer and he is 5 1/2 months old....awww i bet this little one can't wait to meet you...My sister n law is jue the same date as you...Cheers, Debs


What a man - goes to costco to shop and gets formula AND a HS embellishment kit! I think i need one of those ;)

I know you are too anxious to meet your wee one...I can't wait to see the first pic and find out if we have a baby boy or baby girl Swapp :) It's not much longer now!



The time is almost here....HOW EXCITING!!! We want LOTS of pics when this bub is born!!!!
Now about those gorgeous embellishment kits....will you be releasing any in Australia??? They would sell like hot cakes....Your products are SO popular over here...I am addicted....Yes I am a HS addict I am working the 12 step program to get this under control...own a bit of every product and I should be good....lol
Hope you have a restful day.

Jolene George

Gosh! I remember that nesting feeling when it was close to time for my babies to come. Oddly enough I'm having those game feelings with my grandson who is coming soon...maybe because they live here with me. I'm glad you're getting so much done with help from Eric and Emily. That was cute that he picked up baby stuff at Costco! :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


gets lots of rest
eric is so great
i know it feels good to get everything ready for the little one :)


Love the looks of the kit, I am going to go drive 1.5 (which is the closest Costco to me and get one the Wednesday. Not much longer before you will be cuddly your new bundle of joy.


Oops 1.5 hour away


I missed seeing your friendly smiling face at CHA but loved the video you made on the beach to greet everyone.....VERY nice touch! As always, everything you create is just awesome. Loved the new bling, clock faces & well heck, everything!!!


That's exciting that you're due so soon! I'm sure it feels like it won't come soon enough. And I bet it feels good to clean up and get organized.

Linda A. (elendae)

:) I'm gearing up for a big clean sweep this weekend too! No baby on the way, so I can't call it nesting, I am just feeling *stifled* by the sheer amount of STUFF we have packed into our living space.

My inner "mama hen" tells me to remind you not to overdo, especially in the heat!!



Cloning Heidi.....that is where there is serious money. Between your man and Mine I reckon we could corner the market in perfect husbands! So cool.....

Now rest girl.....



Good Lord - this is proof of exactly how strong these pregnancy hormones are, it's a sweltering 237 degrees at 9 am and you still "need" to nest! Amazing how much you got done - see, baby Swapp can show up any ol' time now! Hugs to you!


how exciting.. you ARE nesting.. that is just way too cool.. just think that baby will be here any day.. awesome.. glad things are shaping up over there


I'm right there with you, girl! 35.5 weeks preg & I've been painting furniture for my girls room in the 105 heat so that I can move them together and tomorrow I'm painting the baby's room, then the hallway and then making curtains for they baby. It's amazing how much we can accomplish when time is running out & that nesting instinct kiks in!

martha grigg

I bought your kit at the Costco in Cincinatti Ohio last Wednesday...Love it

Amy Sonnemann

I was able to attend the Devine Memories event this week and I have to tell you, Heidi, you moved me to tears. And all the people who were sitting next to me as well. As you were talking, we were all nodding our heads and feeling the same exact way. I just wanted you to know, that I admire what you are doing. You are a fantastic public speaker and totally inspired me to take a step back and think about what's most important both in life and in scrapbooking. Thanks for the motivation.


awwww, best wishes to you and your family! :>


Nesting..how cool. If he buys formula - does that mean you will not breast feed - I am such an advocate - pls consider it...


What a sweet friend you have to massage your feet for you. And what a precious "heart" moment that your son recognized this event as one Jesus did for others. "Out of the mouths of babes"...we are so humbled. Relish these wonderful times of allowing others to do things for you. You deserve it, I am sure, because we as mom's always do for others. Enjoy the papmering!! We are all awaiting for the moment that little Swapp comes!! :D


Oh, my, we only have one (and one on the way in late September) and I am already overwhelmed with the "de-junking!" Luckily, my hubby is "on-board" too...got a new bassinette this weekend (WHERE did our old one go?! Who knows!) which will be enough for our new arrival to sleep in for the first few months (DD despised her "oversized" crib at first)...

Oh, and the toys! The TOYS!! How did one little girl get so much itty bitty JUNK? I have to clean that stuff out before getting bins full of baby toys & clothes out of the garage...getting down on the floor is easy enough, it's getting back up that I can't handle :)

Thank goodness I already know what fits her and what doesn't, and I already have bags ready for the charity bins. Plus, we are having a boy this time, so I can get rid of some girly girl stuff and have a totally clean conscience about it ;) Whew!


Oh, remember...I volunteered my "sweeping and emptying your garbage" services for several years. I was totally serious. Yay, Emily and the dutiful husband! I hope you donated some of the clothes and junk--useable stuff is always needed by the less fortunate. Good Will does pick ups and there are drop boxes in your area at many churches. Wish I was in town for the DM deal. I love my Grateful book cover from Saturday's class and I promise to send the cards out this time. Thx Heidi.

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