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Love the pictures! You have a beautiful family! I am starting the anual family picture taking starting this month with my sixth month old..can't wait. Thanks for sharing yours.


Beautiful Pics Heidi. You are glowing!!That tan helps (says me pouting at our cold winter).
Love the green! Enjoy the summer while you can!


Kelly Rodgers

All gorgeous Heidi! Bring me some summer!
Winter is just not my season


very beautiful pictures !! and what's a good idea !!!!



love your pics
the light is amazing
green looks awesome and I love
fav. color other than pink
you have a beautiful family


Beautiful pictures for a beautiful family..
Quincy looks absolutely darling with her new haircut. How does she like it? And you! If I didn't know you were pregnant... I'm floored! You look great! You haven't gained an ounce in your face!! I can't get over how wonderful you look!

Loved seeing the pictures of the whole family! And I liked the green idea! I need to get on the ball and schedule OUR family pictures this year! Thanks for reminding me!!


what a beautiful family...with one coming soon!!! Cant wait! Tat sounds silly from someone that does not know you, but because I feel like one of your biggest fans, I feel like I do! I visit your site every day, post or no post & I think I have posted a few times, but LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff, your work, your cuteness...cant wait to find out what the baby is...name, etc...I have two boys and never knew what they were going to be until that moment! It is a wonderful surprise and a gift, to everyone, the entire family...Best wishes on a fabulous labor and your family, the entire family is beautiful...just think, you are missing CHA, but look what you got in return....irreplaceable! enjoy!

Jolene George

Really nice family pictures Heidi...I love the green too. Everyone is just so cute! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Awesome pics Heidi...

I'll have to ask you where in Newport Beach that is...

My family has been going to the same place (renting) for the last 25+ years on 31st street.(Read Mom and Dad rent and the grown up kids with their kids come and sponge off off them!) We're going the first week in August (school starts the 14th for us - darn Tucson schools..) - Mom gets to be there from August 5th through Labor day .. so nice .. I wish school started for us later .. but I'll take a week at the beach!!

Last year there was red tide and the waves were only 1-2 foot ripples .. and then there was the Jellyfish! .. but My favorite photo was of DS walking into the ocean - the page title says .. Red Tide ... Small swells.. hundreds of Jellyfish .. only one week at the beach .. you do what you gotta do! It's one of my favorite layouts..


I just can't believe how big the boys are -- and Quincy -- gosh -- last time I saw her in person, I think she was 6-7 months old. Time really flies!

Mary Ellen

Heidi--great family photo! Glad you are getting some well-deserved R&R...LOVE Newport Beach...haven't been there in years.
TAKE more PHOTOS! and FEED the KIDS! :)
Mary Ellen


your kids are so cute and i love q's bangs! love the green!!

vicki fogarty

totally amazing pixes. i love the green. more in tuned with beachy colors. stunning family.


so so cute heidi! i have four more episodes of LOST season one to get through. . .am trying to rationalize NOT downloading season 2 for the iPod . . . but it is sooo hard!

Amber C

Beautiful family Heidi!! I like the green, its so fun and summery.

Enjoy LOST season 2... its a doozie.

Shawnna / flipflopmom

you r on a roll with the blog posts ;)
LOVE the pics and the GREEN is awesome
one of my fav colors YUM

Sarah Vrolyk

Beautiful pictures ... *SO* worth all the effort! The green looks fab. :)

And you look positively beautiful, Heidi!

LOST ... oh, dear. Such an addictive show. I'm sure you'll enjoy Season 2. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Can't wait till this season begins.


i love the yearly family photos we take @ the beach too-like you said it is major effort but worth it!

tell, eric the buzz looks good on him! and q looks like such a big girl with the new cut!


So cute! I never looked that good pregnant. Green is my favorite color so I am slightly biased.

Diane McVey

WOW, what a gorgeous family! LOVE Quincy's bangs, her cut is precious! and the boys look awesome, too! How fun...just think, next year your new addition will be in the pics too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us...they are priceless. The green looks GREAT! I've never seen the previous years, but this year's are A+!! :)
So glad you have had such a memorable vacation.


What lovely pictures and what a great tradition!


Great pictures. Green is a good choice! I love your cardigan! Where did you get it?


Asolutely beautiful pictures. I love the green, it's my fave color!!

Barbara Harmor

Just read this and thought it would interest you....hehehe Something to look forward to...B.
"ABC announced that the new season of "Lost" would debut Oct. 4. Good news, right? Well, sort of. After the first six episodes, fans will have to wait three months to see the remainder of the season. At ABC's portion of the summer press tour, network president Stephen McPherson blamed the show's intense production schedule for the delay. "If we could run 22 [episodes] straight in the fall we would. But we just can't get the shows done in that amount of time." In its place, to combat sagging ratings for the show's frequent reruns, the network will run a new Taye Diggs thriller called "Day Break" beginning Nov. 15. The show, a cross between "Memento" and "Groundhog Day," will run for 13 consecutive weeks before relinquishing the 9 p.m. Wednesday timeslot back to "Lost" in February."

Rebecca Foxworth

I've been trying to watch LOST for four months (the 18 month old is just NOT cooperating with going down to sleep) and it's making me crazy not to watch it EveryDayEveryHourInOrderAllInARowWithoutSleeping, because that is CLEARLY how it was intended to be watched, if you know what I mean. The only show I've ever found more addicting is 24. I started watching it in the sixth month of a pregnancy and I swear it was like CRACK...I was like, "Hey, put the preschooler down at seven and we'll see what happens next, huh DAVE?" and, "C'mon, it's only 12:30 in the morning! We can do another episode, I swear! Who needs more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep anyway?" I just couldn't stop! Man, they're making some good TV shows lately, and I'm not much of a TV watcher! Have fun with LOST...hopefully I'll catch up soon!

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