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Diane McVey

It's great to hear you are having a wonderful family vacation! And like you said, it will be different next year with the new little one! :) (Different, but oh so fun!) It's so good that you can relax and let those ideas float by, capturing them on your paper, while enjoying the sun and surf! I'm sure the show will go on without a hitch, your crew will take care of it...but I realize how hard it is not to be there with them! Have a splendiferous day, and take care of that sunburn! :)

Sara Amuso

I totally hear you about LOST, I got hooked on the first season, now you can understand why we get on you about keeping your blog updated -- it has those addictive qualities with us! I'm not at CHA either this time around, I miss it, but it wasn't in the cards...opted for your Creative Escape instead! It will be much more fun!

I can't wait to have my own week at the beach, first week of August!

Take care of your burn!!

Grace Palazzolo

Ok we are "addicted" to your Blog as you in Lost! hehe...So where are the pics of the silver shoes? you know you can't mention stuff and get away with it! Have a blast enjoy having the excuse to be lazy and addicted to things!

Amber C

So glad you are getting a break from this heat! Its a scorcher!

I am so addicted to LOST as well. I don't go to any activities or other things on Wed. nights...lol... Well if its a kid function I'll tape LOST but I don't schedule anything else during LOST. Thats my one guilty pleasure :D

Have a fun trip and relax while you can!!


Lost is such an awesome show! Aren't you glad you joined in? Wishing I was at the beach too...

Heather Bailey

Right now, for me, it's Gilmore Girls. Witty, witty, witty. Alicia over at Posy Gets Cozy ( http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/ ) mentioned something about the writers of the show. This got me curious, so I checked out a couple of disks. Two months later and my husband's addicted as well -- We're in Season 5. I completely relate.

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts! And watch out for that sun. This happened to my mom: bad sunburn at fullterm = water retention = larger baby to deliver -- yikes!

Jolene George

Don't feel guilty Heidi. Right now you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself. In a few short weeks, life as you know it will forever change. It will be a wonderful thing.
As for your sunburn...this may sound strange, but when I got sun burned real bad on vacation in Utah my husbands grandma put cows cream (heavy cream) on me and the burn was GONE when I woke up. You should give it a try...it works.


u need to relax and take a breathe
don't feel guily girl
have fun at the beach!


oh i hear you on the "LOST" addiction. i saw the first episode (kind of by accident) and i have been hooked ever since. during the regular tv season my kids are in bed by 8pm sharp. and luckily i have tivo so i can still watch "american idol". have fun at the beach. we got back a week and a half ago from ours in la jolla. reading your thoughts makes me miss the simplicity of beach vacations. enjoy!


You totally deserve to kick back ... take it easy ... dream! ... and get ready for that new little one... the world is about to change again

Jennifer Pebbles

I feel your pain about not going to the show, it is sad knowing that all your "friends" are there without you...I loved being at the show in Jan- missing out on Chicago sucks!lol!
Of course, the highlight of the show was meeting you, so if you're not going to be there this time, than I guess I am not missing much! lol
Take care of your pregnant self in this heat wave!!


LOL About LOST! I have a LOST Addict blinkie in my sig line online! ;)

Be careful with the sun and that baby belly! ;) enjoy the rest of your vacation!

cheryl wray

You definitely need to RELAX--with your busy schedule, you need to treat yourself and feel no guilt!!! I totally hear ya about "Lost." We kept hearing about it, but never got a chance to watch it (just too busy with 3 kids during a regular week), so my dh bought the first season for me on DVD. Then we downloaded all of this year's from itunes and watched them all in like a week! They are so addictive. Just wait until you get to the end!!!!

Karen McConaughey

Heidi, Heidi...I am SO with you girl on the LOST thing...heard a ton @ it while it was in season but never can sit down and watch tv for that long...plus didn't need another addiction...last week we were kid free and i picked up the first couple episodes on DVD..the maddness struck, my dh and i stayed up till 2a.m. each night watching...which is great because NO commericals, just keeps going, so the way to go...can't imagine what it must have been like for people watching it each week, the suspense....that would have so killed me. we have not had any sleep since..running home from work, feeding the kids early, baths and than we put in the next dvd...it's bad. i told him last night we have to get throught these or else our life is going to start falling apart! anyhow, love your style, met you at cha-atlanta; would attach the pic of us but that would require searching on this laptop...attending the AZ escape...totally looking forward to it...have a good one!


Oh yes, LOST is SO addictive! Love it!! I think Cathy Z. just recently got addicted too. Perhaps there should be a support group for us LOST addicts. LOL!!


Holy COW Heidi. . .check out my blog entry from a few days ago - we are totally living in the same LOST zone. We are getting the DVDs for season 1 from Netflix, watching the episodes as fast as we possibly can, and then eagerly awaiting the next DVD in the mail. Its SICK. SICK SICK SICK! (And giving me bizarre dreams at night, and allowing me to get NOTHING else done at night!) Glad to know I am not alone!


Will miss you here at CHA...but girl I am glad you are watching LOST. Jer and I did the same thing, both seasons in ONE week. It was a total obsession...good stuff. Can't wait to hear your takes on it...I'm consumed by this show. You know I take tons of pictures at CHA...so check the blog...you will feel like you are right here. ;)


We DVR LOST each week. I am addicted. I have checked out all the coolie LOST websites and am looking forward to a new season. Be sure to get caught up before the new fall season. Enjoy your "down" time.

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