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Love it!!! Sooooooooo sweet!!!


You are glowing with excitement! The page is adorable! Thanks for sharing your feelings.

Amber C

That picture is so amazing! I wish I had gotten more pictures while pregnant and not been so self-concious. I think you look great and you'll be glad you have this pictures. Its a fabulous layout too!

deb munn

Love the page... love the photo... love me some lime glitter!!
No... your work is never done, but you make it look so easy!! How do you do that??
You look and sound really great Heidi. These last few weeks will fly by. I can't wait to see you post your exciting baby news!!
Be well :)


awesome page Heidi!
scored me a HS kit at Costco today! I didn't really need it, but had to buy it!


Congrats Heidi. That is one beautiful layout. You and Eric must just be sooooo thrilled. I'm crossing my fingers that baby Swapp arrives on my birthday (Aug 16), but I am wishing your family all the best as you prepare for baby. If only every expectant mother played with glitter till all hours of the night - the world would be a MUCH more exciting place. Love it.


beautiful photo & layout. have fun.


Love that photo of you!! Great shot! And great page of course! The glitter? ummm..been there. done that. :)


You look beautiful, the LO is great! Soon that little one will be here and will be pulling up (like my 6.5 month-old started doing!!!!) and the time FLIES and they start dating and...it just goes too fast!

Mmm, lime glitter! I could handle that all over my house.

Kim Bolyard

Great photo Heidi...love the layout


Diane McVey

Wow, you look incredible, and it's so great you made this amazing page! I love to see "preggie pics", I don't even have ONE of all my pregnancies....such a shame!!! I think I got 2 of the 4...but who knows where they are...I am so happy for your family, you will ALL enjoy the new baby sooooo much! What great memories it brings...please get some rest in there somewhere! A new baby means T-I-R-E-D!! LOL Take care, and I'm wishing you the BEST!


beautiful page, heidi! we are due at the exact same time...you've inspired me to do a couple more pregnancy pages before this is all over!!


now you know the ceiling fan works well, huh? LOL!!


awesome lo Heidi
you look beautiful
i love all of the journaling
your little one will be here before you know it :)


you look beautiful...love your layout..i wish for both of my pregnancies i would have captured belly shots from month to month as well



Too Cute!! I just adore this lo!!!


You look absolutely MAH-VELOUS, DAHLING! If I could have looked that great when I was pregnant, I would have had more pictures taken of myself!! I have thought of you recently and wondered how the pregnancy was going, and I'm glad to hear that you are doing great, AND happily waiting the birth of your little one (and I assume, you're counting down the days until baby gets here).

Thanks for sharing, and I am so HAPPY for you!


ok..you made me want to drag out the camera for some preggo shots and scrapbook right this moment. I love this page. It is simple and STUNNING. I love it all.

Jolene George

Your husband did a GREAT job taking pictures. You look really beautiful! I'm glad you took the time to jounal how you feel right now. You'll treasure that later on. My daughter in law has 10 more weeks...I think I better take some more pictures of her. She looks so darn cute! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


you look beautiful! even my husband came in and looked cuz he adores pregnant women!! great layout as well. good luck with everything!


Darling picture and layout!
Too dang funny about the glitter!!


Love your layout! Great picture, great journalling, great hat :)

erin yamabe

you look wonderful! thank you for sharing. i have yet to create anything about this baby that i'm carrying...and you've just inspired me. thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous photo & layout! So happy for you. :)


Golly...if I hadn't already had five myself, I would start thinking about another! Your layout has it all, beauty, depth, emotion and insight. THAT'S what I am learning scrapping is ALL about. Thanks for inspiring me and so many. You really are a magnificent "SHE". Good luck in this last month. It is sure to fly by. Enjoy it. Sweetly~

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