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Wow! I absolutely LOVE the "Harlequin" paint treatment! We painted our family room with diamonds and we still have the "dot" pencil marks from our mapping out stage. The "jewel" idea is awesome.
I hope that Quincy enjoys her new room and her new sibling.


The room looks AWESOME! Good job hubby! Love the handprint idea- sooooo cute! I bet your baby comes by the 7th anyway :)
Should we all start taking bets????



THAT IS THE GREATEST PRINCESS ROOM EVER. What a lucky little girl. Just think that is a Daddy memory she will have forever & ever. How blessed she is.

Sarah W

Oh my goodness...Its so cute. Oh so very cute! I am sure that she is loving her new space.

sarah green

How awesome that room is.. and what a lucky little girl she is to have a dad to do that for her!!!!


oh i like the harlequin. great job dad!


That is a very beautiful room. Quincy is a very lucky girl. I just redid my daughters room in June and she chose a very BRIGHT pink. That's my girl!

Jane M Tikkuri

That is just tooo cute! I love her bed!!


What a fun room. I am inspired to do it in my daughters room. Maybe, if I actually do it I can do the jewels too. What a great daddy & husband you have. I am sure that the "big girl" princess loves the room. Best wished with the new arrival coming soon.

michelle hill

so darn cute......love it!!!! :) take care...


What a fabulous room! I know exactly how she feels...I had to make room for my youngest brother when I was 6, and was also housed in what was formerly the den. I still remember my pink bribe paint: "Champagne Pink"...and I just turned 40!


Wow i am soooo loving this!!I hope my second is going to be a girl!!




Wow, I have a babygirl who is 10 month old and after I saw your dougthers room I just know how fun it's going to be that day when we are finishing building out the house.

How can it be so much more fun decorating a girl room??? :-) Maby because you can do all the things you wanted as a girl you self:-)

I just love it, thanks for sharing it!


love Q's rrom
eric id an awesome job!
her handprint is so adorable
a room fir for a princess :)


Oh, I wish I COULD LIVE IN QUINCY'S room!!! how FUN!!! :)


Wow ... that bedroom is stunning, Eric did so well ... can totally see why Quincy is so taken with it. My girls would love it too. :)


What a sweet and determined dad. And the room was worth all of the love and dedication that was put into it.


too, too cute! we just moved and i had to bribe my baby with a new room...pink and chocolate brown. turned out beautiful. btw, she's 13! not so much baby anymore. squeeze her up and never let go!!


WOW! To think that Eric did that all on his own! And then the doors !! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Totally fit for a princess!

I actually find Quincy's "logic" quite reasonable ~ about someone breaking in. I had to laugh at that because Sydnie (4) thinks the exact same way!

A few more weeks and baby Swapp will finally be here! Yeah! Bet you can't wait!


Not in a million years even with the threat of torture would my husband do something like that. That is the sweetest, neatest, most special thing I have ever heard. Your daughter will remember and appreciate his effort the rest of her life! Awesome!

Maricar (aka Papergirl)

that is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!! The handprint, the diamonds (with the jewels!)... makes me want to wish I had a baby girl. :)


GO ERIC! So Cute!


Oh man, what a great husband/dad. I'm sure you've already thought of it -- but you definitely need to take a picture of dad & quincy in the room and journal that it was ALL dad doing this painting, what a great memory.

Paula Martone

Love the room and all the pink with it too!
I am in the middle of painting myself and doing one of my living room walls in a dark brick red. I am scared!! anyway........love the headboard of Q's room.

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