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Elise K

Heidi, it was awesome meeting you in Tucson today. Thanks so much for coming down for the day - can't even imagine how exhausted you are now. Your week in Utah sounds wonderful. congrats to Quincy on losing her first tooth!

Kelly Rodgers

Hi Heidi-
I know how you're feeling. My little man just had his 10th birthday. He almost towers over me. But I still see him as my baby. So not ready for him to grow up!!
When did that happen??

PS - Hope you got a good sleep!
Love Kel XXX


i love the newsletter
it was awesome!!
I am glad you had a great vacation
I know how you feel, my oldest (5yrs old) has been loosing teeth all year. time passes so fast
I can't wait to see your new suff at cha summer :)


those pics of oakley made me miss utah sooo bad!! can't wait to get back! wish i was in your ward... how cool to have heidi swapp teaching RS!!


I didn't get the newsletter (just recently signed up). I tried to sign up again and it says I already did. How can I make sure I'm on the list to receive it? Is it print or online?
I love reading your blog and think the newsletter would be fun, too. Thanks!

jamie johannemann

isn't it ironic how it goes with our "babies"? we can't wait for each new day to watch them grow and learn, yet hitting pause would be just fine too, especially for those special moments. j


Bummer, I didn't get the newsletter. I'll have to go try and sign up again.

My grandparents used to have a cabin up in the Oakley area! I loved going there when I was a kid, 4-wheeling, all that stuff. I was so mad when they sold it! LOL.

Glad you had a nice, relaxing week!


Thank you so MUCH for coming down to Tucson!!! I had loads of fun yesterday!! I walked away with SO many ideas! I just moved back to the good ole USA a few months ago and have been so anxious to find new products I've never seen before!! And your line is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to be honest, I've never heard of your line until I took the class at MMU!! My head is full of ideas! And love the book you shared with us too!!! Thank you so much!!!


I love the fact that you LOVE what you do! I enjoy reading your blog and wish you well with your upcoming new baby.

P.S. What a nice time to get away with your family :)

Best wishes from Ontario,


Diane McVey

Bless your heart, you are B-A-C-K!!! I'm SO VERY GLAD you got to have a family vacation...what wonderful fun!!! And I didn't really mean to complain about updating your blog (*he-he*), it's just I miss reading it when you are gone!! Please slow down a bit, and take time to rest...that baby is going to be in hyper mode when it's born if you don't get some rest! LOL So awesome that Quincy lost her tooth, but I know what you mean about losing their perfect little smiles...so hard to let them grow up! Hope the tooth fairy was extra good to her! ~smile~
Have a great week! Wish someone did something in Nebraska, we are so "out of it" here! Nowhere to take ANY kind of classes! The other ladies are SOOOOO LUCKY...


Glad to hear you got much-needed rest and able to enjoy family w/o work distractions!! and I can't wait to hear about your Summer CHA products! Good luck Heidi! :) Anna in Texas.

Kelly Goree

So glad you had a wonderful vacation, Heidi! Enjoy every minute of just the 5 of you...soon that wee one will be yours! Imagine! I totally can't wait to see those sweet baby pages from you...and I'll live vicariously through it all! ;)

Hugs to you on Quincy loosing her tooth. (but make sure the tooth fairy comes tonight!)



we missed ya heidi.. glad you were having fun and thank goodness that pregnacies are not a permanent thing huh...


you are such an inspiration...i know, so cliche, but it is so true :) thank you.
you guys have so much fun. thanks for sharing.


Glad you had "away" time...sounds like fun. I just made Alyssa come in here so I could check all her teeth :) What in the heck...I didn't know either that teeth could come out at 5. YIKES! I'll miss seeing you at CHA in next week...can't wait to see the product though and of course Emily ;)

Hope you have a great day!

Mary Ellen

hey heidi--( I always want to call you 'hide' cause I have a cousin Heidi, and that's what we call her..;)..)
Glad to be home but hard to return to the 100's from the cool weather--esp. when pregnant, huh! I didn't get the newsletter either, even though I did sign up--do they come out in batches?
When is baby due? Bet you can't wait!
Have a great week!
Mary Ellen


Heidi, I'm signed up for your newsletter and didn't get a copy of it. How can I get a copy?
Looks like you guys had a great vacation but as all vacations are, they come to an end but even better you get to lay back in your own bed!


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I signed up for the newsletter too and did not get it in my e-mail (both this month and last month)
I can't wait to see it!

Amber C

It was so fun meeting you on Saturday! I got so many great ideas to use even more of your products! I figure I must use something HS on at least 80% of my layouts.

My dh had to teach the same lesson yesterday and took my scrapbook of our son's Make-a-Wish trip to the pickle factory as an example of creative journaling.

Thanks for the fun prize pack and for all the great ideas and the fabulous products!!


marci lambert

my daughter lost TWO teeth right around the time she turned five in may. and i am more struck by that than by her going to kindergarten this fall!! what is it with losing teeth??


Thank you for taking the time to come down to Tucson so close to your due date.

It was awesome being able to see how to use use your products and watch you in action. Thanks for all the great ideas. You are very talented.

I must admit I was not a fan per se before (I had only used your cardstock letters) but after Saturday I think I am hooked. I don't think DH will be happy - LOL! But I sure will be. :)

I am looking forward to see what you come out with next!



Ummm. Where is my mind? Chipboard letters. I meant Chipboard not cardstock. I think I need a nap.


Hi Heidi. I enjoy reading your blog. I lived in Tucson for four years and whenever I see your pictures of Arizona, I almost miss it. I went to sign up for the newsletter, and it said that I was already signed up but I haven't received one. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for all you do.

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