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Sophia Allison

OMG such a sweet gesture from her. How awesome for you.

Kelly Rodgers

What a beautiful lady. How lucky you are Heidi!


What a beautiful gesture!! And how sweet of your son to make the comparison!!! What a beautiful moment!


what a wonderful gift and moment
just awesome!


Wow ... thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment you had with your friend and son. It brought tears to my eyes.


So wonderful to know that there are people in this world that still take the time to really show their love. What a caring thing to do! This story has inspired me to offer to do the same for a friend who is also pregnant and could use a little pampering! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet story, Heidi.

Cindy McDannold

The title of your blog was perfect. SERVICE. The giving of ones self. The highest gift a person can give. So glad you were able to accept with the love in which it was given. Your friend is truly an understanding woman.


A beautiful moment with friend and son. It brought a tear to my eye, too. Thank you so much for sharing such a precious moment.


isn't it funny and sad how we have such a hard time "receiving" as mothers...you said that you felt guilty...i can relate...and i think it's important to practice just feeling grateful (which can be hard to do)...thanks for sharing this story and i am so glad that your son has looked up to the best role model there is...Jesus...it made me think about a lot:)

Lisa Russell

Such a good reminder. Out of the mouths of babes... Not much longer for you! Hang in there! We are thinking of you.


To all of the above : I say dito and Heidie you are blessed - you know the old saying : what goes around, comes around - you must be a good giver to receive such a good deed. And well done to Cory. South African greetings. xxx Stay peaceful.


what a blessing... the foot rub and the tender moment with your son. you heart must be full.

melissa Adak

Don't you know a foot rub is better than sex!!!! I use to give my neighbor foot rubs while she was pregnant and also doing delivery. It does something to woman!! makes them relax and find inner strength to keep moving. Reflexology is powerful stuff. Even if you haven't a clue as to what area's you are working - it works. I am glad you let go and finally enjoyed a moment. You are a hard worker and then you added pregnancy - the biggest masterpiece of all to the list. YOU DESERVED that massage.


Wow! Heidi, your story brought tears to my eyes, too! You should be so proud of Corey for making that connection and proud of yourself for being such a wonderful mom. You DO deserve to be pampered! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you!

Ana Magloire

Ohhh! My eyes just got all teary... You have good friends. I have goosebumps. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. We very often forget that we are on this earth to serve.

Diane McVey

"Ditto" to all the comments thus far!! A few years ago, a good friend of mine brought all the good stuff to my house to give my feet a treat on my birthday...it truly is the most memorable gift I have ever received...selfless, humbling, such a great experience! Bless Cory for his understanding! You should be so proud of him...I'm so glad this special friend did this wonderful service for you :)

Michelle Sanders

OMG I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard come from a 7 year old boy's mouth. I think I am close to tears! I can only hope that my little baby boy (due August 24) will be half the little man your Cory has become! And the sweet lady who came to rub your feet, that is just too much...wish I had some action like that!


I once asked my pedicurist what she enjoys about her job, and she gave the same answer as Cory! How sweet is that that your son is so in tune with such goodness... and that he really "gets it." You've obviously done a very good job of raising him!


WOW, your friend Julia is a sweetheart and your son Cory is wonderful to have made the comparison!!!! WOW, what a great day for you!!!!

Kelly Goree

what an amazing person and example...and how wonderful a person YOU are that your son recognized this act :) You totally deserve it for all you do for everyone else, Heidi. I hope you enjoyed :)


Mary Ellen

Wow Heidi--What a special treat from a special friend....and the neatest thing is, because you were willing to be humble enough to let someone RUB your FEET (!), look at the moment that happened! WOW---what a neat memory--Thinkin' here that you must SCRAP this! What a GREAT kid you have---:)Have a wonderful day...(Have you been looking at all those sweet little baby clothes yet?)
Mary Ellen

Karalynn Tyler

WOW. I'm reading your entry with tears running down my face. It's truely amazing of that woman to think of you and follow Christ's example. (It could also be that I'm crying because my baby girl was just born and I a whole ball of emotions lately.) That was awesome that your son picked up on the Bibilcal connection. Bless you as you wait for baby Swapp.



Jolene George

Jesus and the desciples was the first thing that came to mind when I started reading your post. Julia obviously has a wonderful kind heart. I'm glad you let her do it. Sometimes our first instinct is to tell people no when they offer help, but I always try to remember that we don't have the right to take away their desire to serve. Now both of you have reeped the blessings of service. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


That sounds lovely - and how great is that to have friends like that? You're lucky :) Good luck with the upcoming personal event of yours :D

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