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Oh NO! Sorry about the whole water leak thing. That stinks! Aww, sad about selling your bug.. they are so cute! (But don't need one - thank you!) Hopefully next week will be an easier one!

betsy murray

You seem to be doing wonderfully under all
this stress!! congratulations

Amber C

Oh no! Water damage is the worst to deal with. We have some at our house right now too.

Your bug is so stinkin cute I wish I had the money to buy it! I would in a heartbeat :)

Comfy couches snuggling a new baby sounds like heaven to me. Can't wait to see the new layout. Go snuggle Capri some more!


Ugh, life sure didn't slow down for you! It sounds like you are handling everything well, disasters and all. So glad your family is taking good care of you!


As for the car...really. You could have all sorts of great scrappers (ahem...such as yourself) sign it and fill it with scrap supplies. Then put it on ebay. Bet you would get a WHOLE lot more than 18.5 for it. Keep the 18.5 for what you need and donate the rest as you see fit.

Really...I could see it now (smile)...


Oh goodness. Just enjoy the cuddle time with Capri and the house stuff your hubby can take care of! LOVE the name by the way!


I remember after having my 4th last year that it struck me that there was no "enjoyment time" w/him. i had to squeeze all the cuddles and gazing at him when i could b/c suddenly i was thrown into the "deep end" of a schedule. didn't feel that way after any of the others, just him. but he makes sure i know who #1 is, just like i know Capri will. Sorry to hear about the chaos in your home, maybe you'll forget all this along with labor and delivery!!


I'm so sorry to hear about all the water issues you have going on. I feel so bad for you with everything else going on to have to deal with *this* too. That's terrible! I'm also bummed for you about having to get rid of you bug. There such fun cars. I have one too and my family loves it!

Can't wait until Creative Escape!!!

Sarah Eberle

I had a VW beetle too but when my second child was born we had to sell it considering the truck doesn't fit a double stroller I was sad to see it go. I loved that car.


ooooooooooooh....Heidi....I wish! I am about to inherit 2 more beautiful daughters to add to my already three cutie patooties......5 girls and hopefully some more along the way.....the VW Convertible has to wait for me too. But I WILL have one someday! Can't wait for Creative Escape!!!!

Alicia King

Dang it! I hate house problems! So sad to here about your cute little bug, I had to give up my T-Top Firebird, (sigh!)
Love ya,

Jolene George

I can't imagine being without water for 2 days...ans with a new baby! Hope you get a new shower installed quickly.
I'm sure a cute little scrapper girl will buy your litle bug just so they can say they have Heidi's car. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Hi Heidi

Sorry to hear about your horrible 2 weeks and its so sad you have to sell your bug! I am in the process of buying one now! Sux I dont live in the States!

Good luck with everything

(England, UK)


I would so buy that car!! I have always wanted one. Alas, I have no money.
Perfect color!


So sorry about all the extra trials. Termites!? yikes. It will be more healthy to get all that mold out of there--for you and baby. Nothing like clean AZ Duststorm air. LOL! Your daughters pic is lovely. Good to see your instincts about a girl were right on. Would love to get the bug for my oldest son but we do not have the money because the government took all of ours this yr. Tax bill: $78,000 - middle classers can never seem to get ahead - we should have itemized! OR we should have more babies (tax deductions)! Would have wanted to see if some of your creativity rubs off from the steering wheel...whoever buys it will have to let us know! Take care, I'm soooo happy for you. Does this mean more pink!

Laundry Woman

If you have time... No, nevermind. Make time. Make time for you. I hope you are getting sleep and not overdoing it. I always had a huge adrenaline rush and then would flop at six weeks postpartum. Take care of you, Heidi. You are the only one who can really do that. Let the plumbers do the tub and everyone else do the house stuff. You just take care of you and baby. Okay, I'm off my soap box.

Love you and your family.


Heidi, you are so awesome! :) You seem to really stay positive about everything. Take care of you and your baby!!
Hugs, Charin


two weeks! it is hard to believe it has been that. i can't wait to see your page. nothing like the sight, sounds or smell of a new baby. they just grow up too fast.

sorry about the water trouble. good thing you got it before it was too too late. can you imagine the damage and $$$$$ then.

i love my bug. i don't have a convertible. i passed on that. no backseat room. i have had mine for almost 4 years. you are going to miss it.

Julie Ann Shahin

I emailed you but I also want you to know that I just love your bling stickers. I did a layout with them here:


I'm just excited to share with you!
Julie Ann Shahin

I'm just excited to share with you!
Julie Ann Shahin


Man.. that car is soo darn cool. I wish I could buy it from you. But living in the Northwest, the convertible is very impractical because of all the dang rain. It's a cute car and I'm sorry you have to sell it.

sarah green

Heidi how you remain so calm about all the pressure is amazing!!.... Look forward to seeing your layout about Capri, I also have a love affair with VW's I don't have a bug but a VW Toureg... awesome!

Diane McVey

Oh Bless your heart, I hate leaky house problems...not to mention termites! I was visiting my son's new baby when I was swarmed by termites when I got out of the shower! NOT FUN! It's a very funny story now, but at the time, not so great! LOL Sure hope all is repaired in record time...having no water is AWFUL!! How did you manage??!! You are something, and I hope things slow down for you soon. You need to sit on that comfy couch with your precious Capri, and drift into dreamland!!! :) Take care...

Alannah Jurgensmeyer

Girl, you're gettin' out of the little car and I'm gettin' in! :) We're selling my Expedition SUV to get me a smaller car...but I got my eye on a Red 2007 Mustang :) I do love a cute car but DH insists on something all 4 of us can actually ride in comfortably should the need ever arise...go figure! So no cute Bug for me (though I did look at them!)

Good luck selling it! Put it on autotrader.com, I've gotten good hits for my car from there and it's cheap to put it up there!


AHHH! Is that the robin's egg blue bug????? That's my DREAM car!!!! Oh!! Why can't I live near you????


What a positive attitude! Good for you! :) Hope things are approaching normal again soon.

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