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sarah green

Seriously... that little girl is soooooo beautiful, I love the little pink bow in her hair, can you hear the gooing and gaaing over her from here in NZ??? Can't wait to see the layouts you will do for her, and I think the name is gorgeous!

kim archer

Oh she is gorgeous Heidi and of course she has the perfect name:)And my Capri is quite excited there's another Capri out there:)Glad to hear you are all home, safe, sound and happy.



she is so beautiful! i´m glad you´re ok. can´t wait to see more sweet photos..

Robyn W

Wow, you dont muck around do ya....lol
home already and blogging
must admit after seeing Capri's name i immediately thought of Kim, and i then read on her blog about the convo u had in Melbourne....lol
so glad to see a pic of her....cant wait to her scrapped...lol


Awww Heidi she is just precious.
Kim was the first person I thought of too!!
Can not wait to see her starring in her own pages.


Congratulations Heidi! She is just beautiful. Glad to see you are both home and doing fine.


Sigh, she's just too cute all in pink .... You truly are blessed !
grts, D@nielle

Cheryl Hamilton

Another well wisher from NZ! Congrats to you and your family on the arrival of Capri, she is just beautiful - and you have another gorgeous scrapbooking subject! Well done Heidi, looking forward to meeting you at Creative Escape.


So glad you and Capri are home safe and sound. Now you can all bond as a family and enjoy every moment that you all share together.
Good luck for the future
Kelley Bodycott


Heid she is a doll. And how wonderful that she's calm; she's going to need to 'go with the flow' right from the get-go!

Happy 'sleeping in your own bed' day and we'll see you SOON!


What a lovely girl !!! and wellcome home !!!

Megan McKenzie

Congrats Heidi and family on the safe arrival of Capri, our third arrived just over 2 weeks ago, a boy this time, thinking though that I might have to talk to hubby about trying for a fourth, a girl as I love the name Capri!!


Heidi ... Capri is absolutely GORGEOUS! So glad you girls are home and you are feeling okay. I can't believe you are already actually thinking of scrapbooking! My goodness, I couldn't think of anything else but SLEEP when our son was born. You are just AWESOME!!


she is absolutely beautiful... a sleeping baby is just so peaceful to watch... glad both of you are home safe and sound...give that baby a kiss for me... i only wished you'd have smellivision... i love newborn smell..


Heidi she is SUCH a doll. Glad you are back home and all went smoothly. :)

Trisha Ladouceur

You are so fortunate to have such a healthy and happy baby! She is an absolute doll and I can't wait to see the layouts that you turn out featuring this little bundle of joy! Enjoy your time with her and your family and don't rush getting back into the swing of things. We'll all be here ready and waiting when you're ready. Your family comes first right now! Take care of yourself and relax!

Wendle Handmade

Oh Heidi, what a precious little angel! She looks so peaceful and content. A gorgeous bundle of pinkness!
Congratulations to all of you!
How on earth did you get that cute little pink bow to stick?

Danielle Casello

WOW-She is gorgeous and I *love* the name. I am so happy that everything went well. You have such a sweet family. Hopefully you'll be getting some rest!

marci lambert

what a little sweetie pie!!! enjoy her!!


She so looks like a little doll. what a little sweetpea! COngratulations to so many wonderful things to come for you and your family.....................Paula


She so looks like a little doll. what a little sweetpea! COngratulations to so many wonderful things to come for you and your family.....................Paula


Now that you're home, I hope you get settled easily and hopefully Capri will be one of those little angels that sleep most of the night and you can get plenty of rest. Have fun with her!


Heidi- Little Miss Capri is absoultely adorable!!! Glad that all went well for you. Take care of yourself and enjoy these new moments of a new one in the house as they will grow up soooo fast, as you already know I'm sure...We'll always be here for you, but unfortunately she won't be little for very long.. I can just envision the great pages she'll be on!!! You are truly blessed! Get some rest and enjoy the moments.

Michelle M

Beautiful! Congratulations! She is just adorable and what a sweet name.

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

she is absolutely gorgeous!
so happy you are feeling well.
enjoy every moment!

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