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sarah green

Heidi - all I can say is you look STUNNING... beautiful photo of you and Capri, and love the one of the four littlies... stunning...

Helle Greer

WOW!!! what a "HOT" mama, and super cute baby.
Enjoy her.


Sandy McTier

Heidi ~ those pictures are amazing! You look AMAZING!! and Capri is such an angel.
It's so sweet how your other 3 children are looking at Capri.
Congratulations again and God Bless!


simply stunning. She does beautiful work!


you look beautiful Heidi
and your children are so beautiful
they look so pretty on that comfy couch
I love how they are so attentive to Capri and Quincy looks like a little doll holding her baby sister. :)


you look beautiful and not only on the outside but there is an inner beauty that is absolutly shinning from within!
god bless
hope "we" (the ce attendee's get to meet baby capri!)


That sure is one comfy looking couch!

The photos are awesome! Everyone looks great!

jill s

ok...you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

maybe you mentioned before and i missed it...but i'm wondering where you got your couch!! i LOVE it!! i'd love to know where it came from. thanks!

congrats again!


Wow, are you sure you just had a baby 2 weeks ago? :)

kim Loewen

Beautiful photos! And you look great! I am loving that couch...it looks so comfy!

Jody Ferlaak

The only thing better than getting a photo of yourself that you love...is getting a photo that you love of yourself WITH your newborn baby girl cheek-tocheek with you. I think I could have 10 more after seeing this picture. So happy that you're all doing well. Now, if you could just get the shower and the termites to cooperate. {wink} A little bit of nitty. gritty. love from Michigan...

Alanna/Aussie Gal

beautiful pics! You look great!


oh.my.word. What precious pics!! Alison did a wonderful job, those pics are just priceless.

Anna Beth

Those are GREAT!!!


WOW! What a beautiful picture of you and Capri ~ this is definitely one to cherish for all time!!! And the picture of all FOUR ~ Well, I guess Capri will never be wanting for attention. Needless to say, it is an absolutely beautiful picture of all of your children. You must be totally ecstatic with those pics!! I know I would be!

Kelly Goree

HEIDI! It should be a crime to look that fantastic 2 weeks after giving birth! Absolutely stunning photos - such a beautiful family. You have every right to be soooo proud! Congrats again! :)

Kathy Pitt

Just gorgeous Heidi, you certainl dont LOOK like a mum of 4 at all :)Congrats on your sweet little bundle

Diane McVey

Wow! All I can say is ditto to all the posts before mine! AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL! ALL OF YOU!!!


Heidi that picture of your children all piled onto the sofa is fabulous... worthy of oscars & definately to be framed as large as poss on the most seen wall in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful pictures.
I love them.
You look so great with Capri...
There's no way you just had a baby!

Danielle Casello

Absolutley beautiful. You look amazing (as always). You have a precious family!


Wow - that picture of the kids even brought tears to MY eyes....those are great pictures.

Jolene George

The pictures are wonderful! She is a great photographer. How did you get looking so thin only a few weeks after having a baby?http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Heidi- the photos are priceless!!! You look wonderful and the photo of the kids is precious!!!


Beautiful Photos! You look amazing!!

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