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Jamie Hircock

Oh man! I didn't know that they did that :( Hang in there and stay busy. It will make the time go by faster!

sarah green

Time is going to fly.... will be looking forward to your post saying your little one has arrived....good luck!!


Oh no! Well, we'll just sit here at this computer waiting with ya!!

Melissa O

The same thing happened to me twice with my daughter. Thankfully the second time my water broke and they had to take me : )
Hope you enjoy your extra day(s) of pregancy

Kiera Black

Bless your heart.I'm praying for you and got on the computer thinking this was YOUR day. Take care and get some rest.


Your COUCH can get early delivery but your baby can't??? Too funny.

Both times when I had my boys I was the only woman in the unit and I got lots of attention! Sounds like your hospital is a little bigger than mine....

Might they take you later today, or does this mean waiting for another day? I hope, now that you've got that date in your mind, they will be able to take you soon, the waiting is the worst.

Good luck!


Good luck Heidi, hope all goes really well for you.

Amanda Hart

The anticipation of Boy or Girl is so exciting!! tell those other women to hurry up it is your turn!!! Good luck.


Hang in there Heidi. Hopefully the hospital will call soon. Good Luck!!


i was thinking you would be there ready for baby swapp's arrival
i hope you will have he or she soon!
kisses :)


Oh, what a bummer Heidi!! But just think, you could go into labor on your own, and then they'd have to take you!

How sad is it that I was thinking of you all night, knowing that you were scheduled for today. Maybe it's because I just had mine a couple months ago.

Good luck girl!!

Val (She track alum from CKU Chicago)


Prayers for a easy and stress free birth.
Thinking of you!
Good Luck for whenever the birth happens. cant wait to see pics of the newest Swapp bambino. I hope you have worded Eric up to share some pics with us!!

Hugs and Love


That's just rotten!!! The new little one will be here soon enough. Good luck and lots of prayers for a healthy baby and easy birth!!!


Best of luck to you on a safe delivery when it is time! Now you have time for some last minute nesting!


Sigh. I have been thinking about you this morning... all in good time. I am just glad that you are a seasoned pro at this - imagine if you were a first timer! Hang in there.

Danielle Casello

Good luck..sending lots of prayers your way!


I'm sure this beautiful little spirit is just as anxious as you are! Hang in there!



Hope that your wait is not long, but it is a wit that is worth every minute. Good luck.

Paula Martone

Its a great way to touch up on your toes and legs! Its the little things in life that make a big difference. Noone would understand that but us women! Hope all goes well for you and your family


You poor thing! Hang in there. Our prayers are with you! can't wait to hear boy or girl :)

Jolene George

UGGGG! I hate it when that happens. You know if you go into labor they will make room for you. You could go on a brisk walk to get things going. An old friend of mine swears by eating beets to get things going. I've never tried that since I'm a picky eater. Or you could just use this time to relax...perhaps even sleep while your'e waiting for an opening to come available in the hospital. My thought are with you. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Kelly Goree

EEPS!!! Don't you HATE that! Hugs on the waiting!

Kelly Goree

p.s. did you find those cute outfits you were hunting? ;)

Becky Kimball

Urghh....good luck! How exciting to be SO close! :-)


ooooh I would be going nuts!
they ought to know better than to mess with hormonal, pregnant women!
good luck.

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