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too cool! awesome to see what goes on behind the scenes! i'm crossing my fingers for next year!! i can't wait to see pics from CE... i'm hoping my turn is next year! have a blast!


Paula Martone

wow, how amazing of all that goes into one of these events! alot of work involved too. wish we had something like that up here in ANchorage where I live...........


Ohhh, I wish I could be there! I too had a baby 1 month ago & I can't imagine how you've gotten so much accomplished with a little one. I'm sure next week it will all be worth the time/effort you've put into it. have fun & don't forget to post photos for us!

Diane McVey

You are SUPERWOMAN!!!! AMAZING! Precious Capri can't be a month old already...oh, so sweet...and beautiful! I hope after this event you get to REST...remember REST???!!! Have fun getting the clothes for everyone, that should be a blast. Best of luck with the big event! You will rock everyone's world, I'm sure! :)


Have to say how stunned I was to see you refer to Emily as a knitting NAZI...
poor choice of word... i am not jewish, yet I find the term horribly offensive, joke or no joke.


I am exhausted just reading this! I have to give you huge props because you're just a trooper. Your friends, family, students and life artists everywhere are fortunate to be able to share your passion. Rock on Sistah!


Cannot even begin to tell you how much anticipation there is to be surrounded by so much talent AND FUN! I'll see you on Thursday!! SO EXCITED!!


Ohhhh I am soooo jealous! I wish I could come. Maybe next year! Have a GREAT time everyone! It looks like it is going to be AWESOME!

Heidi - I'm glad you are enjoying Capri! It is sad how fast time flies, but they also just get more and more fun each day. Today my 18 month old said "Hi kitty" in her 18 month old baby talk to my mom & dad's cat and I just thought it was the ABSOLUTELY CUTEST thing ever! She's just so stinking cute I almost can't stand it! Keep enjoying that baby and have a BLAST at CE! I hope to meet you in person there next year!

Amber C

I hope you kick the cold soon! Take a little extra vitamin C!

The escape sounds so fun and I'm sure you will have a fabulous time!


Hope you had a successful shopping trip and found some cute stuff to wear. You always look adorable! Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes pics, I SO wish I was coming but I'll have to shoot for next year if you're brave enough to tackle all of this again. ;-) Best of luck!!!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Thanks for the sneakpeek into Bazzill. Nice to see that my money goes to such a down to earth kind of company.
Also, I just finished a cold! What is up with a summer cold! Ugh! It went quick, if that's any help.


Nothing works better for preventing and getting over a cold than AIRBORN!! You can get it everywhere even Costco, practically straight across the aisle from your awesome kit in my store here in California.
You drop it in a some water, let it fizz, and drink it. All Herbal and works so well. I am a teacher, and the product was developed by a teacher who was tired of getting colds from her students!! Totally awesome stuff, nothing works better!!
Heidi, I can't tell you how excited I am for this event!!! Thank You for all your hard work, and all the Bazzill crew too!!!
Can't wait
Erin Coleman

Melissa Cavanaugh

So glad you posted a photo of Mr. Bazzill cutting the ribbon, and yes, he is a great boss, so fun to work for...I have loved watching all of this come together from "behind the scenes", boxes and boxes and boxes of product, and then even more boxes. More goodies arrrived just yesterday, the lobby will be so empty and lonely without all the peeps making the kits, counting kits, which rub on is this? Yesterday we sorted SEI buttons... It's been great, the hardest part has been keeping everything a secret...can't wait for thursday. See you then


Yes, it's going to ROCK!!! Thank you all for all the hard work and worry. I've heard some pretty sad stories of gals and their recent personal losses that need this escape to uplift their spirits and I know this will help. H, you look great no matter what you wear. Mr. B too bad you are already spoken for! LOL! I would love to help make kits if you need extra hands. LMK.


wow! i'd think having a beautiful, healthy baby WOULD be the BIGGEST EVENT of your life... guess our priorities are different


Thanks to all involved for all the hard work to make this come together. Can't wait to see the results in a few days!


Have fun. You have an incredible amount of energy to do all this a month after having Capri.

Diane McVey

IGNORE the negative comments today...some people just want to hurt others. We all know what a great person you are! So just ignore those that are jealous of your success...too bad they have to cloud the day...

Laura Daniel

Good Luck with everything this week. Sure wish I lived out west, so I could go. It seems like it will be so fun. Enjoy,Enjoy! Just kick that cold.


Can't wait til' Thursday!!! WHoo hooo!

Lyn Cheever

Oh, no, Heidi, you can't be sick. I've been fighting pneumonia for almost a month, told the doctor last week: be aggressive, I have only until the 7th to be well. Several others on the Yahoo board are sick too. But, you, you have to be there...no doubt about it. Get better fast. Sending good vibes your way. I'm so excited; I've told friends if I have to I'll come on a gurney!!!


Good luck with everything! When it rains, it pours! Hopefully you can relax a bit more after CE.

Jen U

Can't you please come down to Australia and organize a retreat for us. It would be awesome. Have a great time


i cannot wait for this weekend!!! I am soo looking forward to it! glad your baby is doing well--hope you feel better!!!

Kim Loewen

I am so excited too! And reading your blog and seeing photos makes me even more excited! I know it's going to be amazing.

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