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Yummmm, choc chip cookies!! Care to share your recipe? I make some each weekend, once they are gone - their gone. Thats the only way I can stop eating them! (I also make them smaller so I feel like I'm eating more!)


LOL--now that's something I can relate to!! My weakness is choc cake, tho!


great minds think alike .... LOL!


what if you made them smaller, you could still have them but they will be smaller.


I can help you break your habit and you can just send them to me.....I love plain old chocolate chip cookies! LOL!!!



Recipe please :-) the idea when you have an obsession is to share it you know


SO with you on this one. they gotta be homemade with nothing else but semi-sweet chips. my other favorite: Disneyland's oatmeal raisin cookies. yum-o!

nancy in ks

yup! my hips are hearing you.


I did the same thing. I thought if they were in the freezer, I wouldn't sneak them - didn't work - now I LOVE them frozen. Mine have to be chewy, never crunchy!


ok, give us a recipe please, now!
I'm hungry now with your story!!!


I love them warm, but I would be willing to try them frozen! For me - I just (try) to allow myself one splurge - usually mexican food and margaritas on the weekend. Maybe just try to have them once a week - give any extras to your neighbors, friends, etc. But never give them up completely - everyone deserves a splurge!


im totally with you on frozen treats! frozen brownies rock, too!

good luck kicking the obsession :)

Amber C

I seem to remember reading somewhere that freezing them removes the calories *wink*


Gosh I feel your pain. Mine however NEVER make it to the baked stage. I just freeze the dough. I try and limit myself to 2 cookie size drops a day. Sometimes I am good sometimes I am not!


Mmmmmm, you're making me hungry!!!!


Yum! Enough said. Hope you are feeling better.


... a missed opportunity ...

Diane McVey

Well I can think of a whole lot worse "weaknesses"!! And I'm sure the kids are right there with you on this one! Enjoy your cookies, life is short...and you are adorable just the way you are. Hooray for Cookies!!! :)


i'm so right there with you, esp the late at night craving ;)

I've tried to curb eating so many by buying the break-apart kind from Tollhouse...YUM! You can then make only a couple at a time. Whoever invented those things are a genius, but it's murder on my waistline!


O.K. Here goes: haven't we heard in the news lately that chocolate is actually good for us? The darker the better? And--baking is just one of those lost arts, right? So, you're really setting a good example for your kids, see?!?


I can't believe someone else loves them straight out of the oven, AND THEN F R O Z E N! This is too funny. I have also had a love of chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven. Sometimes I only make a dozen because I know I don't want to eat more than that, and I only LOVE them warm and right out of the oven. I too, started "hiding" them in the freezer, but my sweet tooth youngest son discovered it and has been right on my trail ever since. I think I am going to make some today!!!!!!


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! I love chocolate chip cookies. I have given them up tho as I am currently trying really hard to loose weight. I don't really have any clues to give you as to how to give them up. I just went cold turkey. Good luck and eat one for me.

Judy in Carefree

Love warm CCC and it is the only way I can eat chocolate as it usually gives me a headache...guess the amount of chocolate in CCC isn't enough to trigger it. LOL


I think I'm going to have to go and make a batch for myself! My mouth is watering! LOL Good Luck on recovering in choc. chip cookies anonymous!


Thanks! I was resisting the chocolate chip cookie urge for weeks now and well...now... I think I'm going to cave. Reading this reminded how much I really want to eat them warm from the oven. :o)

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