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OMG... I just had a frozen choc. chip cookie. LOVE THEM COLD!!! I too am a snob. I like mine, and some other homemade, but very few bakery ones. Weakness? Nah, just an addiction here!

merry mama

Where to find?? Kiss Capri a zillion times so you don't forget what she smells like!!


okay, so you have crept into my brain!
I am convinced I would be a size 5 if only I could stop craving cookies! Man they are good. I have a weakness for Costco ones. They are so good, and so convenient.

Dawn Bibbs

What a cute story. And I'm sure what I'm about to tell you will be like adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. But trust me, it's nothing personal :-).
Last year, while watching a show on the Food Network, they "introduced" this bakery (www.levainbakery.com). Heidi, the cookies they talked about were LITERALLY a 1/2 pound EACH! And about the circumfrance of a softball (give or take) & about 1 in. thick.. They have regular CC cookies, CC w/ walnuts (my FAV), Oatmeal w/ raisin and Chocolate CC cookies. I went on line to read more about them. Come to find out, there's a store in Long Island, NY where my dad lives. I contacted him and had him get some for me. It took him 3 months to get my first batch to me (he kept eating them). I finally got a box with some of each cookie in it. Mrs. Swapp, I am not lying to you...the UPS package my dad sent me of ONLY cookies, weighed 6 pounds!!!
He recently sent me another dozen of just the CC w/ walnuts...AWESOME! And I even shared these with my friend.
ANYWAY, if you get a minute, check this place out on line. Oh, and did I mention they have mail order!!! :-) Please let me know if you get some one day and how you like them. Enjoy your day!

Wendle Handmade

Oh Heidi, I can relate!
My 14YO has taken to baking choc chip cookies on the weekend (betty crocker packet mix)and they MUST be eaten as soon as they are cooked! They are scrumptious, but deadly.
When you find a cure for your addiction please be sure to pass it on.


Lovely, like I needed to make anything else tonight with chocolate in it. I just made chocolate peanut butter brownies, but it looks like my night of baking isn't over yet. Off to try another choc. chip recipe in search of the perfect one. I'm partial to the Tollhouse recipe, but no harm in branching out.


Enjoy your cookies! Capri is only about a month old right? You're probably sleep deprived and with school just starting and all...I'm sure you're VERY busy! Enjoy this phase. Soon your body will crave other things and you'll be back to normal! You'll have sweet memories of baby Capri and chocolate chip cookies (not carrot sticks or grapes)...if you go along for the ride. When I remember my sweet baby girl, I remember Pillsbury Sugar Cookies that taste like butter and vanilla...yum!


UGH! Pregnancy "addictions" are the WORST, because there is just NO breaking them after baby comes!!! How do you talk yourself out of them, I would LOVE to know!!!


Okay, Heidi, I'm expecting to try some of your chocolate chip cookies during Creative Escape...perhaps for one of the "midnight snacks"????!!!! See you soon :o)


You want to know my secret? I make the cookies and then bake a dozen. Then I put the rest of the dough in little ball shapes on a pan and freeze them. I transfer them to a ziploc bag, and then I can just take out what I want to bake whenever I want. Warm cookies everyday if I'd like. Of course then you have the problem of eating frozen cookie dough...


a friend told me that if you're craving sweets its because you're deficient on calcium and magnezium. so when i was nursing and packing away the easter candy earlier this year (nursing was the justification for extra calories) I tried to remember my daily vitamins and some extra calcium. it actually worked. i still had candy every now and then, but i wasn't craving it so much. you do know that chocolate coats your stomach so it can't absorb calcium right? kind of cancels out the cookies and milk thing, such a bummer.


lordy, I craved hot cauliflower and buttermilk when I was pregnant with both of my children... that was EASILY broken after they were born...but oooohh!!!

Damon Crawley

OK. Too funny. My wife had a craving with my when she was pregnant with out now 7-year old, she had to eat 2 Chips Ahoy and a glass of mile. SHe tried everything else in the house but only that would satisfy. From day one, he had been a huge Chips Ahoy fan. Forward to 2004 when she was pregnant with our daughter. She craved mexican. Could not be Taco Bell; it had to be Taco Bueno. We ate there often. Now (she is 20 months) when we go to the Bell, my daughter won't eat even a taco. But you take her into Taco Bueno, come around with a tray and her face lights up and she claps and squeals with glee. You cannot tell me that the cravings aren't a peek into the personality of the due-to-the-arrive.


Chocolate Chip Cookies are my weakness too! I can pass up most cookies and any store bought cookies, but not homemade chocolate chip cookies. Once I get on the kick of them the only way to get off of it is to stop cold turkey. The chocolate withdraws last for about three days. If you give them up, and start eating healthy, after about 5 days you will notice your clothes fit better. It helps me to get back on track. Hang in there, I feel for you sister!


Hey Heidi! Ballard Designs has a set of 4 "CAPRI" dessert plates on sale (ESTATE SALE SECTION). They are SUPER CUTE! I think you should purchase them to make your addiction just a little more exciting . . . and have a keepsake to remember the drama by! Just remember, this too shall pass as soon as your periods start coming back regularly. You are ust suffering from an overload of hormones!!!! LOL!!!! OR . . . .maybe not . . . I'm still suffering . . . 9 years later.


SHut up heidi.... I have this SAME problem...and i just had my fourth kid too...i got sucked into the frozen cookies at all times of the day...

hmmm....i wonder if there are in my freezer right now...I know I hid some in there somewhere! :)


This won't help, but have you ever had a pazookie? Bake cookie dough in a mini pizza tin or small plate, then top with vanilla ice cream & Chocloate syrup while the cookie is still. Heaven!


yes, share the recipe. my daughter eats frozen waffles, i'll have to try cookies next


Love chocolate chip cookies - I used to make them ALL the time for my Dad. He's also a fan of coconut, nuts and oatmeal in his. I'm with you. Chocolate chips, please... nothing else.

As to frozen cookies - my Grandma used to make the BEST raisin filled cookies - almost like a Newton but with raisin filling. She would put them in the freezer, too - but we soon learned that the only thing better than Grandma's raisin filled cookies are FROZEN raisin filled cookies. Yum!


Maybe you could post your recipe?? Please?


Oh Heidi - I swear we are soul sisters. I just moved into a new place and am, for the first time in my life, living solo. For my birthday I told my Mom all I wanted was a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Good god - let me tell you about this batch - seriously, who knew that cookies and coffee are the PERFECT start to a day ?! So because I have zero ingredients, or measuring cups for that matter, I went to the dollar store for a cookie sheet and have become completely HOOKED on the pilsbury ready to bake ones - sure they don't taste homemade but you can make 6 - this can be helpful - and seal up the rest for another time. Best snack ever ... and so inspiring while scrapbooking too - cookie breaks for everyone ; )


MMM..cookies! My weakness however is banana muffins with pecans in them. YUMMY!

Leana (aka pealee)

I'm the same as you, like them all gooey right out of the oven with a glass of milk. Then into the freezer they go. Initially it was to stop eating them but unfortunately I just discovered that they were good eaten right out of the freezer!

Susan in NY

For everyone looking for the perfect choc chip cookie recipe, just go to the supermarket, pick up a bag of Nestle semi-sweet morsels in the yellow bag, turn it over and Voila! the perfect recipe. There is none better!!!
P.S. Does anyone remember the episode from Friends where Phoebe is trying to make an old family recipe for Nes-lay Toe-loose cookies? Love that! :o)

Jolene George

In the words of Sesame streets very own cookie monster...."C is for cookie and cookie is for me!"
Nothings better than a really good warm gooey chocolate chip cookie! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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