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your layouts are sooo awsome!!got to get those journaling spots.Your DH looks to cute with that book!!

kelly goree

ohhhhh heidi! you go girl! love all of these, but especially partial to the surfer boy one ( could it be because i have all boys? ;)) so glad to see some new work from you and that you managed a few minutes for you to do it!

Amber Ulmer

Heidi! Love ur LOs!!! So perfect!!! Got my scraproom painted and put together! It's on my blog. All pink and green stuff! So love it!! DH was great and let me go to a crop while he painted!! Gotta love that! Thanks for sharing ur pages!!


Heidi, your pages rock!! They are so goreous...love them!!!

P.S. My legs are killing me from two days of running. Today, I am moving like 90 year old woman. But it felt great out there! Thanks again for the inspiration.

hillary Chybinski

OMG - I got those journaling spots in a monthly kit - and I thought they were just a chipboard piece. . .I need to go use them RIGHT NOW!!!!! sweet!



So glad you posted your layouts. SO inspiring!! I can't wait for your BPS class!! It's killing me just waiting for the class description!! Peace and blessings.


love the journailg spots, lots!

Jody Ferlaak

Because of you and pages and doing what you do the way you do it and making it all fun and inspiring...yeah, all of that. That's why I am heading to Vegas for my CK Scrapper of the Year contest. I shouldn't even be in the middle of something so wild, and yet I am. Right in the middle of it. And you know what?! It's exactly where I am in love to be. SO, thanks again Heidi, for making me 'get it'. And I guess I got it good, huh?! {wink} Keep lovin' that hubby and kids of yours. And tell that good friend, Em, "hi" from Nitty.Gritty. too. =) Ciao for now~


Love your work, love your blog and what a cute kids you have!

Kylie from Sydney, Australia

Oh Heidi, your stuff is simply brilliant.. So inspiring.

Love everything about these pages. Thank you so much for sharing.

Hope you dont mind me popping by


happy sabbath to you also. your work
is so creative AND inspiring.


Wow, love all those layouts!! I am so addicted to the jewels right now...I am going to have to order a whole new batch (gone through quite a lot already!!!) Loving the circles and squares!

Cindy Price

Heidi, I just had to comment on the Blintz thing! I saw those and had them made for my baby shower! So yummy! Your layout pages are super cute!


I do that too. I sit and scrap and listen to movies so I generally put stuff in, like musicals or lots of music in a movie: sound of music, chicago, purple rain, my fair lady, grease, gigi, disney movies, that sort of thing.

Rebecca Foxworth

I LOVE the smaller sizes! I scrap mostly 8.5 x 8.5. I used to love the 12 x 12 more, but find that my girls can't hold such a heavy/large album. I think sticker lettering looks more proportional on the smaller sizes, too.

I also LOVE to watch movies I've already watched during scrapping...that way, if I zone out into that creative place where everything around me disappears, then when I "return" I can just pick up on the movie where I left off. My current faves are Steel Magnolias, Two Weeks' Notice, and DVR reruns of Lost.

Last, but not least, I'm crazy to know...is your "days of the week spelled correctly" reference to your Crazy Life tape with the THRUSDAY on it? I just stuck a big flower over that part and used it anyway. Seriously, I figured if the person looking at my page couldn't figure out that the day the flower was obscuring, the one that was between WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, was THURSDAY, then they had problems beyond what I could help them with anyway. Gotta love the "big flower fix"!

jacqui jones

i saw your fuzzies for the first time last night...and we had a bit of trouble to say the least...we followed your tips and still had problems with getting them to stick...they ended up all wonky and yuk...any more insights to using them

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