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DebbieP -  NZ

Heidi, sounds like an amazing time was had by all, I would love to be there next year....


No doubt about it.. I will be there next year! I am so glad that everything went well.


its just too bad, that you are soooo far away...!!!! but maybe you plan some european activity in your 2007-schedule(?)!!! let us know!!!!!

4 pics are not much, but hey, we would love to see them...


Sounds like you had a blast! So glad it all went well for you.
Take care,
Love Kel XXX


Ahh man that sounded so fun!!! Will most definately be making plans for next year!! I'm kinda nervous ive been hearing such great things hope i can get in!!

Kiera Black

I think it's wonderful your event when so well. That just shows you what we already knew. You're awesome!

Rachel Patrycia

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I have been reading message boards like crazy to see if anyone is posting their books any where and I am SO happy you will have it avalible for purchase. I work full time to put my husband through flight school so time and money are in short supply and I wanted to go so bad, especially after taking the first she class at CKU. I was so upset that I had to miss this event and I'm so happy I will at least be able to see the projects. Still won't have the full escape experience but at least I can get the creative part!

Misty D

Congratulations on the event going so well! I'm a SAHM in TN and would love to have been there but - well you know how that goes! I'm SO excited to hear your book is available! AND that you're teaching at Big Picture. I've been to a CKC event a couple years ago but that is the only thing I've been able to make it to and I've always want to go to stuff like this - so it will be great to have that book to see all the great stuff you guys did. Make plenty of them!


I have been on pins and needles waiting for you to tell all of us about CE. I wanted so much to go, but had another commitment. Look forward to attending next year. It sounded speculator!!!


SOOOOOOOO happy that CE went well and was a huge success. I've heard nothing but good things about it from the lucky folks who got to go. You can GUARANTEE that I will be there with bells on next year to have fun with you. I'm thrilled to hear that I can get my hands on one of the class books, can't wait for that. Now, my dear, it's time to RELAX!!!!!


Envy alert! Oh man... it just killed me when I found out that CE was going to be held my first week back to school. As a teacher, there was no way I could have missed days three and four, as much as I wanted to.

PLUS, my in-laws live at the Pointe HIlton. My wonderful ILs, just two blocks away!

I hope the timing works better for me for the next CE event.

It really sounds like you had an awesome time.

Jill Cornelius

Heidi! I had a wonderful time! Everything was perfect, your husband is SO sweet!!! And your children are beautiful! THIS was an event to remember! All of my projects are beautiful! I came to this event saying that I had to finish each project because I wanted to go home and be able to show my husband what I accomplished over the weekend. (as soon as my box gets here ((today!!!)) I can! But I have told him about my wonderful weekend in Arizona, about all of the "little" things that made the event so so special. I can't wait until CE 2007, I am ready to sign up now! Thanks again for everything you did for all of us over the weekend! And looking forward to returning next year!

Elizabeth Arsenault

CE was a wonderful weekend. You, Mr Bazzill & the whole CE team really thought of everything. You would never know this was a first time event for how well things went. We were very spoiled and have many memories of the weekend along with new friends. Hope to be there next year! Thanks so much for all your hard work as it showed. When we talked about going to CE, we did not know if we should go as being the first time. Knowing that you and Mr. Bazzill have been in the business and been to events I thought you would know what your dream for us would be. You had a dream and you made it come true. I am very proud to of been to CE 06. Thanks so much for a great time.


A*M*A*Z*I*N*G experience!

the details...wow, i L*O*V*E the little details & you thought of everything! everyone worked so hard & was so willing to help out.

the classes & projects R*O*C*K*E*D!!! i was trilled with the diversity!

your family was too sweet & it was nice to see how supportive they are with your "calling"!

thank you & everyone for such a wonderful "creative escape" that i much needed!


Kim Schroeder

Thanks {again} for the awesome event! and yes the details really brought it to a different level then anything I have participated in before. But what made the exerience truely amazing, were the people - the teachers, the helpers, the other attendees, Mr. Bazill, You ( of course),your uber sweet hubby and hanging out with my fellow She's.....


Heidi, this event was awesome. I loved all the projects and it was so nice to come home with so many completed! Everyone was so nice from the teachers and staff to the staff of the resort! LOVED IT. I will surely be signing up for this event next year! Thanks so much for a fabulous time.

Cathy Vargen

Heidi -- CE was a total BLAST! Loved, loved the projects, loved meeting you in your clock class -- I was the one that was worried that my "i" was smudged with the golf leaf pen -- you taught me that a little smudging is no big deal and ya know what? You were right...you can't even see it!!! tee hee..everything was perfect. One special moment for me was the last night during speeches and seeing you and Eric off to the side with his arm around you and the looks on your faces...love mixed with contentment for a job well done....you two rock. He is a sweetie - love that guy! You two are awesome!!! Thanks for all of your hard work..Here's to CE 2007!!!

Leana (aka pealee)

I'm definitely buying the book. So excited to hear you are going to be teaching at BPS - will definitely be signing up. I so hope I can go to Creative Escape next year! Glad the event went so well for you, definitely not surprised though you are an amazing woman.


congrats on a great event! I know you and your team are very proud! I love seeing all of the cool details that were posted on 2peas
those buttons are so cool and I love the room key:)


I continue to hear such great things about this Escape. I've noted next year's date on my calendar!!!


People on other message boards are raving about how awesome this event was! Congratulations on a job well done! It sounds like all your hard work paid off. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend next year. Until then, I can't wait to get my hands on the book and take your class in Jan with Big Picture!

Angela Randolph

Congratulations heidi on such a successful event.....you must feel so proud your idea came to life in such a huge way....its the buzz all around now. I can't wait to attend next year.......I think now everyone is concerned about getting a spot!!!
Can't wait to take your class on BPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heidi! The event was amazing! I am a single mom of three girls and I run a daycare out of my home. I needed an "escape" like you would not believe!!!! It truly was just that!!! A time for me to forget about everything else and just focus on CREATING for a few days!!! I NEVER get to do that!!!! Thanks for making that possible! I was feeling guilty in the beginning about spending the money on this retreat being a one-income household. But I needed this and my family needed me to do this!!! I needed to INDULGE myself and rejuvenate. I was truly touched by Stacy's remarks as well as Eric's public prayer to bless dinner! I commend you guys for doing something that in today's world, seems to be considered "politically incorrect" anymore. I feel like I left that event a better friend, Mother, woman and artist!!!! Can't put a price-tag on that sister!!! Love ya and thanks again!!! You're the bomb-diggity! LOL Oh....here's a few links to my blog with some photos and pictures of my projects! My favorite was the clock of course! It's hanging in my scrappy space!!! A gentle reminder of who I should devote most of my time to!!!
~Shanna :)


Vicki Fogarty

TRULY MARVELOUS!!!! This event rocked. I thank you, your staff, Bazzill, the volunteers and the amazing sponsors. It was the greatest event I have ever attended. I am coming back next year. With a little panic of hoping I get a space. With all the buzz, next year will be hard to get into. You have such an awesome family. During the meet n' greet, you could see how proud they were of you. Especially your sons. He sat on the water bottle tower and was pointing and beaming proudly. And Eric....how amazing is he. He jumped right in there like a trooper. Helping out and taking pictures with everyone. Even handing out little tips. And is such a hottie. You two are a perfect couple. Keep up all the great work and inspiration you dole out. I love you and your products. And after being at the event I love Doug and his wonderful family. I am so blessed to have been part of this event and met such amazing women. Can't wait till next year and the upcoming classes you will be teaching. I am signing up. Congrats on such a huge success!!!!!!!!

Lyn M.

Yep .. the entire event ROCKED the house! ... Loved each and every detail .. I've been telling everyone I know .. and now after reading the comment about the lady saying she couldn't because she wanted to make sure there was room for her ... I kind of agree.. I HAVE TO GO NEXT YEAR .. if I only go to one event a year .. it WILL be Creative Escape! (Got home to DH trying to figure out where all our money goes .. he has his enduro and mountain bike habits .. so I wasn't too worried.. but if he puts a "hold" on my retreats .. I want to make sure CE is the one I attend!) - Maybe an alumni pre-register option???? ... We are the ones who said "How High?" when you said jump! LOL! ... And you and the paperboy and your entire team really set that bar up there to a world record height! ..

Can't thank you enough!

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