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I totally agree!
awesome post from and equally awesome lady
I think as mothers it makes you be a better woman and make you appreciate the little things so much more
love your post so much.
I am happy your ds had a great day, my son turns six today!
feel better!


I totally agree, and I have taught my hubby that if the mum isn't happy then NO ONE is .... he's finally getting it - LOL! You have to put yourself first and then you can give to everyone else in your life! gotta get me that book!


i totally agree...and i just made a little "SHE" inspired book for a friend who has just made some tough life changes...big move, divorce, new job, etc...and is stepping out there into this crazy busy world on her own...we need to celebrate eachother:) we are more the same than different...thanks for the inspiration Heidi!
i posted a few pics on my blog a few days ago if you want to see it.

Lisa Tanner

It's so funny to read someone's post about what inspires them (like you with the She book) and be inspired by that someone and what they say at the same time. I'm a blog stalker and always check in to see what's going on in Heidi's world! I'm always inspired. And reading the other comments gave me an idea for a gift for my best friend who recently lost her husband. The inspiration I've gotten in just a few minutes was unbelievable - THANKS!!!

I hope you feel better and Happy Birthday to Colton - it sounded like a wonderful day!



Heidi its amazing the way you take the way we mothers feel and put it into words in a way that when we your blog, we sit at our computers going "oh my god I know exactly what she means by that"


Thank you for you comments. My 4 daughters are all grown and have children of their own, but I still get so much joy from watching them as grown young women doing great things with their lives and influencing their children for good. Motherhood is tough and frustrating at times, but when you see you own child blossoming and becoming it is a joy like no other. Marilyn

vicki f

it is a true statement. they grow up so fast. i remember when i had my first child. i thought the same thoughts exactly. but it was a maternal instinct to care for someone so unconditionally. although he is a teenager and stretches my nerves to the snapping point, i love him so. after hearing you speak in b'ham al, i bought the "SHE" book and have it in my office and one at home. I love to see the people who come into my office and thumb through it and watch their expressions. I sit and think, "Did it inspire them as it did me."


I am single no children and NOT by choice and sometimes am a little jealous of "moms" but I feel blessed with lots of neices and nephews even my friends children call me aunt Grace and 1 little girl Sarah Joan every year for Mother's Day has given me a gift. She says I am like a mom in the love and caring I always give(tear)and she asked her mom if it was ok if she would feel bad, and she smiled and said she thought it was great and the truth..Most of the time single women are just not thought of because "we don't understand" and most of the time we don't there is nothing like a mother and childrens bond nothing at all and hopefully 1 day I will get it but we do understand and Heidi you help me to understand to smile with your childrens little saying and big love for mom and dad and each other. Thank you for sharing your family and hearts with all of us. Happiness is a choice...it is isn't it. I never thought of it that way thank you.


Thanks for the reminder!



that's all

just wow

thank you for articulating what I (and so many other women) have inside.


Just ordered "She." Should arrive on Monday. I appreciate all that you share with us. We as moms are a community that rely on each other for support and friendship. We value our roles and the way they will not only impact our children, but those around us. Happy Birthday to Colton and to your family on the upcoming year of being a family that will continue to love, grow and make...choices

kim Loewen

Colton's birthday party sounded like so much fun! I wish we still had drive-ins here, it would be a blast! I truely believe in the importance of being happy and how it can really change your life. I love that 'She' book and feel like it has also given me strength in times when I have really needed it. Thanks for sharing it with me!

michelle hill



This is one of the many reasons I think you are AMAZING! :)


I read your blog all the time, but this entry brought me to tears. You know I have no children of my own, but some of what you've articulated so beautifully shows up in my job as a teacher. I enjoy the amazing experience of seeing the changes in a group of kids over the course of a year. In their own "teenager" way, they express love and appreciation for the adults in their lives, too.

This probably doesn't make much sense, and may even seem weird for a teacher to feel that way about her kids, but I hope I have appropriately expressed my appreciation to you.

Thank you. You touched my heart today.

Lori Muse

Thanks so much for your comments today, they were really needed. I am a mother of 4 under 5 years and can very easily lose sight of the big picture. Thanks for reminding me to make sure that I take care of myself so that I can be a better mother and nurturer for my children.


hi heidi,
thank you for sharing these struggles inside yourself. i LOVE what you said. it can appear sometimes that people are happy because their life is easier, or their circumstances are "better." when we look at people (like you) who seem to have it all together and don't ever appear to get frustrated. thank you for reminding us that even behind your perfect, beautiful, happy, pink world, you are just like us. and that our happiness is not given to us through our circumstances. we have to choose it. i'm signing up for your class because i think you will remember to remind me of this :) :) totally glad i found you through this white box of mine.


Heidi, thanks for this insight. I plan on making a sign with that she quote and hanging it up in my scrap room, where I can see it all the time.

Lara Cousins

Awesome words Heidi - thank you for always sharing what's on your heart.
Lara in S.A.

Shawnna / flipflopmom

thanks for sharing!


TFS that was one of the nicest things I ever read!! WOW thats a whole page right there! a very touching one!

Katrina Grabowski

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. One year ago my husband and I had our third son. Which was a complete surprise. Our oldest were 16 and 13 and we were done. Because of my age the doctor never checked for pregnancy we thought it was the begininng of menopause. Since everything monthly was normal and I was on birth control??? Needless to say this shock came at six months. He is such a blessing to our lives and has softened my boys as well. My husband and I are like kids with a brand new toy. Not to say it is not hard with teenagers and a newborn. You have put all my thoughts into perspective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Woman to Woman Sincerely, Katrina


amazing, your words always flow so eloquently...like a song, poem...u never seize to amaze me. so heartfelt, so raw & to the core. you always shake my thoughts up!

sarah w

i couldn't agree more. while i don't have children yet, i can completely agree that a happy wife makes a happy marriage and a happy husband. happiness makes everything easier in life, you can accomplish far more with a happy heart than without one.

i love the SHE book. and that quote is SO true.

glad that you're happy. and glad that you're sharing your happiness with others.



Simply loved your post today. I totally needed to read those words. I can relate! Thanks for the words of inspiration & the feeling I had after reading your post. Thank You! You are an amazing lady!


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