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AWESOME PHOTOS! Can you please post where we can order the clocks?!!! THanks, Lori


love your halloween costumes!
your clock is beautiful!!


What fantastic costumes!!! You guys look great!
I am with Lori(above)...gotta get that clock!!

denise in Gilbert

Heidi the class was awesome on Saturday! I brought my friend Kelly who had never been and she had a great time so now there will be 4 of us signed up for your November class! When you can please email me the measurements for adding the holes to the clocks for the ribbon! Thought it would be my mother-in-law who was getting the clock but they are pretty easy so I think EVERYONE will be getting one! It was great to see you and Emily and meet your beautiful baby!


freaky deaky! i thought the gothic girls in harajuku were scary... but you would have fit right in! It looks like capri is growing... that is so not okay! We miss you, love the costumes and the fake eyelashes!

Sara Amuso

I love how Capris just "goes with the flow" its a all nap to her! LOL! I love Halloween too!



BOO-those are some great costumes!
have to say-love that clock face!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! YOU guys look awesome! I love Halloween too. We just had our big party (see my blog)!
Enjoy the day!


halloween is awesome but...i agree it is stressful at the same time. l
ove the pics, clock is so cool.
a happy, health H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N to all!!!


Thanks for this post, Heidi. You put my Halloween spirit to shame! Maybe I need to go out and get me some fake eyelashes. That could bump things up in the 'festive department' for me! Looking forward to seeing what you do for Christmas this year. Just around the corner {wink}!

Jolene George

Great costumes Heidi! I have spilled Halloween chili and crockpots of soup in the car...not to mention all the big cups of pepsi. Good part is I just ask one of my boys to hook up the carpet cleaning truck and clean it up for me. :o)
It was great seeing you on Saturday at Scrapbooks Etc after your clock class. Thanks for letting me take a picture with you. Loved your pink eyeleashes! I put it on my blog. It was also fun to play with Capri! She is adorable and very happy! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Cute family!
I've spilled a few crockpots in the car too! My mother-in-law said to put the crock pot in a laundry basket--tuck towels all around it and no problems! Just a random idea for next time :), Amy


OH MY GOSH - I LOVE that clock! I'm just going to have to make one or two! Thanks for sharing that! I'm also a Basic Grey fanatic - LOVE that paper!

I have found that transporting food in a box is the best way to contain spills.

We were also sweating in our costumes this weekend at our fall festival here in Tx. The bumblebee costume had to come off my 19 mo. old and she was glad since she didn't really like it on her to begin with. My 5 yr old's Dora costume was great for the weather although her wig came off after a while!

Thanks, again for sharing that clock. I am totally inspired to do one, now!


isn't spilling in the car a sore spot in every marriage???? I can't seem to learn that lesson either...also rolling down the windows after the car gets washed! hee hee!!!

great costumes!! Halloween not my favorite day. Just so stressful. My husband calls me the fun sucker...ENEMY OF FUN is my official title during halloween. so glad to see everyone else enjoying this day. really glad it is not me! maybe if i put the fake eyelashes on it would change my whole attitude?? hmmm....


too cute. thanks so much for sharing


i loooove your clock!! so so cute! and fun costumes, too...i love to see when the parents are dressed up as well as the kids. tfs!!


Love the Halloween spirit! Where do you get the clocks and what Basic Grey pattern is the paper? Thanks!


Great costumes! It's so fun to see everyone all dressed up! And love your clock! I love that paper too! So fun!

Michelle H

I too, have done the dump food from a crock pot into the floor boards! Mine was broccoli cheese soup and into the floor boards, the ventilation system and the console of my van! Not pretty, then again thats what car washes and vacuums were made for ;) I REALLY love the clock idea too! Where can I get directions for this?! Thank you for all your great ideas, tips and sharing! Michelle, a new scrapper

Becky Kimball

I LOVE your costumes! Fabulous!


OK.. LOVE THE CLOCK GIRL! Too freakin' cute!

vicki f

great look. i love the colors.

vicki f

love the halloween pictures. i think they turned out great. sorry about the chili. that happens to the best of us. how was the trunk and treat event. can't wait to see how you scrap these pixes. your family is just too cute.


Those costumes are killer! Loving the photos and the stories and the inspiration all on the same day! You rawk girl!!!


love the scary costumes!! that is THE CUTEST clock I have seen! love it all!


*Happy Halloween!

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