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Cute photo! That's awesome that you recreated it...fun to see how your boys have changed. And I am loving that kit! I'll definitely have to get myself one and maybe my sisters for Christmas. Thanks for the idea!

Alicia King

your cute boys are so little in that picture, I can't believe it!


Adorable picture! I can't believe how little the boys look ~ five years really does make a difference!

I bought the kit over a year ago and put it together. I absolutely LOVED it. It was very easy to put together, and I honestly think it took me less than an hour to put it together (minus the pictures and journaling). I may pick up a few more. I would love to have my mother do one!

Angie Nichalson

Hi Heidi..I have the QVC kit that I purchased several months ago...it is AWESOME - QUICK and it really makes you focus on yourself...leaving great memories for your loved ones to remember you by!!

beautiful picture, by the way!


the slide show is beautiful...as are the swapp kids! enlargements for all the pics-wink!

Jolene George

Boy have they grown up these past 5 years. It's fun to see them change. I can see why it's Eric's favorite picture...really cute!
I saw this in my inbox and on Ali's blog. I'm going to order a kit today...wonderful cause...plus it really hit home this year as I just went through a scrary and painful biopsy 2 months ago. Mine was benign, but so many women are not so lucky when that test comes in. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Cathy Vargen

Hi Heidi -- I bought the kit you're showing from QVC and I was wondering if there are replacement pages for the album? I can't find them anywhere.....thank you for your response..cvargen@yahoo.com.......Cathy


Run over to see Ali's...take's your breath away. Gorgeous family & photos! ONE of my fav CE moments was seeing your boys run up on stage and grab the mike to say something silly! My 2 would have done the exact same thing...


Heidi Swapp you are an amazing person!
so full of energy and creativity! thanks
for sharing.


I've already bought that kit (and convinced mom and sister too as well). Unf., that was this summer from QVC...but no matter - I LOVE that album. it is so much fun to put together and I love working with your stuff!


Great photos - I love their little hands!

I have the one from QVC and haven't done it yet for myself (but it's in the planning stage 'cause it is so cute)...and I'm thinking of getting another at the great price for my 16 y/o...if she's home long enough to do it. And it's certainly for a great cause! I love that a lot of diff. mfgs. are doing stuff this month for b/c...I have a few posted on my blog and they involve CHOCOLATE!



Hey Heidi,
Bought this kit earlier this morning! I adored it before on QVC, mostly cuz there was so much "swappitude"{that's ususally what I think when I see your projects :o)}. I decided
to go ahead and get it this time since it will benefit breast cancer research. I lost both my mom and grandmom to this and I want to make this album for my daughter so she won't have so many unanswered questions about her mama {your's truly}!Matter of fact Heidi, if YOU would consider making a kit sometime in the future...I'd gladly toot your praises from my little soap box here in So Cal! Hahaha
May God continue to bless you abundantly!!


Hope your baby is well!
you give to us good humor and good vibes!
Audrey AKA Prolix from Normandy

Wendy in MD

Great photo! Are there supposed to be 2 pics of the boys?


This album kit is crazy good! It made me seriously fall in love w/ your products! I got it from QVC this summer and love, love, love it. I've never made anything about me ... and I am so happy I finally recorded some info about me for my children. Actually, I keep going back and adding more things to the album. It's such a wonderful on-going project.


GORGEOUS slide show! She really does beautiful work and has a great style. LOVELY family!!!


Heidi, Thank You for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month--so important for us to find cure or learn how to prevent. My twin sister fought this '05'06 still has another surgery end of this month. It's been good to be here for her, driving, wig shopping, groceries, niece-sitting, etc. Doctor made me promise to get mammogram. I had a lump--did biopsy afternoon before CE. Sore--but glad I did it. Results were A-OK! PTL! Did U see my boy on Alli's Blog under "The Courage of Youth"? It's hard to decide which ones to order, isn't it? Picture you did is excellent!! It does seem like it's been more than 5 years. Your HOF was 2000 wasn't it?...ugh, almost 7 yrs. Wouldn't it be great if your clocks were magic and we could go backwards, just for a little while?


Wow, fantastic all about me kit. Since I am never the subject of my own work, people keep telling me to do one of my own. This is the perfect incentive to do an all about me album! I love your line!




A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the All About Me Kit for a Cause. For about two weeks, I had been jotting down ideas to do a scrapbook about me. Then, I received an email advertising the Kit for a Cause. It was perfect timing.

This week my kit came in the mail and I love it. I liked it so much, I went online the very next day and order more for a couple of my girlfriends. It will make a lovely Christmas gift.

I think all moms who scrapbook should stop and take time to do a scrapbook about themselves. When our children are grown and we are old, they along with their children will enjoy reading about their mom/grandmother.

Heidi, I love the products and ideas you bring to us. You rock pink lady!

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