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go girl .... enjoy your run in the morning!


Looking forward to your BPS class!!

Jolene George

Crud! You've got some fun news to share. I'm thinking I need to save some money so I can hopefully join in the fun with you. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


I read the class description and it looks like just what I need. Now to find the funds to pay for it. As a single parent I have learned to be quite creative in that department. Hmmmmmm....... Save me a spot!


I am looking forward to your class! Your audio message was so inspiring to me that I signed up right then and there!


I'm so excited ... I've just signed up and can't wait for class to start. :)

Cricket Rawlins

Hiya Heidi! Been waiting for this day since Creative Escape!! Just signed up for your BPS class...can't wait for January!!

Cricket :0)


Yup. Count me in, too! I signed up, of course!


I'm so excited, I just signed up at BPS and can't wait for this to start!


i am returning back to work in September 07 as my maternity leave is over (i'm a teacher) and won't be able to head out to CE again...so i've just signed up for your class! so excited to create all YEAR long:) FUN! jamie


Just signed up, can't wait!

Lisa Cohen

I just signed up for the class over at BPS! I'm really excited... especially because this isn't only a scrapbooking class but also a life class! It's going to help me continue one of my goals of living with intention. I love classes that make me THINK! I'm so looking forward to this!!


Sounds like you have so many exciting things going on right now. Can't wait to hear about details for 2007 CE. . .hoping maybe I can go next year.

Hoping the drive-in party goes well this weekend. We had our 2nd annual birthday carnival for our youngest a couple weekends ago. It's great when you stumble on an idea that works great and everyone loves enough to want to do it a second time.

Terri Porter

I DEFY anyone to listen to your audio message on the BPS website and NOT sign up for your class! I have been looking forward to this since hearing about it at C.E. and have been watching daily (hourly?) to see when it would be available for registration. I can't wait! I just had a really big birthday and have decided that I will make the rest of my life a life I LOVE. So glad you're going to help me learn how to do that!

Jennifer Kirk

I signed up this morning! It'll be my Christmas present and I'm so excited that it will last the whole YEAR! :)

Judy in Carefree

I'm signed up too...now to finish and hang the great clock from CE. Enjoy our great weather!

Moriah Bettencourt

I just signed up too! I can't wait! I'm turning 35 in December & this is the PERFECT way to document my 35th year.


Hi, the class sounds so inspiring and fun. I was wondering if there might be some scholorships available for other women and myself, who would really like to take the class but can't afford it.


All signed up at BPS! Can't wait!

Kim Caldwell

I just signed up too! After listening to the audio, I just wanted to give Heidi a big hug! Next year will be a Year to Remember!

Julie Ann

Going to talk my husband into letting me sign up for your class. I sent you an ecard today for a layout I did of a picture of you and I taken last week. If you need any digital teachers, let me know for Creative Escape!


i am so excited for your big pic class, heidi! i just registered...and i can't wait to hear more about next year's CE! yay!!


I am just getting back to running too...how far are you up to? I would love to be thinking of someone else in my {shoes} in the morning working for weight loss, mental health and just plain feeling good... 5 am runs for me... good luck and keep up the running! I love it and wish I had never stopped! that is how it goes though with family...things in spurts. :)


I did it..... an international pupil more on your list...i am excited and this was just a huge treat for myself in kind of a rough time...

Damon Crawley

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to my wife; who just got enrolled. This is what I am giving her!

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