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Absolutely beautiful!! I love it. I wished I lived closer to have Allison take pictures of my family. She does an amazing job. It also helps to have beautiful subjects;)


Such a beautiful family and amazing photos!!


WOW! The slide show is stunning! Great job, Allison! Those kids are just too cute....love the candids! LOL! MargieH in Chicago


Spectacular! You're right ~ you are definitely going to have to blow those pictures up! I still LOVE the picture of all of your children sitting on the couch admiring Capri ~ to capture that special moment, WOW! You have such beautiful children, Heidi. Isn't it "sad" that time flies by so fast :) ?


oh my gosh, that was just so beautiful...I love your kids too now, Very precious!!! I want to go get my boys at school right now and do a photo montage...hee hee! Beautiful work


so so beautiful!! your boys are the cutest!!

Bree Ross

Simply stunning! TFS!


Beautiful Heidi! They are all so gorgeous

Great job Alison!!!


Inspring! Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to be part of your family.

Kelly Booth

Those Photos are adorable.....Great Scrapping subjects!
Thank You for Sharing!

Danielle Nilsson

What a beautiful family! I adore all of the wonderful pictures!!!!

Patty Schaffer

Hi Heidi! The photos are beautiful...thanks for sharing with us!


WOW. Just gorgeous photos, Miss Heidi!! I loved all of them!!


these are so adorable!!
congratulations on having such great memories.

Trisha Ladouceur

Absolutely gorgeous familty potos! They are sure to be tresured for years to come! Thanks for sharing!


Awesome slide show. She takes incredible pictures.


Wow, it is so beautiful. Your daughter just look like her dad, and the boys look like you! You must be very proud and grateful to have those beautiful kids. The slideshow are showing like feeling flows by the music. Im glad that I met you and your family in a short time at CE. Blessing your family.

Linda Peterson

Just beautiful Heidi!!! What a wonderful job she did!


I don't even have words!

Diane McVey

Wow, wow, wow! Ditto to ALL the comments! Just FABULOUS!!! You must be so pleased!


The photos are breath taking!!! I agree even on the craziest of days you could look at these photos and just melt. As parents we are so blessed.

Maria Paris

Oh My Gosh...those were absolutely gorgeous!! Your children are just beautiful! You and your husband are truly blessed and must be so proud!

Jolene George

Alison did a wonderful job! I love all the pictures she took...as I'm sure you do too. You better go get yourself some frames for the enlargments. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


That is AWESOME Heidi - beautiful.

Kelli Johnson

oh wow. those are beautiful :)

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