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Jill Cornelius

That was beautiful! All of the photos are wonderful!


Those pics are gorgeous!! Very photogenic family. Allison just finished a shoot with my first born son who is now at Basic Training in Missouri. He will soon be protecting us. I wish Allison could have gotten pictures of him and his brother at a younger age--they were like your boys (best friends). Don't you love the slide shows? Allison is AWESOME!! PS - sorry I was not more friendly at CE but I got sick and didn't want you and baby to get my germs. Loved your class.


Oh, Heidi I forgot to mention. My boy is on Allison's blog if you want to see. I love the pic she took of his skinny hairy legs. Our slide show isn't up any longer.


WOW what stunning photos, your kids are all beautiful. :)


I love the slide! Your family is very photogenic and you have very beautiful Children.


stunning and breathtaking, you will be hard pressed to chose a favorite photo. thanks for sharing them with us.



cynthia Michener

oh my!!! beautiful slideshow!!!


Beautiful photos! Beautiful kids and family!

Angie Nichalson

what awesome pictures..sure wish I lived closer to atj.

Rochelle Kjar

That was amazing! I would have such a hard time choosing which pictures to blow up. They are all so amazing. I wish I lived in AZ, so she could take pictures of my boys. I loved the one of your boys together with no shirts on-that is soooo boy! Love them all!

Amber C

Gorgeous babies Heidi! Such beautiful photos. Your boys look like they are such great friends. Your daughters are beautiful.


Too gorgeous shots!! Have to ask- did you use special lightning..or just the natural one?

julie skinner

Gorgeous Portraits! I love the one of Quincy on the table with her reflection in the wood, such a stunning image! And the ones of you holding baby C on the couch. Lovely lovely stuff!


Gorgeous photos. How precious to have them captured forever like this. And you're so right to be able to have great pics that you love even when they are being naughty. LOL. Think this sentiment is so true and funny and wonderful.

Peg Graham

GORGEOUS Photos!!!!!

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