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my husband and his family are big in to dirt bike riding, and he says that our new baby will be too..haha. Glad you had a good time! Looks like a beautiful spot for riding!


show us a pic of those pink shoes! love to hear the boys had fun on the dirt bikes, my husband went to sand dunes today on his, I had to work at my new scrapbook store!



speaking of scrapbook store, where's my HKS product??!!? I ordered the whole catalog..just about!! JK, I'm sure it's on the way, I am impatiently waiting for the best product out there!


That's so cool. Glad the family had fun!
Watched the podcast, you are sooo cute.

p.s. I love the calendar too...great idea ;o)


OMG they look so cute and cool on those bikes
I love you guys life force
totally awesome and living life to the fullest
like you should
I love the calendar too and will most def be picking one up when they hit the shelves. :)
have a great Sunday!!


love love love the calendar...WHEN will they be available? I'm getting the organizational new year itch.

stephanie Tafoya

I am a mom of dirt bike boys...keep the faith, that is all you can do....and saftey gear...and so, I assume that you will come out with some dirt bike/ moto-x (motocross) bling for us dirt bike moms...????...queen of the campgrounds....girls get dirty too!...
you are the best Heidi....I read your blog everyday, and just wanted you to know that when you make a comment about the "yummy" logo on the "polka Dot" chicks blog...I sqeeled with happiness!...I did that! I know that we are just human, and the same, but it was very exciting to have YOU, make a fun comment about something I did!
have a great day, oh and, I ran my first marathaon with ASICS....my fav. shoe over all...have a great day!

denise in gilbert

Heidi, when can we expect your new products at Scrapbooks Etc??? Will you have some to show at your class on the 28th?

Sara Amuso

I'm not able to view that link, do you have to be registered to mac.com? Or do you need a Mac? Would love love love to see the new product, didn't get to Memory Trends this year.


Glad you liked the podcast. Thanks for being a good sport...so what did Emily think, :) It was good seeing you and your team....and I can't wait to get my hands on your new product! Get some rest and hope you have a wonderful day.

Ruth Pannell

Yep, I live near you and camp out all the time out east. Best not to camp at the weekend though... too many people are out on the quads. But isn't the weather too gorgeous this time of year?

Suezi Gurzi

sounds like some great swapp family times!! I am with you on the motorcycle thing. just gave in myself about a year ago. They do LOVE it!!!

Met you this past week...the crazy girl from MAMBI
Don't know what i just did. ???

it was great to meet you and look froward to great new product coming out.
have fun with your new pick shoes..i am an asics fan as well!!


Asics are awesome! I'm like you and keep going back to them, regardless of whatever else I try on...although my newest pair of shoes are the Nike ones that are like running barefooted. Like those too. :)
Dh has already determined that our son (1 year old) will be an adrenaline junkie just like him. He's already planning on the dirtbikes, 4-wheelers and any other thing that just scares mommy to death! :)

Jolene George

Thinking about your boys saying this is the best day of their life made me smile. You had to let go of your fear and in return you created lasting memories for your family. What a great thing! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Sarah S

Finally some bling bling. It was getting expensive using cell phone jewels on my stuff. Thanks your a genius.

Catherine Scanlon

Did you buy your new Asics in Brunswick, Maine?? I was shopping at the local strip mall and I SWEAR you were trying new sneakers on at TJ Maxx....or at least there was a woman there that could be your identical twin that was trying on new sneakers!!!! The resemblance was amazing!
BTW, I always seem to gravitate to Asics to, they just fit great. Have a great day.

Amber Ulmer

Hey Heidi!! U must post a pic of the shoes!! Sounds like MT was great... Great Pics!! Love the new product! Can't wait for my parents store, Scrap It! in Hermitage, TN to get it in. I would soooo love to work for you!!! MAN... those ladies are super lucky!! Where can I get a job application?!?! Great pics of the kids! Glad u guys had a great time!!!

Tanya Webster

Hey Heidi....you look amazing for just having a baby 10 weeks ago and you are tired because you have done so much!!! creative escape sounds like it would make ANYONE tired let alone a new mommy!!! baby #4 rocked me hard with being tired so make sure you take time for you to recharge and get back on your feet...you are amazing!! :) T


wow, i've never seen you irl, i mean like talking and moving around. so fun to see what you're 'actually' like!
this is totally the year for calendar stuff-- simple scrapbooks was full of em for their nov/dec issue... it was so awesome to see another one, and the SHEET PROTECTOR!!! what an awesome idea!! wtg!! i love it!

Jody Ferlaak

For my first show, I loved Memory Trends...everyone was so sweet to me, and I came home with lots of new products. But, still can't wait for your new stuff to come out...and I was SO glad to have seen you and gotten a few pictures with ya. They're so cute! That's what everyone says about me...'You're so cute, you could be Heidi's sister!' Love that- a total compliment. Thanks for inspiring me to scrap. I'm still kind of wondering how I made it into the CK top 10- but it's been a thrill. And I hope to make more pages and tell more of my stories in them. Happy running! Hugs to Em too. =)

kim Loewen

Sounds like you had a great week...mt and family outtings.... And your boys look so cute with their dirt bikes! Just a warning and not to scare you...but my hubby just broke his colar bone in two places riding his dirt bike...they never grow up. He can't wait until next season when he can ride again!


love asics also, i do the same, always go back to the same ones. I have run a couple marathons also, good luck training, that is the hardest part i think!


WOW! it looks like the area I grew up in and used to ride dirtbikes at.... How wonderful... Maybe you should consider a line for extreme sports! I know Id use it!

jacqui jones

reading part of your blog this morning was like reading back my life...i also had a baby girl when u had capri and i know the story ofmaking the body go back...its so much harder second time around...just know that someone here in oz is doing the exact same thing as u..: ) attempting to get the bod back lol

vicki f

running? i am at the walking stage and i know you will do great in your training. the tennis shoes will help. great pixes from trends. can't wait for your product. i just love it. keep it coming.

glad to see the boys have so much fun. great pixes. can't wait to see your layouts with these.

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