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erin yamabe

looked like a beautiful day. thanks for sharing:)


Looks like you all had a good time. Cant wait to see your Pink forest.

Jolene George

I love the hiking pictures!
You know you still haven't shared your fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe. I think you must. :o) Laundry, hiking and baking cookies doesn't sound too lazy to me. Glad you enjoyed your time off with your family. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

robyn bedsaul

Man! That hiking sounds like the perfect overstuffed thanksgiving belly remedy! I was so lazy too on Saturday. After making 6 desserts on Wednesday and the complete dinner Thursday and working my make and takes Friday at the lss...I think I *might* have deserved it! As for you being lazy...I don't think there is such a thing! :D


Heidi..I was out shopping and saw two of the cutest PINK christmas tree's..on the smaller side-they were adorable. Thought of you!

Susan in NY

Beautiful family, beautiful scenery! And to think, I was proud that I went for a two mile *walk* around my neighborhood the day after, which by the way is completely flat. No hiking here! Love the fact that even your husband wears pink - what a guy!LOL Especially love the fact that I am in your class before it closed!!! Sooo looking forward to taking the journey together...;o)

Cathy Vargen

Hey Heidi - What a great way to lose those Thanksgiving lbs.! My husband and I love to hike as well...great for the bod! Little Capri looks so cute peeking out of her backpack! What a doll. Have a great Monday!!!! Cathy


We used to do that hike during the holidays! Now I live in Colorado so it doesn't happen. Thanks for the pictures that bring back memories.


Love the pink T that Eric wears. Sounds like the perfect hiking day.

Lindsey Loo

Yipee!! I am so glad that I signed up for your class in time!! Me & my hubby went back and forth for a couple days and he surprised me!! Cant wait. And cant wait to see the Halloween layouts too!


im soooooooo sad i didnt register in time:(:( maybe next year...please say you will do it next year!!!


I'm FIRED UP about the class! Here's the link to the yahoo page just in case others are looking for it.


Theresa Merkling

Heidi - I signed up for the class - where on yahoo can I find the email list? Thanks!


Sounds like you had a great weekend. It's nice to be able to relax and spend time with your family.


glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend with lots of food AND exercise! i'm still working on the exercise thing. capri looks so cute in that backback...definately looks like daddy. you know how excited i am about the big picture class...seriously cannot wait. off to check out the yahoo group!!

Jessica V

WOOHOO Heidi! I am so excited for your class! I loved your pink Christmas tree forest last year and can't wait to see if it has changed this year. Thanks for always inspiring me!


I am so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great pixes. Q is getting to such a little lady. Eric and Capri look so much alike. can't wiat till the class I am so stoked. How is the forest coming along?

Melissa Spot

Never posted on your blog before but I am soooooo excited I was able to get into your Big Picture Class. I thought I would kick myself for spending the money. But the only kicking I am doing is my heals. YIPPEEE!!! Cant wait!!!!!

Melissa Spot

Never posted on your blog before but I am soooooo excited I was able to get into your Big Picture Class. I thought I would kick myself for spending the money. But the only kicking I am doing is my heals. YIPPEEE!!! Cant wait!!!!!

Lisa Cohen

ooooh. choc chip cookies! yum. Please send one my way!!

So fun to be a part of the BPS class and the yahoo group. There is such great energy and excitement that I KNOW this will be an awesome time!


Can't wait for class to start. I need the motivation and direction BIG TIME. Thanks for sharing your passion with all of us. Loved the idea of a pink forest. My daughter has two pink trees in her room. She loves it! Thanks for the idea!!

Starr Mercer

So sad to hear the 'Year to Remember' registration has closed, time got away on me...if it re-opens or someone would like to sell their class to me, I'd be grateful.
Starr Mercer


I'm so excited about your BPS class. My husband bought me the class registration for my birthday last week and I can't wait for it to get started! 2007 is going to be incredible!


Ohhh, these pics bring back such good memories for me. We did this hike last year with our boys while my husband was in town. Loved it, except for the huffing and puffing I did on the way up! Got to love those baby carriers! So cute. It's good you could get everyone to go--when kids get older they don't always want to do the family outings...enjoy them while you can. We will do hiking for Christmas this year. Mmmm...cookies. As always, TFS.


I am bummed that I didn't get into your class... I was hoping to use Christmas/Birthday money. Please say you will do it again next year!!!!
You hike looked beautiful!

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