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OMG...she looks so adorable in her new chair!!
pink suits her so well


Oh my goodness- look at Miss Capri! She is beautiful!

Hope your canker sore goes away soon!


She looks so cute in her little pink chair! I am so sorry about the canker sores. I've had them a couple of times and they are not fun at all. It's like once you've got it, you can't leave it alone because it's painful as all get out!


that chair is awesome whish they had them like 10years ago, there is another one called the bebe pod and its great too.


Here's a little helpful tip for you that helped me. Have your Dentist make you a night gaurd for the clinching. I where mine during the day it helps. Or you can go down to the sports department and buy one of those mouth gaurds.( I think they have smaller one instead of the big bulky ones) My friend did this, much cheaper than a Dentist trip and it helps her out just fine. For the canker sore try using Gly-oxide, you can buy it the drug store.


I cannot believe how much Capri has grown! She is too cute sitting in her chair; you're right, time flies by way too quickly.

An old home remedy for a canker sore is vinegar. I know, it sounds barbaric, but it really does work! You just dab a Q-tip in a bit of vinegar and twirl the Q-tip across the canker sore. Now, mind you, it hurts like the devil, but normally within 24-48 hours, the canker sore doesn't bother you any more. (It's almost as if the vinegar seals the sore, allowing it to heal.) You can put it on anytime the sore bothers you through the first day or so. But this is the fastest working "remedy" I have ever found, and believe me, I get canker sores!

Anyways, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And try not to stress yourself out; you totally deserve to enjoy that time with your family!


Canker sore remedy Heidi...
Go to the drug store / pharmacy and get a bottle of Lysine - it's an ammino acid (I believe) and is what your body is low in during stress/canker sores. Take about 5 of those babies twice a day and your sore will heal up... but feel free to ask the pharmacist. Good luck! And just a thought, Heidi... maybe your body is telling you to slow down a bit... : )


Miss Capri looks too presh! Love the chair!! Uber cute!! Will have to tuck that nuggest of info away for when DH and I have kids. Good job on getting some sleep. It's my favorite thing to do.. when I get to do it that is, which is not often! Canker sores are awful. I have had fever blisters since I was about 2 and they are no fun. I share ur pain! Have a great weekend!! O... I was one of Jenni Bowlin's guest designers for her kit! U can see it on her site and my blog! I know u were a guest designer earlier this year so I thought I would share!

kim in Camas

Lots of advice on the cancer sores.......I plan to jot down them down. I have a very sensitive mouth, but has worked for me is the malox/benedryl cocktail rinse. Just mix them together and rinse.......but don't ingest it. I also use the Gly-Oxide stuff. Awesome. At night I have been known to rinse with a 1 to 3 parts Hydrogen peroxide and water. Good luck. Ouch.
My husband has the mouth gaurd. Seems to be doing the trick.


yes the Gly-oxide stuff works great! Capri looks sooo CUTE!


What a poppet she is!! Wish I'd had one of those when my 16 y.o was a baby. And in PINK! So cool :) Enjoy every minute.


my husband and i were JUST in toys r us yesterday deciding whether or not to buy one of these chairs for gabby...we weren't sure if she was big enough for it yet. but seeing capri in it....i have to get one! gabby is the same way, wanting to be totally upright and in on the action when she is awake. definately makes it hard to get things done. she is so cute, heidi!!


Oh Capri is so cute sitting in the chair looks like a little play doll! Hope your mouth is better soon, I find ice on them as soon as the blister appears is a great way of stopping them turning into BIG sores, but you need to hold the ice on them at the first sign of getting them. I laughed at the term canker sores we call them cold sores in Australia & I hadn't heard that before LOL


Canker sores can ruin anyone's day. Get a warm tea bag, let it sit there for a while and it seems to help...don't know why. Alos, some over the counter Lysine daily will help keep them little, or not so little canker sores away.


Capri is so darling. i can't believe how fast she is growing. love the chair. smart buy. i have also heard of they vinegar thing. it does work. can't wait for ce! i am taking that day off to make sure i get registered.

PROLIX from la Normandie

What is Thanksgiving exactly please?
I don't know this tradition.
Merci for some explanations!

PROLIX from la Normandie
{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Louise Murr

Oh little Capri is so adorable. She does look so alert and so grown up.

My son and I use to get those nasty canker sores all the time. Someone told me about a medicine you can get at your WalMart. It is called Abreva. It costs alot for the tiny little tube you get, but that stuff works. Just as soon as you feel the first itch of the sore, rub it on it about 3-4 times a day or more. It not only stops the sore, it helps keep you from getting them. My son use to get them so bad. His whole lip would be covered with them. I couldn't tell you the last time he has got one. I use to get them all the time too and now we neither one very rarely get them. Honestly! Give it a try. It is a miracle cream!

Take care.


Lee Longmire

Hi Heidi!
Thanks so much for sharing about the baby chair, I have never seen those before but it would be perfect for Baxter, and we can get them in Australia so double bonus!
Lee : )


Glyoxide-the best and only thing that will work. I had horrible canker sore (stress induced) and my dentist said in 30 years he had never seen anything like it-the Glyoxide worked well, but I also had to take valium at night for a couple of nights so I didn't "chew" my lip. If you can't find it locally do a google search it is so worth it.


i love the bubblegum pink chair! so perfect. try a crushed aspirin on the sore spot. i have tried everything and don't think anything works for those little boogers, really. but the aspirin has helped me a bit. i think the aspirin also helps with the massive headache that goes along with them, so it can't hurt!

Debbie Poe

See if your dental office can get you any DEBACTEROL, it is a liquid that you apply directly on the sore, hurts like you know what when you do it, but it offers immediate, lasting relief. If you get them often you'll be glad you have this stuff. I am a dental hygienist and we have this in our office.

Capri is so cute. My maiden name is Caproni and that would be a great first name to honor my given name!


Debactoral is the most awesome thing in the world for canker sores, (does it also work for cold sores?) I also work as a dental assistant, and I get those sores all of the time. Love the stuff!!! Also, since this blog is full of advise, one valtrax (sp) makes a canker go away so fAST! (yes for herpes) Thanks for all of the advise as well!


i have no rmedy's for canker sores. but i just have to say those chairs are a blessing for any Mummy who has reflux babies. I so wish they were around when my kids were little cause they had to remain upright for 30 minutes after each feed...

she is sooo cute....


Wow, look how cute Capri is in her little chair. I've seen these, but never with an actual baby in them...so cute! I am very excited to find out all the Creative Escape details!!! I am looking forward to it.


oh my gosh she's soooooo cute in that chair. my "baby" is 17 already, so the days of buying cute things like that are long gone but it's still sweet to see them.
good luck with the deadlines

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