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Well it must have been in the air "breakfast for supper" we too did that in our house. French toast, homemade syrup, bacon and maple sausages YUm the kids loved it.


I love breakfast for dinner, even if we have food in the house! Not sure how you do the video conferencing thing, but it looks way cool. If U were serious at the store...I'd love to help out. LMK.


love breakfast for dinner!!
love ichat
it is the best with video!!


I don't like breakfast food that much, well mainly eggs, so I do dinner for breakfast... pasta, pizza, my husband things I am weird... he is probably a little right!

Stacey B

Hello...I don't know if you can make this happen but I am now on the wiatlist for your BPS class...please please open more spots!! Pretty Pink Please???!!

Lisa Cohen

I love breakfast for dinner too!! It's a regular thing around here... and yes, the smell of bacon can't be beat. Makes me remember the days when I collected scratch-n-sniff stickers... oh and I loved the pickle one too! LOL!

And isn't it an amazing time technologically speaking?! Since we don't live near our parents we try to get our kids to do a video conference every once and a while with their grandparents to supplement the weekly phone calls. And just this past Thankgiving we got lost going to visit my in-laws... and once there we bought a GPS navigation. How cool! We drove around with that thing all week (sometimes to places we knew how to get to just to see if it would suggest a new way to go!). I just love it! And how cool that I can choose a sexy-Australian sounding guy to tell me the directions! So now I'm only wondering if I can find it with an Italian accent. LOL!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Amber Ulmer

Love Breakfast for Dinner! Something so cozy about it! Hope we get to see the pink forest soon! Being productive is fabulous isn't it!?! U go girl! Have a blessed day!


Oooohhh, now I want to iChat with somebody to see if it works. How wonderful to have the technology do do your work and make it fit with your family life!

Can wait to see the pink forrest. I just finished with Diamond Dusted hot pink poinsettas for my tree topper and I love it! Have fun decorating!


Not sure where J lives from above..but somehow since I am in MO .. that the brain wave 'breakfast for dinner' travelled from our house to yours!!

Of course, my DH is the champ at it - he makes great eggs and bacon - it always comes out perfect for him...not so much my luck!

Monica Brown

Random question but what do you do with all of your pictures before you wipe them off your hard drive? Do you store them online? Burn them to CD? I need to clear my hard drive and am not sure what the best way is to store my digital pics. Thanks!!!


Wendle Handmade

I love that Monday feeling too, Heidi. The only problem is I tend to over achieve on a Monday and then I feel like taking the rest of the week off! LOL!


great ichat. variety in dinner is always fun. my son loves dinner breakfasts. can't wait to see your pink holiday forest. i made chocolate chip cookies today.

Wendy in MD

You all seem to have yellow walls. Hmmmm...wonder if that says something about your personalities. ;)

Jolene George

I love breakfast for dinner and the smell of bacon. Why does breakfast taste different at night?
Good for you for getting so many things checked off your to-do list...feels good!
Technology is wonderful! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


I love Breakfast for dinner too! It's always fun to change it up like that. Can't wait to see what's ahead for your product releases!


Heidi, can't WAIT to see your forest! I'm having a forest this year myself. I had one a few years ago and loved it, so this year it's going to be bigger and better. I'll keep checking your blog because I'm so excited to see yours soon!

Angela Reid

You have so much energy and fantastic ideas, I have come out of my lull and am now so excited and ready to go. Heidi you said you had crossed all but 5 items off your "to do list" - I would so love to see your to do list and spend a day with you seeing how you manage it all! I love how you and everyone who comments is so happy to share everything. LOL


Come on Heidi. You know we all live vicariously though you!! Show us the pink forest. I'm disappointed at least a couple of times a day when I check your blog and there's no Christmas pink. We love what you do, girl. Merry Christmas.


I have been checking daily, almost hourly, when my students switch classes to see if I see a PINK FOREST. I know you are swamped with life and all, but your energy is contagious. My daughter came up with her own pink forest after she heard me talking about yours, she is 6...I along with many others are anxiously awaiting to see your masterpiece.

Jolene George

How's that pink forest coming along...and how about your chocolate chip cookie recipe??? :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Pink forest, pink forest, pink forest......(come on ya'll)


Pink forest, pink forest, pink forest, pink forest...(come on y'all)

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