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You are setting up the forest already??? God bless you busy girl. Have a great time..


I can't wait to see the pink forest, I remember all the pink from last year, hurry and post pictures! Have a great Thanksgiving and take it easy!


Pictures, pictures, we need pictures!!!


Ooohhh! I can't wait to see it this year! I put my stuff up last week, and it has definitely helped me to get in the Christmas spirit. Have fun!


Please post pictures again :)


yippppeee! bring it on..can't wait to see it!


OOOOO Pink forest. Can't wait.

Paula Martone

i cant wait for you to set this all up. I e-mailed you a while back ago and wanted a picture of it. i want to try this in my own home. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


Oooooh! Pictures, please!

Linda Beeson

And I know we are going to see pics of that pink forest very soon, right????

Regina Ponce

I cannot wait to see it...!!

Linda Thompson

Loved your pink forest from last year!
We also need final pics from Capri's pink nursery.
Sooo so cute!


oh the PINK forest again! I almost forgot- how dare I do that!!! Cant wait to see it again this year!


I've been a Heidi fan for years, NOW I'm CONVINCED that you have your priorities in the right order !!! Enjoy your forest and your turkey.


You are so rockin cool! Wow (applauding you)that is so great even with all your deadlines you have time...make time. Can't wait to see...


no excuses for not blogging! I thought of you over the weekend when I went into Pier 1. They have so many cute PINK ornaments. I could see these PINK ornaments dangling from the branches of your tree. Check it out, girl!!!

Ellie Arsenault

OH! If you have a Pier1 near you, you should check out their Christmas ornaments - lots of pink/white/silver this year!! :)


YOU GO GIRL! I hope you post pictures!

Kara Jones

I can't wait to see photos of this!


For those of us not aware of the pink forest, could you give us a little idea and maybe a photo or two????


Can't wait to see pictures of this pink forest!


Sounds wonderful, I missed it last year


OK I did some research and found Heidi's photos from last year for those who missed it. Follow the link below and scroll down until you find the beautiful forest!



WOW! Its that time again. Can't wait to see what the forest looks like this year. It will inspire us to be in the xmas spirit. miss your blogging.


OOOOH! I can't wait to soo it! Just loooove your pink Christmas!

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