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Jolene George

A creative mess is always a GOOD mess! I'm so glad you're enjoying the creative process with fun *new* things. I've never been to Lucky 15. I will have to check it out! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Jolene George

P.S. Your mother is so awesome for doing all the laundry...what a gift! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


WOW. Looks like my kitchen when I'm scrapbooking. Not a little spot of kitchen counter in sight! LOL!! The good thing is at least you guys are being productive, right?

WOHOO!! I was hoping that the idea book for BPS would be more than 5-10 pages. You just made my day! Can't wait to see it!!

sarah green

So excited about the BPS class starting, and getting the idea book....YAY!!!!


Hey Emily!!!!

If you're done with that bin. I would love to have it ;) We do share that same birthday 2/11.... so what do you think?

Heidi I love checking out your creative space. I cant wait till January :)


OMG is that a HKS glue stick I see there???

kim fuller

i love that huge calendar!!!


Andria B.

Are you serious!!!??? We get an idea book too! I can hardly wait for the BPS class to start. Yippee!!!!


Someone else beat me to asking for the bin of stuff but honestly, let's call it a mini garage sale, shove it in a box, send it COD or I will pay ahead for the shipping. That would be a really nice thing to do :) Tee hee.

missy s

i do love that calendar too! i just got my book or yours from lisa b that you did for qvc and it is awesome! can't wait to dive into all the pages! thanks for making kits like that!


Ooooh {whine- whine- whine}- look at all the Heidi *BLING* in that box.......

I WANT IT!!! :O)

Going through shopping withdrawls over here- hubby is unemployed and I have always been SO spoiled with being able to shop when I want.....sigh- I can wait. :O)

Anyways- Heidi I am really LOVING looking at all of your new items! Love the word stamps and *BLING*- really just lovin everything- cant wait to be able to buy it all up! LOL!


Glad you had quality time with your parents. that is so important. Love that box of HS goodies. how can they be just sitting in the garage. what is wrong with em. what a studio. love that calendar. i am so excited about the class. i love all the little blurps of info. makes me so gald i signed up. keep up the good work. great team!



Where is Lucky 15 located?


we have the exact same tables set up like that....and I don't know who's tables has more stuff on them, your's or mine-haha!


I absolutely love your room! I never knew it was that big! love the mess, mine looks just the same-ALWAYS!

Tanya Webster

seriously cannot wait for the BPS class....SOOOO stinkin' excited I signed up!! I get butterflies just thinkin' about it!!! oh, and yes, put me on the list to take that bin off of poor Emily's hands...I mean, why would she want that big of a box cluttering up her garage when I could take it off her hands for her *wink*....ok, so seriously, i can hardly stand listening to all the exciting news about your BPS class but keep tellin' us about it ok?? something to look forward to after the holidays!! :)T


can NOT wait for the bps class!
really cannot say it enough times.
thnx for the teasers so much fun!!!


Love seeing whats new here -- and congrats to your family on the blessing!! Can't wait to see what you'll be bringing up for the new year! :)

Kelli Johnson

I'm so glad your space is crazy as mine...LOL I thought I was the only one! I love it :)

Wendy Todd

do we get any sneek peeks as to what is coming out at CHA? at least a hint...ha


hmmm...look at all of that yumminess!!
love the bim of product
I think I could rival Em in that dept or pretty close to it
Love your Product so much!!
can't wait to see that idea book
def. a must add to my list when you produce it :)

lanna foster

is there another contest that I've missed out on? I have not been receiving any newsletters. Halloween??? Thanks! I just don't want to miss out on anything heidi swapp?!?!?!?!?!?

tammy thiele

Would love to hear more about that calendar board! It looks so cool, and I love that you put finished layouts on it!

Good luck with your creative work!

tammy t


What is that blue/green thing on the table that looks like a mini typewriter? Is that available for purchase?

Anita Hiltz

Glad you got to spend some quality time with your parents...so important to do that! You never know how long they will be with us and don't ever take that for granted (I lost my dad 14 years ago on Tuesday). However, I did want to ad that I was so totally drooling over the bin in the garage filled with glorious HS products!!!!! How fun that would be to rifle through that black box of scrap-candy! LOL!

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