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nitey-night heidi...
sweet dreams


I'm soooo excited to get a preview of your class on 11/18. I'm counting down to the day! Any more secrets you'd like to share???


the cutest book ever, I have been really wanting to try the bat mask! get some sleep Heidi, I'm sure you've accomplished a ton!!

shari anderson

heidi, you continually amaze me! Super cute album girlfriend!

Jolene George

I'd love to come play...will call the store to see if there are anymore openings. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

sarah green

Very cute album!

Elodie "iggydodie"

wow ! this is beautiful !! love the grey color !


i can't wait to see the book. QVC! can't wait. seen some of your stuff on their website. oredered the chipboard and she foam stamps. can't wait for the rest. i wished i lived there in az, marti's store is the most amazing store. keep up all that great work. love your talent. fabulous book. love it. can't wait to see more.

kristan martin

Heidi, can you explain your spiral albums to me. What are they like inside? Do they have plastic covers over the pages like the traditional albums? I'm assuming you can't add pages so do you just use them for specific events such as halloween, christmas, etc? Thanks.

kristan martin
Libby, Montana


Totally cool album cover! Can't wait for QVC!


love it!


Hi Heidi, I saw the adorable baby gift you sent to Stacy Julian on her blog. I love the packaging. I was curious about what you did on the clear packaging. Did you use your bird mask and spray paint? What is the clear material, is it a transparency or something else? Thanks so much.


I'm glad that you're creative week was sucessful. I really wished I lived in AZ right now. 1. So I can take as many classes from you as I can and 2. We've had a pretty dismal week here in Washington will all the rain... we need some major sunshine!

nancy in ks


this doesn't really belong here, but i'm not sure where to put it...

i think i need to sign up again for the newsletter (if that's the place you publicized your halloween photo contest). it's strange that i didn't get it because i got the one about water in the summer.

maybe this will find it's way to the right place. THANKS.


kelley pierce

signed up for the afternoon class months ago--seriously can't wait. having some anxiety about it though!! anywho excited for you to show us how to use the masks as i bought some and they have been a complete disaster. can't wait to see you on saturday--should be loads of fun and informational too.

Lisa M. Pace

The cover of this album is amazing. I love the silver paint.


I can't wait for Saturday! I am coming from Yuma. I have heard great things about your classes from others. I love reading your blog and can't wait to play with product and learn some new techniques. See you Saturday!


I like the desing in this album ...nice!

PROLIX from la Normandie

I like this idea of celebrating Halloween!
It seems so fun!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Linda Thompson

Thank you so much for the product demo scrap night at Lucky #15 last night! I was completely blown away by your product line and then watching you do the layout! Amazing!
You are so talented Heidi!
Thanks for inspiring us to step out of our comfort zone to being all that we were designed to be!

Linda Thompson

Pics on my blog from last night for those that want to take a peek!

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