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Wow! I love the pink forest and think the crown idea is super cute! So fun to see all your sparkley decorations!!! Good luck with the Christmas prep.


Looks awesome, Heidi - Michael's has pink tinsel and pink feather trees - little mini's, maybe 4 feet, but adorable. Merry, merry.


I LOVE it!! I only wish y husband would go for a pink christmas forest. I can't even get him to okay a white tinsel tree!!! I will just have to come and look at all your pictures during the season. Love the tiara idea!!!

Kris in TX

Love the forest again this year!

I'm betting it's Cathy Z....have fun!


Love the forest!!. I'm creating one of my own with pink, green and silver trees. My husband will be so surprised! Can't wait


I bet Cathy Z too!
maybe you can con her into starting her blog again (wink)
have a fun trip girlie and stay warm
ps...love those blinged out birdies!

elizabeth wickland

I don't know if they still have them, but Target had pink and silver rhinestone tiaras in the dollar spot. The perfect size for a tree!

LOVE the forest!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the pink forest! So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Beth Jacklen

Heidi- Better budle up !! Supposed to be in the single digits tonight. and and a cool WELCOME to Minneapolis! Can't wait for your class to start. Maybe I'll run into you shopping at the M.O.A. Enjoy your stay!

Melissa Hernandez

wow! Finally! I've got to see the pink forest! I love it! Well done Heidi! :)
Stay warm!
Regards from Dominican Republic! (Yes, it is REALLY warm in here! :)

Hillary Chybinski

soul sisters. . .i feel your pain girlfriend. i have barely scratched the surface of gift-buying, i just planned out my card tonight, and my trees are not yet up. . .an 8 week old baby just doesn't seem like enough of a reason to be so slacker-ish. . .LOL

tfs -


Beautiful Heidi..can you explain how you made all the cute ***sparkly*** words..Thanks! Colleen

Kim Griffin

You are flippin' over -7 wind chill??? We are only Dec 5 here in ice cold Winnipeg with -27 wind chill....to start off our winter season...it actually gets down to about -48 with the wind chill towards the end of January...anyway, you crybaby, ( heeheehee ) your pink Christmas forest looks spectacular...hopefully you can stay on guard of those little grabbing hands...happy holidays!!


Welcome to Mpls/St. Paul! Don't forget your coat...you'll need it, we have the frosty weather but no snow on the ground :( Any chance you are teaching in town?

Jessi Stringham

Yes, it's freezing here........and I ate at Italian Village all of my high school years.....aw, the memories! :)

P.S. Stop coming out with cool products. I'm going broke!!!!!! LOL!!!


TOTALLY LOVING the pink forest! I'm with you on the shopping thing. We haven't started yet either. We are waiting to close on a new house so we haven't even dared to start decorating yet! Ooh Minneapolis, bundle up big time! We are just outside Chicago and it is miserable cold here so it will be brutal there! Please tell Cathy Z we are sooo missing her blog! Happy Holidays


ooooh! i love it! i finally got my tree up this weekend, too...but no presents wrapped under the tree! good luck with all of your shopping and stuff on your to-do list...i honestly don't know how you do it all!
can't wait for the new newsletter!

Vickie K

Some of my favorite memories of when my children were your children's ages were going shopping on the 24th til the store closed and just filling the buggy up with gifts and stuffing them in the trunk of the car then staying up til the wee hours wrapping them and playing Santa...enjoy, don't be too hard on yourself!


LOVE the pink forest!!! I saw a pink tree the other day and thought of you! :O)

Italian Village is our all time favorite place to eat here in Utah! Pizza Benders are the BESTEST!!! Hires is yummy too.

We still dont even have our tree. We are going to buy one this weekend! In the freezing COLD. I hate winter- I would love to move to AZ!

Anyways- kudos to you for having your forest up! It looks great!


Your pink forest makes my heart happy.


Caloric Therapy. Love it!

Kelli Johnson

okay those are darlin'! LOVE THEM ALL :)

Maria Hernandez

Melrose Vintage has the neatest sparkly crowns around. It is on 7th Ave. and Indian School. It is just North of Lucky 15 (you can walk to it from Lucky 15) I hope you check the place out becuase it has really cool vintage stuff!

Have fun on your trip!


I am with you on the whole xmas thing. i have no tree, but i did finally breakdown and buy a xmas present. you can find crowns at Hobby Lobby. I was just there and they had two different sizes of crowns that are xmas ornaments. They are actual crowns. They are so cute. Glad you had a great time at your parents. love to see some pixes. forest looks spectacular.

marci lambert

all i can say about your pinky-ness is:

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