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what a fun way to spend your anniversary & Eric's b-day, in NYC! cute picture of you and eric! Have a Merry Christmas, I pray that you make it home safe to your cute little family!

Jolene George

Oh WOW! How much fun would that be?!?! The pictures are wonderful! Happy anniversary to both of you and Happy Birthday to Eric! I'm sure you'll make it home in time for Christmas. :o) Safe travels! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Veronica A

WOW!!!! What a great trip you guys had. Sounds like load of fun.
Happy Anniversary!!! Happy B-day Eric and have a wonderful holiday with your family.
{love} Veronica ;)




Just wondering if you made it back home for the holidays? I would've been worried about that too, what with the weather and such. Have a Happy Holiday season!!!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, sending Happy Thoughts and Exciting Wishes your way. Thank you for your blog, and openly sharing your life with others. Sometimes we never know that what we say or do helps others. You have touched my life. Thank you. ~Yvonne


Happy anniversay. what a place to celebrate. loved the pixes. that is one of my palces to visit. you did an amazing job on qvc. i am glad to see your there. i love shopping there. i got your letters and she stamps. hope your christmas is very merry.

Brandi Ginn

So did our Blizzard here in Colorado prevent you from getting home in time? The local news reported that having a major hub airport shut down for 2 1/2 days can serious mess with the entire country's travel.
We had almost 3 feet at our house.
Hope you were able to get home safely.

Cathy Vargen

Christmas in New York! You are one lucky girl -- and with your sweetie by your side...how romantic! Those pictures really made this West coast girl want to go, too, so maybe my husband and I will make it one year. Hope you made it home in time to celebrate the holiday with the kids...have an exciting 2007, Heidi, and hope to see you at Creative Escape in September! :o)


waaaa! Couldn't find the QVC in my area the channel or time. Total bummer. I even went to the QVC site but couldn't find you. Have a happy birthday/anniversary, you guys look like you are still so in love! Good for you!


Looks like you had a great time....I live in NJ, just a train ride away from NYC and I know nothing about it. I want to go and see the tree....any suggestions?


We went to all the hot spots in NY in 1984 and 1987 and loved it!!! Wish I could go back...someday. Thx 4 sharing your pics. I love the lights and tree! Thx 4 reminder to celebrate anniversary--I will have my husband read this. He doesn't see the need for it. Only anniversary we ever celebrated was our 10th with a week in Kyoto, Japan as we were already living in Sendai at the time. It was a great trip. 22 yrs and counting...it is hard to believe. Happy Holidays to You and Yours. Hope you got back safe.


Happy Anniversary & Happy New Year! Our anniversary is on Dec 9th and I know what you mean about it sounding like a great idea at the time. I try to discourage others from making the same mistake, just because it's so hard to fit it in during the holidays. We've had many years where we weren't able to get away until January or February or we weren't able to do much because of the expenses around the holidays, but we've made it work. We'll be celebrating # 30 in 2007 and looking forward to 30 more!


I just wanted to say Happy New Year. I am one of your biggest fans and have long browsed your blog but never said hello but one of my resolutions is to stop being so shy and just say HI!!!

Happy New Year Heidi Swapp!!


I love NYC!
I don't see NYC, but I know that when I'll go to NYC, I'll love NYC! :P

Vern And Michelle Depeel

Congrats, You guys still don't look a day over 21. Yes Eric it is still cold here in Canada, BC really got dumped on.

All the best from our family to yours


Happy late anniversary. I just had to say that I got to visit NYC once, a little over a year ago - and my bed at the Westin is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm a little sad I didn't take a picture of that hotel room - that place rocked!


I am from the NY area and love the photos of Macys and Rockerfeller center you posted!
Thanks for the visuals at my favorite time of the year.

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