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so so pretty!
loved it last year and just as pretty this year!

Wendle Handmade

Oh I love your Christmas Forest!
I said I would do one myself this year after seeing yours last year, but unfortunately I can relate to your story about not being on top of the whole Christmas thing. I'm hopeless too, every year I vow "things will be different" next year, but so far it just hasn't happened. I haven't bought any presents or made cards (apart from the ones I taught at my shop - LOL!) but I have put up my tree. It's not a forest, but it's still lovely :(


It's perfect. I bought a red tinsel tree this year to add to my forest, in your honor


That is sooooo cute!! :)

Jolene George

Oh for the love of the pretty pink forest!!! Isn't that just the best thing ever! You did a wonderful job and I can see why it brings you happiness. It brings me happiness just looking at pictures of it, so I'm sure it's even better in real life.
Don't feel bad...I'm NO WHERE near ready for Christmas, so you're not alone. :o) Can't wait to see who's house you're at. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Susan in NY

Hi Heidi,
I just LOVE your *magical* pink forest!!! Now, you need to dim the lights, sit down with a nice glass of wine and enjoy it! I especially love that you have the word "sparkle" in it because I did a page for my daughter called "You Sparkle!" using your products. It's in the "Use your HKS stash" gallery on the AYTR/Yahoo board. Love that Bling!!! ;o)
Susan in NY


Really cute! Love that pink.

PROLIX from la Normandie

wow Heidi!
it's a "pièce montée" of x-mas trees!!!
wow wow wow!!!
whattan idea!
so cool!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Love it!


Looks great but how do the men in the house cope with all that pink! LOL


Ahhhhh, I always love seeing your pink forrest each Christmas and you're right, you DO need some pink tree skirts. They would make it perfect!! Perhaps there is someone there locally who can make them for you? Hope you're having fun in frozen MN!


This is so cute and so much fun! I would love to come downstairs on Christmas morning and see all that pink on those trees!

hilde janbroers

Oh, I love it!!! Unfortunately my 2 kids will jump into it if I put that in my house! But it's really breathtaking beautiful!

Diane McVey

Wow, you weren't kidding about the pink forest!!! Too cool! Why don't you stamp some pink velvet for your tree skirts...that would be amazing! You are too talented...so little time, so much to do! Have a great Christmas with your beautiful family...and Capri's first!! How fun!!


Very cute. I love those words on the tree.


"I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas...." Really fab forest there, miss Heidi!
I just had to tell you that I DREMPT about you last night! It was the most FUN dream! We were antiquing and found an old white chippy-paint nightstand and a pink old-fashioned telephone! What a trip! Afterwards we were in a restaurant and you put your head on the table and said, "I HAVE to sleep--I'm SO not a morning person!" FUNNY!
Just got such a KICK out of the fact that I even DREAM scrap-related! :)
Mary Ellen

Lisa Le-Ray

ROCK ON! Beautiful, I love your little forest and the amazing pink trees!


wow, that really is pink. You weren't kidding. But it is so you.
I am also nowhere near ready for Christmas.
I'm trying to not feel guilty about that!

Amber C

Love the forest!!

Don't feel bad about not being ready. I don't even have a tree set up. We are moving this weekend giving me a week or so to get everything unpacked so I can decorate in time for Christmas! I still need to finish shopping! Ah the stress ;)


awe! i love it! coolness! els

Alison Shearer

I want to come and live at your house!! It's not just the pink forest which is divine, but the white plantation shutters, the pink walls, the timber furniture. I love it all - sigh!!



I saw a little pink tree at my local Boarders Express today and thought of you... they had 2 different sizes!


Finally! Love the pink forest, so inspiring!

Love ya,

Janique from Switzerland

wow, I love your Christmas forest !!

Peg Graham

Lovin' the Pink Forest!!!

The Tiara on top and the fabulously frilly tree skirts sound devine!

Thanks for your inspiration!!!
hugs-Peg Graham

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