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kristina proffitt

Congratulations, Heidi! :)

Sarah Lambert

Congratulations....you will handle it like a pro!!

Candice Watson

Congratulations! We have 8 - the 5 boys are very close in age ---

It's been a blast! And to be honest, I look back now at when they were little - and it was EASIER than I thought!


Danielle Nilsson

CONGRATULATIONS Heidi & Family!!! This is such fantastic news (I read this on someone else's blog last night ~ she was ecstatic!!!)

I'm so anxious and happy for you!!!! Anxious to hear the new names picked out too! Your kids have the cutest names :D Especially Capri XOXO


Good freakin' grief girl...you got it goin' on. WOW. A BIG HUGE Congrats...glad you are feeling better this go around. How exciting...see you soon at CHA. :)


WOWSERS woman... you are AMAZING!!!! You should be teaching time management classes!!! LOL

Seriously though huge Congratulations from all of us in Australia... the forums are a buzz with your wonderful news... and now you've gone and made me clucky and I thought wanting a fourth was a big deal!!! LOL

Enjoy... you really do deserve the Super Mum title... what "A Year To Remember" it will be indeed!!!!


Just wanted to add my congrats, Heidi! I have two boys who are less than a year apart. The first was a 28 week preemie, so when #2 was born, #1 seemed to think he was 9 months old...really he was almost 1, but for awhile there...well...It was crazy (and by crazy, I mean, without pics and journalling--yeah scrapbooking!--I wouldn't remember a thing!), but now they are almost 2 and almost three and they are adorable and fun together. Still a handfull, but such good little friends. Now that we're having #3 in a few months I realize that it isnt the norm to do things the way we did originally, but I certainly wouldn't change it!

What exciting news! Again, congrats!!



oh my gosh! I can't believe it! I am in total shock! Congratulations to you and Eric, I am sooooooo excited!!!

love ya,


wow, congratulations. AMAZING. i have 2 that are 15 mos apart and love seeing them together. they have such a special relationship.


Congratulations Heidi and Family! That is amazing and You will do great! God does have a plan and sometimes a sense of humor! Best of Luck and I am sure cutie pie Capri will be happy to have a little playmate!


WOW!!! Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you and your family. You are an inspiration!

Andrea D

so cool! congratulations!

Diane A

congrats!! You are right, God does have a plan. What a lucky little onE!!


Congratulations Heidi.


WOWZERS!!!! no WONDER you had the nap of the century!!! your poor body must be exhausted!!
well congratulations! heavenly father sure does have a plan for you. my first 2 were 15 months apart, i thought it was worse than having twins.... hopefully this little one will be just as good as capri! you deserve it!!!


heidi, girl - i'm in awe!! So happy for you and soooo know what it'll be like for you too! LOL The best news besides a new sweetie to love? My 2 that are 14m apart are so close and the best of friends. They never knew life without the other and it's a beautiful thing! Hugs and many blessings (and as much sleep as you can manage between now and then ;))


Congrats!!! Better you than me...ha,ha!! Wish you and your family the best with this new lil....blessing!!


congrats heidi!! children are our future!
you are so, so blessed by God with all of your babies!
Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Catrina Tolman

Congratulations Heidi. How exciting. My first two were 11 months apart and they have always been so close. It's neat cause for 2 weeks every year they are the same age till the other has his birthday!!! Now I have 7 kids and what a blessing they are!!! You are an inspiration!!!

Amber C

Congrats Heidi!! That is exciting news! Best wishes to you and your family.

Mary Ellen Carlise

Oh Heidi! Such HAPPY news! Aren't babies just so WONDERFUL! We have 6--not babies any more though...number 1 is now 23! I can't BELIEVE how the years have FLOWN by at MACH SPEED!! and how when just one is missing there is a huge hole in our family! CAN'T wait to hear the cool name I know you will give baby #5! CONGRATS to the lot of you! AND so excited I will get to see you so cute and pregnant in a few weeks! I am taking your Feb class at Scrapbooks Etc! WaHoo!
Mary Ellen

Patty S

yeah! enjoy! congratualtions! wooo hoooo! :-)


WOW!!! one baby again....!!! congratulations.........
félicitations in french.....
kiss from France



Congratulations! I'm now expecting my first child and am really scared but looking forward to her arrival! Best wishes to the Swapp family! Everything will work out fine!

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