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i agree ... so good to just play, as adults we don't do it enough. enjoy your night!


I loved your letters beautifull!!!! And BIG congrats to your pragnancy!!!! Remember take time to think of yourself, an just as you sad do think for yourslf and the baby, and remember to enjoy this special time that it is to cary a baby!

I have three so I know :-) (I loved beeing pregnant)
Love from Me in Sweden

Amanda Fuentes

Congrats on baby #5!

I need the "O" you decorated today for my daughter, Olivia! Its so pretty!

PROLIX from la Normandie

Are the doors in a spanish style???
They are quite beautiful!!!

The letters are stunning and with a lot of taste! I'd like such a thing in yellow (my fave) one day, I'll try!



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


i "love" the letters and those garage doors are beautiful! i need to go play too!

Sandy McTier

Love the letters - "E" is my favorite - totally Heidi Swapp style ~ guess they all are since you created them but the "E" speaks HS the loudest!
Oh, how the creative play releases stress.
Congratulations on your pregnancy ~ what a blessing.


wow those doors are AAAA MAZING!


Lisa Cohen

Those garage doors are AMAZING. So unique and palatial looking! Good luck with finishing your laundry.. I have piles waiting for me tomorrow! :-) I love your letters.. what a great reminder for the upcoming "loooove" season! Hope you are having a DAY to remember. xoxo, L

Andrea D

awesome project. i've put up little valentine's decorations around the house lately. it's a holiday i never really decorated for, but being a newlywed makes me want extra loveyness around the house!

also, "you've got mail" is totally my comfort movie. (and i met my husband online, so it makes it that much more special!)


Yes yes, tutorial on the blog!!! Love those little helpful how-to hints. The wash will always be waiting, take time for yourself, it's the best you can do for your family :)

Danielle Casello

The garage doors are stunning!! And your love letters were perfect! Have a great day.

Diane McVey

I'm wanting the tutorial, too! Your letters are perfect...just gorgeous. And those garage doors...FABULOUS!!! Congrats to Eric on his venture! And don't forget to get enough REST for you, your family, AND the baby! :)


please, please put a tutorial up about the distress inks. you are a great and inspiring teacher!


Alice P.

Luv the LOVE! Luv the doors! Luv #5 - I hope to meet he or she at the Escape (if I make it). Take care.


Oh, please, please, please do a tutorial on how to use distress inks on your blog. I have one and have not liked how it turns out when I have used it and there is no where near me to take a class. This would be SO GREAT if you did that for all of us.
Thanks and congrats on the new baby!!


My professor told me "you have 168 hours in a week, it is up to you how you use them" so true! Congrats on all the good things in your life.


love the letters. very cute. you are going to do fine at CHA. i wish i could be there just to see everything. fantastic doors. i love those. goodluck at cha, even though you do not need it.


Good for you for creating something just for you and just for fun. I think that's great. I am still awaiting my AYTR package...I cannot wait!
I just finished checking out the CE website...aaahhh!! Rebecca Sower?? Rhonna Farrer?? I'm having total anxiety about registration...what will I do if I don't get in??


Love the letters!! :) Awesome. And good for you for taking time to have fun! We all need to do more of that :)
Congrats on your hubby's work! :) They are gorgeous! :)


Hi Heidi--(sorry you are feeling grouchy...BAKE CHOC CHIP COOKIES--always works for me) :) Very cute letters...Can totally see these in "CAPRI" in her pink and black room on the wall! You know the GIANT foot tall letters from Joannes...
HEY! Are those doors on the WEST SIDE? Near Pinnacle Peak and 55th ave??? I think I SAW them?? VERY cool...CONGRATS to "Bruce Willis"
:)so glad BOTH your dreams are coming true! and I SOOOO want to go to Creative Escape!!! I'm working on it...
Glad you gave yourself a fun "time out"!
Mary Ellen


congrats Heidi!! so cool to have little babies, love the babies!! :) your project is awesome as always and the doors are amazing!!

Jolene George

Being overwhelmed has a way of making us grouchy. The love letters are so pretty! Congratulaions to Eric on getting his business up and running. His work is beautiful! I love that style.
Oh how I wish I had the $$$ for creative escape...I want to go so bad! It will be wonderful for all who attend...just look at that list of amazing teachers...so fun! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

kim Loewen

I am loving your decorated letters! It's good to do something for yourself! And those garage doors are beautiful...you and your hubby are so talented!


Those doors are stunning. A vision indeed :)


does your husband have a web page? I would love to see some more.. we are building in a few months and I would be interested in seeing more!

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