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I really want to like Monday. I am actually envious of your ability to do that! :-) Thank you for explaining why Monday feels good to you....I am trying to re-work my thinking, because I would MUCH rather start the week off with the "clean slate" perspective. Please keep writing about the beauty of Monday!

Diane McVey

Oh, your fridge is SO CUTE!!! I can't believe they found a pink one for you...too cool. It's great that you are all enjoying Capri so much...she is just adorable! And such a joy, I'm sure...have a great week!


yeah! MONDAY!!!! =) LOVE the pink fridge. It's so totally cute and I'd love something like that in my studio too! (I might never come out though)

Have fun with your sweet little one. I hear mine stirring now so I'd better run. Can't wait to see what's new this week at BPS!


Hey heidi... What a great looking little frige.. Got you written all over it!! You'll have to take some more pics of little capris...( so we can see her) sounds like she's growing up fast. enjoy your monday.

Kim Loewen

Happy Monday! I am loving your pink fridge!!! How perfect is that. Capri must be a lot of fun...I can't wait for my baby to get to that point but at the same time want him to stay so little. They grow way too fast.


omg..that is adorable!
i love those mini drinks..to cute!

Helle Greer

That is too darn cute.
I'm sure you are gonna decorate it a bit maybe with your mask, or some bling???
Happy Monday to you.


I have bugged hubby for a few months now about painting our fridge pink. Maybe if I show him yours he will give in to my funky whim! I say life is too short for plain ol' white. Or maybe I should just get me a mini-pink fridge. Can never have too much 'Swappy inspiration' in my scrap space. =) Enjoy your creative, quiet and hopefully clean moment in life (well, once the cleaning lady leaves having done her magic.)


enjoy your fridge!!
it is so cute !!
have an awesome week


That is so cute. Just love it!


I totally dig your fridge Heidi.... way cute...and stocked with that "diet coke goodness" Tena

Kris in TX

Ah! You got my fridge!! I've been looking at that (bookmarked) for about 6 months now...I need that fridge for my room too, but just like yours, my DH says I need to come out once in a while...sigh. Throw a can of Tab in there for me, and enjoy!


way too cute! now it just needs some Heidi Swapp daisy masks on it, for a finishing touch!!

love ya,


5 months old, already! Wow, time flies:) Love the pink fridge. I just got a pink scale that I just adore!


that is super cute...i am a diet coke girl, too.
and p.s......i am LOVING the big picture class...not only is the classroom total eye candy, but i just love everything about it...i'm taking my pictures for my goal on wednesday...just in time for thursdays assignment. i can't wait! i can tell thursdays are going to be my favorite day this year!!


the mini diet cokes are too small. I would drink too many of them and then feel guilty because i drank so many. Somehow, I feel less guilty with a big, huge 44 oz diet coke with fresh lemon from sonic. But don't tell my husband, he thinks it is the ultimate betrayal....we own the iceberg drive inns. Oh well, I keep telling him to switch to coke...


that is one of the cutest, happiest thing i have ever seen.

Anjanette Sanchez

ok neat fridge....I want to see the rest of Heidi's scrap room!

Dawn Bibbs

Oh my, what a super cute fridge. Does it come in purple? That's my color of choice :-). And I must say, you've won MY heart by putting some of those cute Dr. Peppers in it. Thanks for sharing your Christmas gift. What else didja get??


Your going to LOVE the fridge! I have one in my scrap space too. Your right! You may never leave.


can you believe 5 months!!!

My little one was born on 8/8 and he is officially 5 months today!

time is really flying by...


the pink refrigerator is so cute. i was wondering since i am going to try to register for the creative escape if there will be more information on the site before registration in february.

vicki f

totally awesome fridge. most definitely you! does need the heidi touch! needs to scream "HEIDI's"! also needs mt.dew.
can not beleive how fast capri is growing. i love newborns till the age of 5. my favorite stage of life of a child. mine is 17 and will be gone soon. makes me sad.
lovin' the bps class. i have been working so hard. ready with my pixes for thursday.


adorable fridge!

Jolene George

That is so cute! I have a mini fridge in my bedroom, so I don't have to go downstairs. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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