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nancy in ks

well, it was a day to remember.


Thanks for not including the part about what a jerk brother you have.


Wow woman! I would have cried and said more than the "H" word. :O) I have had days like these and I have ended up in tears driving home AFTER all the fun was over.

Eragon was great- i hear if you read the book first that people are not liking it- so I am glad we did not read the book yet- I thought the movie was great and my 6 year old twins after the movie was over said "We are SO being Dragon Riders for Halloween".


Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Miss Heidi!!


Thanks for making me smile! We have a lot of "Icee moments" around here! Loving your AYTR class, I am so signing up again next year if you offer it!!!


Well apart from the crazy sounding day wasn't Eragon awesome! DH and I went just after x-mas and totally loved it! I think I wanna be a Dragon Rider when I grow up LOL.


Too funny but I bet your cleaning lady was very happy you all were out, lol!!!


Kiera Black

Oh Heidi that story is too funny! And what self-control you have to only say the H word.


Wow that day sounds like my days! LOL! THe life of a mother that has 4 kids. NO one understands 2 kids dont compare even 3 but u add that 4 th and all "h" breaks lose! LOL! Ah but the wonderful thing about that is u look back on it and u smile and sometimes laugh. They are memories none the less!

Jolene George

Oh my crud! That is just terrible...so sorry Heidi! I'm sure by that point I would have said the D word and maybe the S word too. :o) http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Sharon Lovoy

Dear Heidi--just got an email that you have a wonderful surprise--congratulations. Could explain why you were experiencing "dropsy" and all the other craziness. Love to you and your entire tribe!


Gosh that is horrible! When I was on the airplane last month (on the way to our holiday destination) - I shut the bathroom door and the soda on the counter (next to the flight attendant) fell off the counter onto the ground and sprayed EVERYWHERE - UP 5 rows. Soaked the passengers, seats, floor! How do I know this - my poor DH was standing in the galley talking to the poor flight attendant holding my fussy child (age 1). I came out and everyone was looking at me, dripping. I had no idea that I shut the door hard enough to rattle the galley. The flight attendant and my DH got all the nasty looks though. DH and I giggle about it now...

I just tell my DH I have the clutz gene...


Oh MAN! I hate days like that... Reminds me of the time I accidentally spent 5 hours of my life in a theater trying to watch Superman Returns with my two boys... Loooong story. (((shudder)))



Yeah, that sounds like a fun day off.


You are so stinking sweet and funny!
thanks for the uplifting stories. keep up
the great work!


I can so relate!!! And I have to admit I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has those kind of days! Thank goodness the day finally ends and you have a chance at a better one the next day.
Hope the rest of the week is better.



it was the nap that did it--don't you know that whenever you have one of those wonderful nap days it's going to come back and bite you in the "B" word. well, we have all had those days for sure--the best part--when they're over!

kim in Camas

you only said the h word. Good girl. I'm sure I would have said the s word. H is much better.
And you comment about spilling from HERE TO NEXT WEEK, totally made me laugh and to remember a saying my mother used to say...and it makes NO sense. She would have said FROM HELL TO BREAKFAST.
Congrats on your news.

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