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omgosh, heidi! look at those curls on capri!! could she be any cuter?!! Such sweet pics! You're looking absolutely wonderful - glowing even ;)

Bethan Lumb

I will have to try out that recipe!....Thanks!
Is Crisco something you can get in the UK?....Loving the pictures! She is so adorable!!


I will have to try out that recipe!....Thanks!
Is Crisco something you can get in the UK?....Loving the pictures! She is so adorable!!

Ruth Akers

I'm totally with you on that mother feeling, and its just my 4th, not pregnant with another at the same time feeling. It must be heavenly.

kim Loewen

can't wait to try this recipe! Sounds yummy! And so sweet to feel the first kick! Awww.... :) have a great week.

Amy Cline

WOW! Heidi, your comments always make me think of my children. You are so sincere and so right on. Those first kicks (whether it's the first or the fifth) are so overwhelming and reminding. You are amazing.
Thanks for the cookie recipe. I would love to try it some time. I am so lazy, I usually buy the already made dough. I LOVE LOVE them straight out of the oven.

Elsa Duff

Love the recipe!! Out of desperation this Christmas I ate dark chocolate only to realize that it is pretty darn good....when you are depersate *wink*

What a sweet baby! I can imagine what you were feeling sitting there holding a baby and feeling another move within you. All will be okay. I have a friend who had 6 in as many years and has lived to tell the tale. Now her and her grown girls (5 out of 7 children were girls) have great girls' night out. *smile*


Love the pictures, Capri is such a cutie!
I am glad I am not the only one who hates cookie dough theives!! I have to guard my cookie dough as well! I think that is so funny that someone else feels the same way!


oops I mean thieves, not theives! :o)
i also hate bad spelling!!!


Thanks for the recipe...will try it out!
You are like 1 week ahead of me in pregnancy. This is my first. I am excited to feel kicks soon! Thanks for your inspiring words!


Those pictures are fantastic! It is pure joy. Be still and enjoy the kicks - especially for those of us who never have and never will experience it!


Just ahd to tell you that your words are very inspiring,and those pictures with Capri are adorable!!!!


you look radiant! and those little curls on top of Capri's head...dang i just wanna eat her up!


Babies, cookies, sleeping kiddos...full Creative Escape registration and new BIG products about to hit the stores. Ummm, there's a reason God hasn't given you a pink KitchenAid mixer yet. Your life would be 'perfect', and you wouldn't need Him anymore! =)
Seriously. If you weren't so darn lovable, we'd all envy you. Instead, we just keep watching you, play with your products, read your blog and now we can even get fat on your favorite cookies. Thanks, Heidi. You're the best! I mean that.


That was the sweetest thing.. I've only had one child but I can imagine that even with the 5th, those first kicks are just as amazing.

Capri's hair is adorable! Great pics of you two.

Julianne (aka "thepinkscrapper") --- CE 2006 Alum, AYTR student, and see you at CE 2007!!!

Thanks soooooooooo much for sharing your recipe, am going to have to try that this week. As always, mom and Capri look gorgeous!

P.S. --- I LUV the RAW chocolate chip cookie dough! Especially "Ben & Jerry's"!!!

margie r

Just wondered when and if the waiting list is coming up.

margie r

margie r

Just wondered when and if the waiting list is coming up.

margie r

Denise Kashyap

Your post and pictuers just make me SMILE. I love your attitude and perspective on life!!

Wendy Treseder

Thanks for sharing the recipe Heidi.

I nearly cried when I read about the new baby kicking as Capri was sleeping in your arms, what a precious moment!

Enjoy your cookies and milk :)


Just awesome pictures of you and your baby. I need to get over not wanting to take pictures of me since I always look so much fatter than I feel. I realize my little one won't have many pictures of "baby and mommy" unless I pull past this...On a side note, maybe you can try the alcohol inks to sponge your KitchenAid pink? I think Tim Holtz did that with his white heat gun and it looked great!


Thanks for the recipe, can't wait to try it!! Capri is growing so quickly, she's beautiful!!! Enjoy her as much as you can

sarah goodman

capri is such a peach....what a little cutie-patootie...that first picture is so an eric expression! congrats on your new little one....can't wait to see if you are having a boylie or a girlie!

Ashley Harris

How sweet! Those cookies will be in my house by tonight! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Lyn Meeker

This is the only way I know to leave a message about Creative Escape .. I have my verification number .. so I know I got in .. but we have had so much problems with our Earthlink account that we are switching this week to QWEST .. and will be changing email accounts as well ..(And will be without Email and Internet service for a couple of days) as of right now CE has my Meeker1 email address .. but I don't know how much longer it will be in effect .. should I just contact CE somehow next week or so to finalize my registration .. let the other problems sift through. I know I am in .. just can't finish the process. (Haven't received an email yet .. but with the problems we have had .. am not surprised!) ... Thanks!

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