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Anne Thompson

You and Capri and absolutely beautiful! I bet you'll have fun scrapping those pics! I'm totally going to try the cookie recipe. And feeling the first kicks is soooo amazing isn't it! Take care, Anne


Delish! My family totally thanks you -- we love the cookies - just the inspiration I needed to crank out some homemade cookies (first time for everything, huh?)! So, it's clear that your ability to inspire definitely transcends scrapbooking!! Thanks!


beautiful pictures (capri is getting so big!...and love the curl). thanks for the choc. chip cookie secrete!


i have the first batch in the oven right now! thanks and your whole family is beautiful. loved seeing you at CHA again!



I need someone to *sell* me on the Crisco cookie. I've always used the recipe on the Nestle bag. How is this one better???


great cookies! we made them last night... YUMMY!


Heidi, I have heard that you can take your kitchen aid mixer to an auto paint shop and have it re-painted any color you like. I have not tried this myself, but just heard about the idea!

Can't wait to see your new stuff! Looks fabulous!


Beautiful pictures. she is such a little doll. i can't beleive how big she is getting. thanks for the cookie recipe. will have to make these.


Made your cookies tonight (didn't have butter flavor Crisco so just used what I had) and they were good! I'm still partial to the Mrs. Field's recipe but yours were pretty yummy. I stopped counting after eating 6 cookies... :)


Oooh, I'll be baking these cookies soon. And just to assure the proper quantity and to avoid the whole raw egg thing, I buy a slice and bake dough for the kids to pick at and they don't even know the difference!
Thanks for sharing.


Yum! Those cookies sound good. Capri is so cute..

Kim Griffin

Capri is such a happy beautiful baby Heidi!

( i think she looks like her daddy in these pictures..)

and i can't wait to try your recipe!

Kim Griffin

Linda Matthews

I tried the recipe, too. No butter flavored Crisco in my house, BUT the cookies are SO GOOD!!!!

I had to {hide} like you said Heidi. Even my hubby commented on how yummy they were.

Capri is so lucky to have a great mommy like you!!!


so happy for you, and happier yet to know you are an actual person, not just a product name...(I'm a dork that way...) Enjoy the babies, it will be wonderful. Remember when you are in the throws of getting up every 2 hours to feed someone else, and then have to get up with another just a few hours later, that "it is a stage, and won't last forever" and the last mantrfa that helped with my third- "no baby ever died from crying". Ok, I'v added my 2 cents, and off to try that recipe!

Ann Marie

Made the cookies and they are a major hit with my family! Been searching for a chocolate chip cookie recipe that satisfies chewy and crunchy... thank you!

Love the photos...

Katie Piotrowski

What a doll, that Capri! I know exactly how you feel as my two youngest are 11 months apart (Shelby just turned 1 last weekend and Cody turns 2 in a few weeks)! Enjoy every minute! Now, off to try that cookie recipe! TFS, Katie

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