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Lindsey Cord

I am in your AYTR class! I am going CRAZY over these products!! I love 'em, you rock girl. I cant wait to get my meathooks on everything :)

Lindsey Loo


beth j

i have been drooling away looking at the photos on your blog, other people's blogs, and your catalog. all of your stuff is awesome. can't wait to get some and play! thanks for creating so many fun things, heidi.

Deirdre Heath

Cant wait to see the new stamps Heidi, love your stamps. And I would love to see an alphabet stamp set in your gorgeous handwriting, that would be so cool.
I wish you were banned from teasing us Aussies with all this yummy new stuff, it's going to feel like forever before it hits our shores!
Love it all!


it was such a thrill for me to meet you in person at cha! thanks so much for signing my "she" journal and for not thinking i was a total nut {or maybe you did, lol} it truly was the highlight of the trip for me! i love all the new stuff and can't wait to get my hands on it! thank you so much Heidi....you are the best!
candie (aka heidi whore) from K2 in sarasota,fl

Delfina  M

I love all your stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on it and it looks like a lot of wonderful stuff coming out.

kori babb

i've been checking daily for a new post! so glad it's finally here! :) love all of the new goodies!! the book will be a hit...


Wow! I can't believe all that fantastic stuff. I don't know how you do it all. I agree that it will feel like forever before we are able to get our hands on any of this stuff, here in Australia. Awaiting eagerly. Well done. Love all of your products.


Thanks so much for sharing all that yummy goodness! :) :) Can't wait to get my hands on it, especially the big brads, ghost arrows and photo corners! Fun, fun stuff! :)


I can't wait for all these cute things!!

deb munn

Great seeing you again at CHA Heidi.
Your booth is always sooooo impressive.
The product looks amazing and the warm chocolate chip cookies were delish! Loved the XL photo corners and the playing cards. So fun! The XL brads are great too. Love that they are more domed than flat. Can't wait for them to hit my local store... can't get here soon enough!
Congrats to you on another amazing show!

Sharon Franolich

hi heidi,

i have to say how fabulous all your new products look! i can't wait to get my hands on them. hope it doesn't take too long to get them here in oz!!

thanks for a great post!

love sharon

April V

Hi Heidi...

I've already pre-ordered some of your products through Scrap Etc... I can't wait to get my hands on these things.. Wish you were coming to Scrap Etc Event this year, maybe next...


Heidi...WOW! These new products are amazing! I can't wait for the new goodies to start showing up in my LSS. I LOVE the masks and can't wait to see the stamps!


WOW, Heidi! I am loving all of the new product...can't WAIT to play with it all!!
I love the life challenge for this month for AYTR...saying 'i love you' definately is something that can be left by the wayside at times...looking forward to making my valentine's.
And what's this about pre-reg for CE?? I'm having total anxiety about registration on Sat...I must get in!!!

vicki f

glad you are back home. missed your chatting on the y2r class. love, love, love your new stuff. this stuf rocks. this is the best stuff yet. i pre-ordered from monique mcclean all your kits. i just am so in love with allt his stuff. keep up the good work. thank to eric and liz for keeping the family going.


Can't wait to get all of these great products in my hot little hands.


Wow! Oh, wow! I am totally saving my $$ for the end of February. Luckily, my LSS's manager is my best friend, and she OBVIOUSLY ordered extra for me and her!! Yeah! I so love the butterflies! Can't wait to get my hands on the masks & ghost shapes! Then, the big brads!! Now that's what I'm talking about ~ perfect for the middle of your flowers... And the damask stickers ~ I'm in love!!! (By the way, you need a clear acrylic stamp for that one...hint, hint..)

Ah, congrats on a wonderful launch of new stuff! Can't wait!

Laura Reaux

Oooh, I love those XL photo corners! I can't wait to see all of the new stuff in person. I will definitely have to request some of it at our LSS. Thanks so much for the overview!

Susan in NY

Hi Heidi,
Welcome Back!! What a fantastic job you did, both with CHA and the new line of products. I already placed an "XL"-sized order with Scrap.etc. Gorgeous stuff!! Before I had my kids and was downsized out of my job, I used to do trade shows in the boating industry - NY Boat Show, Miami Boat Show, etc. I handled travel, booth, displays, products, literature, you name it. So I know firsthand how much work goes into this. It is a HUGE, gi-normous undertaking from start to finish and so exhausting. No one believes how hard you work at these things b/c it sounds and looks like such fun! And to do it while pregnant, whew! My hat is off to you. You are a force of nature. Have a very restful, relaxing weekend with your family - you deserve it, girl!!! CoastalSusan/Susan in NY

Stacy Kocur

I think what I'm most excited about are the clock overlays. Can't WAIT to get my hands on those!

Susan in NY

I forgot to mention in my last post - I am loving AYTR!! So excited for February that I went to my LSS and picked up some crimson chipboard frames, pink hearts and emotions index tabs. Can't wait for art challenge week! CoastalSusan/Susan in NY


all of your stuff looks incredible!!


i like the pin stripe vest and the cards.


WOW! WOW! WOWEEE!!! You never fail to impress and are truly inspiring! I can not wait to get my hands on alot of your new goodies but I have to say - the clocks are what I am most eager to receive. Sadly, us Canadians will have to wait even longer than USAers but it will be a highly anticipated wait, none the less.

You did it again, Heidi! Thank you.

Jolene George

Okay....there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to you. I LOVE everything! So many special touches to make it a wonderful weekend. You did awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on new products. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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