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I have one as well. It is SWEET!!!! I *heart* mine!!!! It's the best!!! Aong with my ATG gun.


I found a link online for this place - looks like yours :)

Just in case you want to pass it along ;)
You rule Heidi :)






Holy cow ... that is ONE corner rounder! :)

Julie James

Can you give more info on Barbara Caroll and the photo class. I tried searching her but didn't find anything. I am new at scrapping and have always loved photography. I def. need a class.

Shawnna / flipflopmom

OMGosh That is FrEaKin' Serious :D

kim Loewen

That is the biggest corner rounder I have ever seen...looks like it would work great! I might need one. And I'm taking the photo class too! Can't wait to get started on that.

colleen walsh

darn...the photo class is full! I should have signed up last night.

that is some corner rounder! wow...just..wow!

vicki f

HOLY COW! that is one peice of equipment. that is the mama of all corner rounders. you need just a tote for it. thanks for the info. you have the coolest finds.


that is one Mother corner rounder ... holy smokes!


wow! that is huge! it would be fun for chipboard for sure! it is almost to painful to hear about AYTR and CE because i soooooo want to take those classes but no funds right now:{ hopefully i will get a chance to in the future.

love seeing the new product. keep up the good work.


That is the Grand Daddy of all corner rounders. Mine is just a little blue jobber.


I have had the same corner rounder for over 10 years...it was my first MAJOR tool I bought when I started scrapbooking and it still works great 10 years later....so its a great investment!

Elsa Duff

Oh I hope they restock them big time for all us CE 2007 people who will all want to buy one. YUM!!

Michelle Gauthier

Love, love, love it! I really need to get me one of these! TFS!


But at $150+, I can't imagine!!!

Wendy WVG

Ok...the photo class is Full? Isn't that at BPS? did I miss something? How can an online class fill? I'll have to chk that one out.
Heidi..I realize I'm being a pest but it's the 7th and still no waiting list?? help!

Rebecca Shelor

check out this site for the manufacturer... I just might have to get this~ oy vey!



what size die did you choose?

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

That corner rounder looks so totally awesome!


I found one on Ebay - it looks AWESOME.


Hubby would kill me... I'll just tell him Heidi has one. :D

And hey shipping is free there right? I am so addicted to Ebay... LOL


Hi Heidi:

I am fairly new to the scrapbook market, and still have no idea what some of the gadgets and tools are used for. I was at Scrapbook Etc today and saw some of your acrylic blocks... they look super cool, but I have no idea what they are used for. Could you help me out?

Thanks so much! Love all your stuff, could buy them out!


Jolene George

I'm in that store ALL the time. How on earth did I miss that big daddy?! Love it! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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