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I knew it would be a good one, but when you said industrial strength, you weren't akiddin'!!!!!! It is really pricey so I don't think I will be getting one any too soon. Would you have a second choice even in the $50 range?

PROLIX from la Normandie

Oh my!
Oh impressive is this machine!!!

it's not a scraproom we need, it's a real atelier!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Shirley Pando

I am laughing about how "Kevin" bought your HUGE corner rounder on the Advantus CC...don't personallly know Kevin, but I work the booth with Chris and know OF Kevin...have fun with your BDay present...hope to see you this year at some of the shows!!!(P.S. I am the blonde in the booth)

Rebecca Shelor

You can buy the one on the website cheaper than the one on EBay... shipping is more! Ebay is sometimes such a rip-off! Be careful!

Rebecca Shelor

oops... shut mah mouth! shippin' is free! good catch!


Wow! Thats one big, serious corner rounder! Bet you get loads of use from it though.

Julie Jones

I love that corner rounder. I got mine at http://www.abcoffice.com/corn1.htm . They have a pretty good selection all the way up to monster electric rounders. Check out all the paper cutters too. Scrap heaven.


I wish I was this crafty.


Time for a new post.

Delaney Gates

Whoa. Now that is one seriously fab corner rounder! Sure does put my little one to shame! Lol.


If that corner rounder ever gets too small for you - or your hand gets tired - here's a floor model for ya, lol!


In case that page doesn't come up - here's the originating page:




This can also be found at www.stampsalad.com - along with other fun tools!

Tina Freeman

I want one in "Pink"!!!

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